Florida Travel: Welcome to Daytona Beach

(waves whooshing) – For me the beach at
Daytona is so relaxing, almost healing. It’s got the softest white sands, it’s got the prefect sized
waves, not to big, not to little you get to hear the sound
of the ocean, feel it. You can either body surf, wind surf. We can do it all right here in Daytona. (yelling) Everyday either before work or after work I try to get down to the ocean because when I’m down here
it just rejuvenates me. I get my energy back, the sky
is blue, the air is fresh, the people are friendly and
everyone just says hello and is enjoying the sand
and the surf just like I am. (waves whooshing)


  • Pedro Lima

    First. So a beautiful beach!

  • Be ta

    I live in daytona and yes it's beautiful to live here if you have income coming in. People come in vacation here and they love it, they move here and they release is not as good as they thought, like I said its nisa to live here if you have good income. But don't move in daytona thinking you will find jobs, there are no jobs, the one you see it advertised they always hire and fire people, that should tell you something, I would never work for a company hires and fires people all of time because there is no job security. No one wants to admit that Daytona have the highest unemployment rate and the lowest paying USA.

  • Dianna Cagle

    This is from a local, these videos are nice but unless you like bike week, racing or the turkey rod run, its the only time this place is on its best behavior, the cops are assholes end enjoy excalating situations with their verbal judo to get you going and petty crimes like tough on crime laws are their favorite part., the town is dead, theres nothing here to do and daytona beach is trashy, dirty, boring and beachside closes, like everything on beach goes to the dogs after 9 good luck finding anything open . this place sucks.

  • Tweetie LPS

    I SAW MY HOTEL OMG omg I go to Florida every Christmasss

  • 4o7KeV

    I live in Orlando. Sucks out here. I usually stay up all night and fall asleep when the sun rise. Been thinking about driving to Daytona beach on late nights just to get away from everything. Seems peaceful there

  • Dylan Del Rosario

    I almost drowned in that beach THANK YOU YOU HAPPY DAYTONA BEACH HUH YOU HAPPY

  • Shame Less

    I miss my morning walks at daytona

  • RAMB0

    Florida doesn't feel as tropical when u live there

    Unless ur rich

  • Taiwo Ishola

    Went to Orlando on a solo trip. Looked up a beach I could hit & Daytona was the most convenient. Took about an hour drive to get there but the beach was amazing.. you could walk the beach for miles without reaching the end & can even park your car on the beach. The houses on the strip were beautiful & the people were super friendly. Daytona had a nice, laid back vibe to it.

  • Earl Langford

    Earl. Yes. 30

  • NoNa THe._. PaLItO

    I'm going tomorrow for spring break๐Ÿ˜

  • kalloused

    Daytona Beach is an absolute trash trainwreck. Garbage all over the beach, fucking crazy homeless people everywhere and people smoking crack in the bathrooms. It's a fucking cesspool

  • Kian Is a savage

    I went to my grandma and grandpas house i live in michigan it took me 2 days to get here this was 4 months ago and i saw 25 waffle houses getting up here


    Be there soon end of july yay

  • Daniel McKinney

    I am from Ocala, FL just moved there about a year ago I never been to Daytona Beach, FL. One of my Christian Friends told me it's a nice place to take a vacation

  • Christopher Sivalia

    I love daytona i go there every summer

  • James

    WE also got jelly fish that sting ya, sharks that bite ya, and homeless people that don't leave ya alone. And a county manager "Jim Dinneen" who doesn't do his job

  • Ava Ritch

    i went to that beach TWO days ago!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Laprincia Welcome

    Daytona sounds like a horror movie with the waves sound

  • Alex Magic

    New Japan Pro Wrestling/Bullet Club is coming to Daytona Beach, FL

  • laughing man

    i live here i think i would say its a trap/ hole

  • bblazeff1

    I just stayed in the white building with the blue top at the beginning of this video. Beautiful condo. Had such a great, relaxing time. Will be returning

  • Mo'ka Locca

    First time ever going to daytona beach, I LOVED IT SOO MUCH๐Ÿ˜. it was just this last month that i went ๐Ÿ˜…

  • JaCk CoMe BaCk

    I been going to Daytona for years now but idk if it was me or another beach but I saw water slides

  • Bruno Luigi

    In Italia sta per finire l'estate, mi รจ sempre piaciuto vivere in un paese dove l'estate non finisce mai. Quante persone vogliono condividere questo sentimento?

  • LucidPxrpp


  • Wayne Henderson

    Today I was at Sun Splash Park and there was a young teen age Amish couple there in the parking lot. I don't know if they went down to the beach, I had just arrived. She was wearing a long violet dress and a huge white bonnet. He was wearing a white shirt and slacks, maybe a tie, I can't remember. They looked so out of place. I only saw them for a few minutes and I went down to the beach. I don't know if they removed their clothes earlier to sun bathe, I very, very much doubt it. They looked very reserved. Perhaps they were in Daytona for their honeymoon. Maybe they thought the beach was a den of sin(I agree). Can you imagine how strange they must have looked walking down the beach amid the sunbathers. If only I had a camera. This would have made a great story for the local newspaper. I later saw someone with a huge expensive camera and told him about the couple. He didn't care. At Daytona beach I have seen two huge turtles, dug a conch shell out of the sand all intact, found three dollars floating in the surf, and now an Amish couple! Another day at the beach.

  • TLR Sexuality

    I'm moving there after the holidays

  • Our Lady of Lourdes Daytona

    We love calling Daytona Beach home. Some of the most amazing people visit us and some even stay! We're happy to have some of the friendliest, hardest working parishioners in the Sunshine State ๐Ÿ’œ If any of you visiting are looking for some great praise music on a Sunday morning, come on in. You don't have to be Catholic – we love all our visitors!

  • oldschool823

    I hope they fix it up?

  • Aleisa DeMichael

    Im a true Floridian folks

  • Jeeennyy

    It gets boring when you literally live in Daytona

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