Flying on Lufthansa and First Tapas in Barcelona!

– Another one we’ve just ordered, which was off the daily special menu. Oh, this looks amazing! Oh, there’s something on the bottom, too. What is that? Or is that just– I don’t know what that is, but I will attempt to get some. (exciting Latin music) Good morning, everyone, it’s Mark Wiens with
in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s about 6:45am. We gotta check out of the hotel and then we’re going to
walk over to Fridhemsplan and catch the bus to the
airport, Arlanda Airport. Time to move on. It’s been way too short
of a time in Stockholm. I’ve really enjoyed our stay here, I hope to come back and visit again, but on this trip, it’s time to proceed. (exciting dance music) We just checked out of
Courtyard Marriott in Stockholm. We had a fantastic stay, and both the food was really
good at the breakfast buffet, and also I want to actually shout out to all of the staff who were very friendly and very helpful during our stay. It’s about a 5-10 minute walk to get to Fridhemsplan from here. (exciting dance music) We made it onto the bus, it’s gonna be about a 45-minute
ride until the airport. (exciting dance music) That only took about 30 minutes on the bus and we are gonna check in to our flight. We’re flying with Lufthansa Airline today, and we are flying to Barcelona, but we need to make a stop in Germany, just a really quick layover. Ying, don’t get stuck. Oh, two revolving doors. (machine beeps) We got through Customs and Immigration, checked in, and having
now a quick breakfast at the SAS lounge. (slurps coffee) I just want to say in the two days that Ying and I have been in Stockholm, we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Stockholm is an amazing city. I would love to visit again and also to travel more in
this whole Scandinavian region. Stockholm is definitely an expensive city and food is expensive, but I really enjoyed the food, the quality, especially. Although you pay a lot for the food, the quality in incredible. One more thing I forgot to add, I’m gonna miss the pepper in Sweden. (grinder scratches) I love this pepper. I can just drown my food in
pepper, I love it so much. Okay, that should be good. (exciting dance music) We’re going to fly to Frankfurt, and this should be
about a two-hour flight. I’m gonna take a nap for this flight, and I will see you all when
we arrive to Frankfurt. (exciting dance music) We are served a light
breakfast on this flight that has just arrived. We have a little dish of meat. Is that salmon? No, maybe it’s like turkey or something. There’s some cheese, some
fruit, and I got a croissant. Mmmm. Is it like smoked turkey? (airplane noise drowns out speaker) – Oh, yeah, that’s good. Maybe it’s some kind of ham, because on the bottom here
is maybe smoked chicken. Croissant, oh and this is really hot. I’m going to eat it with
some of this cheese. – Would you like anything
else, water or juice? – [Mark] That croissant is really hot. (exciting dance music) – [Mark] Bye-bye, thank you. (exciting dance music) – We made it to Frankfurt, but because our plane
taxied for about 30 minutes, we only have about ten minutes
’til our next flight leaves, so we gotta make a mad
dash for our next gate. (exciting dance music) The good news is the
gate was not too far away from where we were let into the airport, and I think the flight is
leaving a few minutes late. This is going to be
about a two-hour flight to Barcelona now. – [Attendant] Welcome aboard flight 1821, please make yourselves comfortable. In a few moments, we will depart Frankfurt
to go on to Barcelona. I’m sorry about the delayed departure out of Frankfurt today. The reason was delayed– – We are somewhere in the sky now, and on this flight they
also served us a snack. There is some fruit,
there is some cured meat, and some cheese, and a stick of cheese. I’ll try this. I guess it’s a type of ham, I think. Oh yeah. Is it beef? I think it’s beef. I’m gonna try this cheese. Oh yeah, that’s a good cheese. It’s like, kind of dry. (exciting dance music) – [Attendant] Welcome
to Barcelona Airport, ladies and gentlemen. Please remain seated with
your seat-belt fastened until the fasten-seat-belt
sign above your head has been switched. (speaking foreign language) – Okay, that was a good
flight with Lufthansa. We have just landed in Barcelona. It is about 3pm in the afternoon. My metro track going this way. There are a number of different ways to get from the airport to
the center of Barcelona, and we’re gonna catch the metro. Two. (machine speaks foreign language) Confirm. – [Ying] Yup. (speaks foreign language) – [Mark] I think so. (exciting dance music) I didn’t really realize that Barcelona had such a complex network of a metro, but we got our metro tickets, and we’re gonna have to transfer two times to get to our station
which is Passeig de Gracia. I know we keep on going now. (announcer speaks foreign language) (exciting dance music) That took about 45 minutes on the metro. (exciting dance music) We have emerged into
Barcelona for the first time. We’re right in the heart
of the city, I think, here. (exciting dance music) (speaking foreign language) 206, this way or this way? (chuckles) I think this way. Oh, here we go. 201 to 210. Okay, we got all checked in, we are staying in the Cotton House, which is a hotel by Marriott. – [Ying] Right, turn right. – Turn right. Oh, look at these padded doors. – Push, push it. (exciting dance music) – Let’s go for a quick tour, this will be my first
