GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: Swimming with Sea Lions on Isabela Ep.4

I’m Quincy and this is Megan we’re
highschool sweethearts who sold everything for an adventure around the
world we’re just your ordinary couple choosing
to live a not so ordinary life subscribe and welcome to our adventure from santa cruz we took a three-hour
boat ride to Isabela one of the largest islands in the Galapagos. it’s probably
one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever traveled it’s been amazing to get
up close and personal with the wildlife here
we’ve been soaking up the Sun and exploring the island and all that it has
to offer so right now we’re biking to the wall of
tears and along the way there’s a bunch of different places where you can
deviate from the route and there’s different ponds and lakes and viewpoints
and beaches and that sort of thing you have to watch where you’re walking on a
lizard there’s a lizard right there it’s funny how all this is just complete
forest no one’s living out there how’s Darwin came to the Galapagos in 1835 and
it was then that he began forming the theory of evolution and natural
selection in izing the significance of this he published the Origin of Species
and since then the islands have been designated a national park behind me is
the wall of Tears interesting fact the Galapagos Islands used to be a place
where they would send outcasts and prisoners and they wanted to keep them
busy so they had them construct this giant wall that literally serves no
purpose other than to keep the prisoners busy we’re walking to the snorkeling spot on
Isabella Island and you’re supposed to be able to snorkel with sea lions and
rays and maybe sharks so we’re pretty stoked to check out this snorkel spot. If I
get to spoon with the sea lion or shark just finished an amazing snorkel
session here at the docks we got out of a pass we found a stranded puffer fish and
Quinn wants to save it to the rescue Hey still alive watch your feet when you get to the
water there we go there we go join us next
week as we explore San Cristobal and do some snorkeling with sharks


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