Giethoorn – Olanda

In the Netherlands there is a single village his name is Giethoorn The village has no roads but only four miles of picturesque canals and well 176 wooden bridges in the green Here cars are banned and people move on foot by bike or by boat A simple tranquil remote beauty to Giethoorn in which the maximum noise that feels It is the quacking of a duck or cinguettino birds The village with many farmhouses with thatched roofs It was founded by mercenaries and outlaws Giethoorn has arisen as a settlement of peat extractors This activity caused the formation of ponds and lakes into the surrounding environment and people began to build houses on the islets between a reservoir and the other These could only be reached by jumpers or by the typical boats from Giethoorn calls ‘punter’ narrow boats that are conducted with the aid of a long wooden stick


  • Luciano Bosticco

    Ottimo video, splendida località Tanti Auguri Fabio !

  • cirovideo1

    Molto particolare questa località.
    Felice 2018. Ciro.

  • blanca torres

    Hermoso lugar . Es increible como me gustaria vivir alli. Transmite mucha paz .esas casas . Lagos Flores.. realmente Increible. FELIZ AÑO 2018. 👏👏👍

  • rabbastern

    Die Niederlande sind ein Ort der Ruhe, der Entspannung und der Sauberkeit. Ein idealer Platz für einen sorglosen Urlaub. Die Menschen die dort wohnen, haben es sehr gut angetroffen. ! 🙂

  • Lorenzo TIRABOSCHI

    Grazie Fabio per aver condiviso questo bellissimo video di questo fantastico e singolare villaggio Olandese. Auguri di buone feste e un felice anno nuovo a te e tutta la famiglia. 👍 5. Ciao, Lorenzo.

  • Sandrino Luchetti

    Bellissimo questo posto da un senso di pace solo a vederlo, provo un po di invidia e penso quanto sarebbe bello vivere tutti più tranquilli, bella L'Olanda e bel video complimenti.Saluti….Sandrino

  • Living Walks

    Thank you for adding your lovely video filmed in one of my favourite countries anywhere. It's characterful streets and houses, exciting modernist architecture and the quiet swish of bikes just charm me. I've just added 4k natural sight and sound walk through various towns of the Netherlands too, in appreciation. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other and share more of the same?

  • G XM

    quien escribio holanda sin H??… 😒 que BRUTO!!.

  • Bima Gaming

    Wah sungguh indah pemandangan ini bikin relaksasi saya dari indonesia

  • lyn Rosela

    Wow…amazing love it…

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