Florida’s Anna Maria Island & Siesta Key ☀️

Are you guys ready for my very first AMaeTV travel video? actually from the US? Yeah? Well Here it is.. The great state of Florida. South
Florida to be exact This area is now where my
amazing parents live and I have had the pleasure spending a good
amount of time with them over the years in these totally cool Florida beach towns I just love it here so so so so much So we’re checking out Bradenton and Anna Maria Island All the way down to Sarasota’s Siesta Key.
Enjoy this beautiful taste of Florida! So everyone is crowded around because there’s a school of.. Manta Rays Manta Rays Look at this.. They wanna be on AMae.TV Oh my gosh Haha that’s wild We’re here at the Sand Bar restaurant
which is the largest restaurant on North Anna Maria Island And we’re gonna try out their
famous grouper which is a specialty on Anna Maria Island And as expected the grouper was just
about perfect and speaking of perfect let’s take a look
at the actual beaches on Anna Maria island. So we are on the gulf of Mexico here which means the water is just about always calm, warm and clear This particular area, Holmes Beach, is surrounded by a soft pine picnic area with just the right amount of lizard wildlife Now the town of Anna Maria Island is sort of this hub of artists that make up this highly
eclectic and creative art community Which my mom is very
much a part of as an award winning quilter and fabric artist. Hi mom! But now, we’re gonna take a trip back to the Bradenton area with Dad To enjoy some from Florida kayaking We’re gonna go kayaking in the Robin Preserve here in Bradenton, Florida So the Robinsons Reserve is this preserve that both my parents are
totally obsessed with It is pretty amazing, almost 500 acres of
preserved wetland I like to run here, my mom cycles here,
and today we are kayaking And finally it’s time to head down to
the city of Sarasota and check out the legendary spring break beaches of Siesta Key Florida is like, seriously my favorite place, besides California A nd this is Siesta Key, so relaxing Apparently it’s a big spring break destination I’m on spring break myself This sand is like… It’s almost like that play sand they sell at Brookstone It wouldn’t even exfoliate my skin, if I tried it would not even exfoliate. It’s too soft. The reason I like living in Florida is because happy hour starts at 9:30 in the morning And it’s not very crowded until the snow birds come but once they leave there’s all kinds of specials for local residents. Come on down! Well I think he sold us there. I think he did! Thank you so much for watching guys Be sure to subscribe for more fun travel
videos regularly Or follow on Twitter @AMaeTV Leave a comment below and tell me where you think I should travel next.


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