Gaya Street Market #Kota Kinabalu #Sabah #Borneo #Malaysia

Hey guys, so today like I said before, it’s a Sunday and we are heading off to Gaya Street market which is a big local street market. It opens at like 6 in the morning and closes at 1pm so day number 2 Kota Kinabalu, here we go!


  • T1993R banna oshi


  • Thaikung run

    VERY​ Good

  • Wind TH

    Hi techerwillไปเที่ยวไหนหรอ

  • Tham IndyTham

    Borneo is my favourite country.

  • Torgamer _TV


  • Estonia CH

    พิมพ์อังกฤษเถอะ =w=

  • Xennial Traveller

    Markets in Asia are the best!! And Borneo is very special to me, as my mum is from Sarawak. 😃 Did you buy anything while you were there?

  • GoYvon

    The market looked quite diverse. Was there any food or did I not see it. I love exploring markets when I travel, you see so much! Thanks for taking us with you.

  • Go Travel On The Cheap

    The market looks like the farmers market that they do on the weekend here in Salt Lake City. Do they do the market every day of the week?

  • Jollica Castañeda

    Wish I can go there too. Very nice place and rich in culture.

  • Artist Explores

    Nice little market. It's always interesting to see the mix of more traditional items mixed in with modern cheap goods. You never know what you're going to find!

  • Svenywhere

    Those local markets are the best. How long have you been in Borneo?

  • The Travels Of Z

    Always love a good street market, theres so many unique and cool things you can buy there!

  • Holly Dayz

    I enjoy walking though markets. This one looks like it has some good finds.


    Do you living in Malaysia.

  • Laura Side Street

    Oh wow what a vibrant place, you can literally get anything there – love markets like this

  • Travel Pockets

    So many things to choose from at this market! There were some cute purses there that I might have bought 🙂 Did you buy anything there?

  • Scott Howarth Films

    Looks like an amazing market so much to choose from! My girlfriend would really love the clothes on offer there, i'm presuming the cost of most items on sale are cheap compared to western Europe?

  • Traveling Graces

    This places looks amazing! We aren't huge shoppers but this looks like a great place to just people watch and explore their culture. Love the bunnies too!!

  • Csaba Czető

    I love local markets. It was a good idea to make a whole video to show it to the viewers and give us some expirience. What did you just buy there? 😀

  • One Shot Adventures

    Looks like an awesome market, they even have pets haha! I always love looking around markets but I can never buy too much because we only travel with backpacks… I definitely made the most of the Teh Terek when we were in Malaysia! Always surreal to see a huge Christmas tree too haha

  • HotMamaTravel

    Looks like a fun and lively market! Seems like it is popular with the locals as well.

  • Ella in Wanderlust

    The street market looks so cool! I'd get lost there. Lots of cool clothes – gotta love a bit of touristy elephant pants 😉 Rabbits at a market? That's unusual. It's busy but I like how it's not unbearably busy. Some markets are super crazy!

  • Mactheexplorer

    Thanks for virtual touring malaysian market pretty similar in Philippines, I was surprised they have also pets for selling ridiculous.

  • Gab & Maya Backpacking

    Hell yeah! Now you are talking! Big market are always nice to visit… in particular when there is a food section mouhahaha! If you like that, you should give a try to mexican and peruvian Markets on of these days 😉

  • G3 Travels

    Love those types of markets. You never know what you will find. I'm gonna guess that very few bunnies become pets. Hopefully a few make it past the dinner table. Was it Christmas when you were there or do they leave the tree there all year round? Thanks for taking us to the outdoor market.😁

  • Matt & Marti

    So nice walking through a big market when the weather is nice. It looked massive, I bet you could find anything there! That xmas tree was impressive! Might not fit in my front room! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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