glimpse at the room as well. Bed. We have a balcony outside, fantastic. This is a very artistic hotel, a very boutique hotel. Then the sink is here in the hallway. Where’s the bathroom? This is the bathroom? (laughs) Oh, there’s two doors? Which door leads to the bathroom? Oh, this is just the toilet. Toilet on its own, and then this must be the shower. Bath, well very, very clean. All bath and shower together. Wow, look this size of that shower head! (laughs) Ying, can you see the shower, honey? – [Ying] Yeah. – That thing is huge! Very clean, very new feeling, and very artistic, very
trendy, boutique style. We’re gonna hang out at
the hotel for a little bit, do a little bit of research, and try to figure out where
to eat dinner tonight. Ying and I are both really
hungry, and it’s about 6pm, but a lot of the main dinner restaurants don’t open ’til 8 or 9pm in Barcelona, so we are gonna attempt to have
our first tapas experience. This is tapas time. (exciting dance music) Luckily, there was one open table. Yes, I’m ready. Cabreos huevos. What else did you want, Ying? – [Ying] Octopus. – Maybe pescado frito? – [Ying] Thank you. – I think when you order tapas, it’s often a good idea to just order one or two plates at a time, and then just kind of relax and hang out, but Ying and I are
really hungry right now, so we just ordered a bunch of plates. I’m starting off with a white wine. That’s great, and the weather here in Barcelona
right now is incredible. It’s warm, but the wind makes it cool. It’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect
weather for sitting outside. Gracias. We got a table outside. They also have inside, which is packed and kind of intimidating. Since I don’t know the tapas
etiquette and culture so much so it’s nice to be able to sit out here. The first thing that I could not resist is a little piece of
bread, a baguette slice, with jamón, famous Spanish jamón on top. I have been waiting for this moment. Oh, yeah. It is insane. It’s tender, yet it has that cured, slightly chewiness to it. Oh, and it’s smoky. That’s amazing, then the
baguette down below is crispy, almost like a crouton. Oh, that is ridiculously good, maybe I’ll have to order an
entire plate of the jamón. Wow! It’s amazing. Gracias. (background chatter drowns out speaker) – [Mark] Oh, gracias. (speaks foreign language) I’m gonna start with this one, because he just brought it out. They bring out the tapas fast, and they are hot and fresh. Then it’s this pile– I’m honestly not exactly sure what it is, but it came out with
fried eggs on the top, and then he sliced them all up, and that yolk just oozed all over it. That is amazing. Is it potato? It’s like very, very finely shaved deep-fried, like shoestring. Yeah, I think they’re potatoes. It’s almost like a potato chip because they’re so thin and so crispy, but then with like, perfectly oozy eggs all over the top of them,
just coating them in the yolk. That is awesome. Wow. We also got a– This is a plate of fried small fish. I’m not sure if they’re anchovies. I think they’re anchovies. Let me squeeze on a little bit of lemon. Yeah, I think they’re anchovies. Delicious, crispy, fried fresh, and just with a very thin batter, and then just with that squeeze of lemon, and then fried peppers. Wow. Those are amazing. They’re not spicy at all. But they have that
wonderful green chili-like blistered, fried flavor to them. They’re soft. Those are fantastic, and
just salted perfectly, and you can tell that the
salt is really good quality. Oh, yeah those little pieces of salt. Wow, that’s awesome. Okay, I could eat another plate of this. Eat the whole thing,
with the stem included. I love that. So simple, but just focused
on the single ingredient. This is fried squid, and the way it’s cut, it almost looks like pieces of onion. Yeah. It’s very tender, and then I like how it’s
just a light batter coating, so the batter is not overwhelming, but that helps to give it some crispness. Another one we’ve just ordered, which is off the daily
special menu is octopus which is sliced up and then sprinkled in, I can see salt, as well
as, maybe that’s paprika. Oh, this looks amazing. Oh, there’s something on the bottom, too. What is that? Oh, I don’t know what that is, but I will attempt to get some. Kinda like a bean. Wow. What could that be on the bottom? It’s slightly cheesy. The octopus is, again, very tender, but kind of muscular at the same time, and then just dusted in that salt. It’s particularly impressive. Not only was that food good, and Ying and I finished it very quickly, but this environment, this
ambiance, and these chairs are extremely comfortable. This is just made for
relaxation and hanging out, and chit-chatting and just enjoying food and relaxing with friends. That was a wonderful
experience and delicious food. Over here on this side of the road is where the main restaurant tapas bar is, but then, over across this small street is the patio where all of
the outdoor seating is. (exciting dance music) We just walked back over to the hotel, and I think we’re gonna end the day there because I don’t think we’re gonna wait for a dinner restaurant, and I have a lot of research to do, but I’m gonna try to figure
out a full schedule for us. We’re gonna be in Barcelona
for the next three days, so stay tuned. Just from walking around a
little bit this afternoon and having that first tapas experience, you can just feel that the
culture here in Barcelona is so focused on food, and the food is such a huge
role in the social culture, which is fantastic. This is gonna be an
awesome trip to Barcelona. Stay tuned. Thank you for all for
watching today’s video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and I will see you on the next video. Thank you again for watching. (recording beeps) (speaks foreign language) (strains) – Ying loves to call this
pillow the guillotine, this neck pillow. (exciting Latin music)


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