Florida Travel: Explore Jungle Island, Miami

(upbeat music) – This is Jungle Island,
home to some of the rarest and most incredible animals in the world. This year they also
welcomed two new amenities, NeoSplah and SuperFlight. (upbeat music) These I have are Macaws. They’re very smart, they know
how to say different things, and they live for very, very long, and they’re just nature’s wonder. Look at these colors,
they’re so beautiful. (upbeat music) It’s time to go to the Flight School. (upbeat music) So, this is the condor that I’m touching. He’s got a very, very nice neck. It says that if you touch his neck, it will bring you very good luck. So, a lot of celebrities,
like Beyonce and Shakira, well now me, have touched
this really great neck. (upbeat music)


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