Flashbang 2017 – What Hipster Food to Eat or Avoid | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 33

Hi, it’s Nic And I’m Steph In today’s Eatbook Vlog, we’re gonna be exploring Flashbang It’s Singapore’s largest creative retail playground happening from now, 9 – 30 December, outside of [email protected] In true Eatbook style, we will be taking you on a food tour to check out what’s there to eat here. There’s actually over 40 different food vendors and we’re going to try as many as possible. You ready? Let’s eat. So first up we headed to Good Chance Popiah, where we tried their Tempura Kimchi Popiah, And I thought it was really interesting because the deep-fried popiah skin was super crispy There were some prawns in it, Also, kimchi was something very unique – Crunchy and slightly sour. It’s not something I’m used to, definitely. You don’t get turnips or anything, but you get kimchi instead. Nice. I think the kimchi taste isn’t very overpowering. Surprisingly, it all went together very well. Yeah so, definitely worth trying. Next – Soycube. They actually specialise in fried tofu. It might sound like a bit boring right – deep-fried tofu – but actually I really liked this. We tried their Rainbow Fries, which was their sweet version – with chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles. Wow, super interesting. It’s sweet! We also tried their Original Soycube, which comes with 4 different sauces. I actually found myself liking the sweet one more, but I don’t know why. I never imagined chocolate and tofu would go well together. Next up we went to Broti. Now this was like the longest queue we encountered. We got 2 different flavours – Charcoal Matcha Milk Tea, and the other one was Earl Grey Milk Tea. Nice sia! The matcha taste is super strong. The flavour is actually quite legit and I think quantity-wise, this is massive. Good for sharing. Or all to myself. Ok, swap! Next up from one of the more popular cafes is Twenty Grammes. And this is their Unicorn Galaxy. There is literally an entire slice of cake on top of this drink! I’m assuming you need to like… Ok, it’s quite nice! Then drink, drink! It goes together quite well. Hey, nice eh! Because they use buttercream on top, so it’s not very sweet – the frosting. And inside, they have a combination of blueberry and mango. It’s actually pretty good. Oh… I’m surprised. Ok, so next up for desserts, we went to Mojo x Sin Lee Foods, They actually have a collaboration pop-up. We tried the Durian Pengat Crumble & Caramel and wow. Holding it like this, I could smell the smell from here. The durian was really, really rich. If you’re a durian-lover right, you must try. Really. And I love the crumble on top, ‘cause there’s a little bit of coconut taste and the caramel goes so nicely with it. Then after that, we headed to Rainbow Works. Which serves, well, rainbow-coloured items. More gimmicky food! We got their 24 Karat Gold as well as One-in-a-melon. Yeah, quite witty la. 24K Gold flakes. Feel like a baller. Yeah, but the ice-cream itself is actually very nice leh! It’s a bit like sea salt and charcoal. A lot of people seem to like it, I think. How is it? It’s not bad. We also tried One-in-a-melon, which is watermelon ice-cream inside a watermelon. Yeah, so creative! When you’ve been walking around, like the weather is quite hot, you’ve been eating a lot of fried food… You have watermelon ice-cream, which is like a sorbet even, together with the watermelon itself, yeah it’s very refreshing. How is it? I’ve to say it’s good ‘cause it’s recorded. I predict – the next trend will be like durian ice-cream served inside a durian husk. No, never! Last but not least, we headed to The Wicked Cream Co. And we tried some glow-in-the-dark food. It looks radioactive, so I was a bit scared. The S’mores Fries with s’mores over it, you need to eat it quick, if not it starts to get soggy. The S’mores Ice-cream – This is a concept from Dominique Ansel Bakery – you know S’mores. But surprisingly, it was very hard to eat. But I also found it a bit jelak, ‘cause it’s just very, very sweet.


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