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We are dressing our unicorn. It’s our sister, Alma. “Our sister”. Hello, unicorn. Unicorns! I have had this beard for… …maybe 3 weeks. It was really nice to shave it off. What?! Daddy. – Do you like it?
– Yes, even though you look like a baby. – No!
– Daddy! Even though I look like a baby, apparently. – Our viewers might wonder where we are?
– Yes. – Where are we, Alma?
– We are… …on an island. – On Perhentian Island.
– Perhentians… The Perhentians are two islands
off the east coast of Malaysia. We came here from Johor Bahru,
and we are staying on the small island. This is where we celebrated
Alma’s 7th birthday. In paradise. – We will bring you with us today.
– Yes! This is so lovely!
It’s only 30 meters from the beach. (33 yd) Do you want an omelette each? I’m taking a big plate! – Tomato, cheese and salt?
– Yeah. Alright. Wow… – Does it look good?
– Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! – Thank you.
– You are welcome. We are such sleepyheads.
The time is 9:55 AM. We slept until 9 AM. No reaction. Hello? Alma, mommy is talking. Oh, yes, yes. We slept really late. It’s like we are on a break from our trip. – Or what do you think?
– Yes. – So nice!
– Yes, it’s really nice. – Are you ready to go to the beach?
– Yes. – Are you ready to go to the beach?
– Yes. – Here is someone who is really ready for the beach.
– Yep. The holidaymaker, that’s me! – Your grandma’s hat.
– Yes. It’s very hot today!
How hot do you think it is? 32°C, maybe.
(90°F) – That was a specific guess.
– Yes. 32.3°C? (90.2°F) Somewhere between 30-35°C.
(86-95°F) – It’s quite windy, though.
– Yes. It’s very windy. I hope that the camera is picking up
how turquoise and beautiful the water is. I also hope that you can hear me in this wind. We can barely film in this wind,
and there is so much noise from the ocean. That’s a nice sound.
The wind will be more annoying to listen to… Yes. We could go to the other island. Good idea. The taxi boats are over there. Yes, we can take turns! This beach is so cozy! There are lots of dive centers,
little shops and restaurants. The atmosphere is very lovely. The houses are small and not like the resort in Thailand.
These places are more familiar. – Exactly. And there aren’t a lot of young people here.
– No, it feels like people are a bit older. In the evenings all the restaurants put out their tables… …there are lights, a fire show, and things like that. Yes, there are some festivities.
You can party if you want to. If you want to relax
then you can absolutely do that too. – This place is so calm!
– Yes. That’s where we came from. You can see our beach
over there, Long Beach on the small island. Now we are on the big island
and it’s like coming to a different country. Well, regarding how windy it is. It’s time to go and eat lunch. – How does it feel to be without the cast, Harry?
– I mean, it feels nice, good, nice… Like that. Kind of. It’s like… this. – What does that mean? That you are free?
– Mhm. He’s a little crazy. – Can I call you “Baba”?
– “Baba”? Yes. – You can call me whatever you want.
– Yes! So I can call you “turd” if I want to? That’s not very flattering, but sure. Yes! Harry, focus on your food now. I will come back! Harry always comes up with a way to play. I have arrived. – There is no place like home!
– Yeah. Despite this crazy wind,
it feels really nice to be back on our beach. Indeed! And our place here is so nice!
Turn around. That’s BuBu Villa. Our little villa. This is the beach. It’s super convenient if you have
forgotten something, or need to use the bathroom. Harry, do you want to take a dip in the water? Do you want to go in the water? – Let’s go for a dip in the waves.
– Let’s go! – Alma, what are you holding?
– Some rice. My phone is in the rice. It fell in the water and it
isn’t doing well even though it should be waterproof. – But it was fun to swim in the waves, right?
– Very fun! There hasn’t been any waves since we got here
so this was really fun! Welcome to our freshly cleaned home! This is our BuBu Villa. Oh, you are both so sandy.
Be careful in here, okay? This is where Axel and I sleep. – Do you know what this is?
– What? I have it over my eyes when I sleep.
You know that. Yes. Let’s meet on the other side. Here you can wash your hands
and brush your teeth. Outside there’s actually an outdoor toilet
and an outdoor shower. I think it’s so cozy! You can stand here and just… We could use a shower right now.
We are so sandy. Look! One thing about this shower I’m really jealous of
is this block of marble. – Oh God, he has been going on and on about it!
– What block of marble? – This one.
– Behind you. – It’s like a shower seat.
– Dad loves it and it’s very heavy. Try to lift it. It’s only marble. What about dad? It wouldn’t matter. It can’t be moved.
It’s so heavy! This is my bed. And that’s Harry’s bed. It got a little bit brighter. You guys also have an outdoor toilet. That’s right! And an outdoor shower. There are usually lizards here. – There are?
– Mhm. Yes, that’s true.
There’s a gecko up here. – It’s your pet.
– Yes! This is the patio. – We can have dinner out here.
– Dinner out here? I thought we would eat at the hotel restaurant, Harry. BuBu Villa know
that we have a YouTube channel. They have given us a discount code
to share with our viewers. If you want to stay in a room with breakfast included,
just like us, you can get 20% off with our code. All info is in the description box below. Check it out if you feel like
coming to the Perhentian Islands. – We highly recommend it.
– Yes! Yes. The time is 7:15 PM and it’s time for dinner. The sun just set behind the mountain. – The light almost has a blue tint, right?
– Yes. – Like in an operating room.
– Yes, but that’s brighter. Yes, it’s white and blue and strong. – The beach is still full of people.
– Yeah. – Do you want to see the fire show tonight?
– Yes. – All children will be there.
– Pretty much everyone on the entire beach will be there. Harry is feeling a little tired.
He slept for a long time. He is feeling a little bit low after his nap.
He will probably feel better once he has eaten. Thank you. It might seem strange to order pasta in Malaysia. Our resort has Italian influences and some Italian staff,
so their homemade pasta is to die for! To us it tastes very good after traveling for 3 months
and eating a lot of noodles and rice. Noodles and rice. Cheers! I haven’t toasted with daddy and Harry! Harry, Harry, Harry! The fire show was super cool. Mhm. They threw burning throwing stars. It has been a super cool day! Many of you have asked
today’s Question of the Day. It keeps coming even though
we have already answered it. Yes. Do you know the question, Alma? “When will you be back in Sweden?” Mhm. We will be back in… – May.
– Yes! Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up… …or down. Recommend, subscribe
and take care until next time. Bye bye!


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