Faroe Islands

In the far North the peaks rise out of the sea A small island country right out there where nothing ought to be The volcanic mountains have through the ages become covered by a green carpet which we call grass In the high windswept cliffs all sorts of birds build nests and live in all kinds of weather So they have since time immemorial They were here quite on their own till about 1.500 years ago when a few Irish hermit monks chose to sail all the way up here A millennium ago Norse Vikings settled the islands Today the Faroe islanders 50.000 in all have gathered in villages and towns by the sea where they make a living mostly out of fish But they are heavily outnumbered by twice as many sheep which eat all the green grass growing here and give the people wool and meat in return For centuries this is what the people lived of sheep, fowl and fish Nowadays the Faroe Islands are connected with the Continent by air and sea routes Anyone may choose to travel out here But here, nature is King The weather doesn’t always behave the way you want it to and has the last word If you decide to visit these remote isles, you may also experience elves, trolls, ogres, hags, magic fog and ogling crags The islands are still standing out here waiting to enchant you They have not moved much the past millions of years Welcome to the Faroe Islands

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