It’s 5:00 a.m. We slept for four hours.
Michael… Mike woke up and said “oh yeah we have to wake up!” so I’m still sleepy. I
didn’t do my eyelashes so my eyes look like this. Whew…. Not pretty.
– I didn’t do my eyelashes
either shit, – No! you’re are always like this…
– Oh mine are always perfect
and girly I didn’t I didn’t know that. – Damn you Mike
– That I have very feminine eyelashes Gaztelugatxe… Gaz… can you say it again?
– Gaztelugatxe
– …. Gaztelu… Gaztelugatxe What’s wrong? Are your legs sleepy too? How do you call it… Hiking? Yeah we call it Hiking This road… if you don’t have the shoes, or the knees to do it? It could be tricky right? And.. look at this. Morning curly hair. You have like what Wolverine has… you’re like the female version of
Wolverine, look at that! They are like little teddy bear ears Because I don’t have spray Little devil horns This is actually an island disconnected
from the shore. Men have built a bridge connecting the islet to the coast. If
you look at the coast it is tirelessly smashed by waves. All
day and all night, and what happens is eventually those waves carve out
archways, caves, interesting features into the shore. That’s part of why this area
is so interesting. Gaztelugatxe is a beautiful place. But there’s islands all around this coast that have the beautiful arches it’s really a
special place actually. The second foot of San Juan. Tell us
about it!
– In Spanish, tell me!
– The second little foot of San Juan These are suppose to be the footprints of Saint John the Baptist Because he took no more than 3 steps to get from the montain to the peak where there is the church. This is the second step marking the steps he took to get to the top. And if your foot fits here. You won’t have calluses for a year. The church is only, 15 more steps. 240, 241! I totally faked that, can you tell? -We made it to the top!
– Yay! Amazing view The third step of San Juan Does the slipper fit Cinderella? *GASP* look at this look
at this look at this look at this! But look at the tip! No…. I can still get my finger…. This church is 1,000 years old and there’s some pretty crazy history about
sheltering people from war, being a Hermitage, being burnt down three or four
times over the years, and now it is a source of good luck for fishermen.
They were saying that tuna fishermen before they go off into the ocean, even
if they have the most advanced GPS systems, state-of-the-art equipment and
boats, they still come here for their good luck, and what we do, as tourists, is you
come and there’s a bell, and you ring the bell three times for good luck and you
make a wish. What’s your wish gonna be? PIZZA I can’t imagine the bathroom is very
high-class…. What… it’s just that it’s just…. a tube in the floor! surrounded by
dirty toilet paper, and it goes out into the ocean!? I can’t believe it we
have these beautiful seacoast flowers, oh! they smell better than roses! We have
the blue-green water look how incredible it is! Then we have a hole that dumps all
of your pee and poo into this view – Do you have to pee?
– I, uhh, Wow…. – Go… You have to!
– Near, Far, Wherever you are…. (Titanic Song) – Gaztelugatxe
– gazta..lo
– Gastalo! Gastalo! Gastalo! Haha my hips don’t move that way I’m not latin. – Time for the outro.
– Time for the outro? This was ladies and gentlemen San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, a very very beautiful place in Basque Country, North of Bilbao! Ha! That was great! Yeah, honestly this place in maybe five or six years of travel is one of the top 5 most beautiful places I’ve seen in my entire life. it is incredible it’s about an hour north of Bilbao, and it is 100% worth the
trip. You saw the footage! I haven’t really seen that much footage yet
because I have edited this video when I’m talking, but I hope we convinced you
to check it out. There’s no entry fee! Because now we’re in the future, and then we’re going to be in the past… There’s no entry fee! You to come you
walk up the stairs and you get to see something absolutely incredible.
It was also on Game of Thrones! Come very early or when it’s getting dark, because you have to enjoy it alone. The sun rises behind us, that’s what we
saw today. We were here super early. The sun sets the other direction and I would
say come and sunrise because sunset… judging by the amount of parking spots
up top, there’s hundreds, I’m imagining it’s pretty pretty packed. So! Experiences
over Possessions Experiencias sobre Possessiones Patea la Rutina


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