Hey geograpeeps! So I wanna give you a little, quick update. The National Tourismboard of Greenland saw my top ten travel destination video and, um, they liked it, and we got in contact, and they want to send me to Greenland. So I’m gonna be leaving soon and I’m so excited, you guys know this is my number one travel destination. I’m gonna be travelling with my good friend Jason, he’s gonna be my cameraman. He’s the guy who actually taught me how to make motion graphics, super talented guy. And if you want to keep up with what we are doing, he’s gonna do daily vlogs on his channel, so, check it out. But yeah, I’m super excited, we have a lot of things planned, also, I’m gonna stop in Iceland for like two days, so I’m gonna meet up with some of you Icelandic geograpeeps. Also, I want you guys to take part in the adventure. If you guys have any questions for the native Greenlandic people, write them in the comments and I’ll maybe select a few of them and I’ll ask the native people. And I’ll give you credit for your questions too. You have no idea how happy this makes me, I’ve ne- aaah- I’ve been dreaming about this for like ten years. So, thank you National Tourismboard of Greenland. On another side note, as you guys know I opened up a public mailbox, and since then, oh, quite a few of you guys have sent me some stuff, I’m surprised. Here, let me show you. So, these are the packages and stuff that you guys have sent. So, before I show you guys what’s inside the packages, I wanna say, some of the packages were not delivered right away beacuse you guys wrote “Geography Now”, and technically, “Geography Now” is not registred with the US government as a company yet, so, um, they’re kind of not allowed to directly deliver it to me, so if you guys want to send anything, please feel free to send it to the regular address, But just don’t put “Geography Now” on top, like, I know it’s weird, that’s the name of the channel, but you can’t do that ’cause it’s not a registred company. Just, put like my name, Paul, or Paul B, at the top. So anyway! I got this letter from David from Serbia, he – thank you so much, David – he sent all of these banknotes. Iran Czech Republic Or Czechia, eeh, I know you guys hate that. Hungary Romania Turkey And, um, Macedo- uhm, uhm, uhm. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Macedonia, don’t hate me, just choose whatever one you want. Oh, look at it, it has a little peacock at the back too. Davis says he’s been subscribed since the Andorra episode, thank you so much David, I’m really glad that you’ve been consistently watching Geography Now. Jacob M from Dartmouth, Massachusetts, sends this really cool old-style fifty yen banknote, let me see if I can focus in on it for you guys. Man, this camera lens sucks. Anyways, he sends this really old-style fifty yen banknote, ah, it took me a while to figure out where it was from, but, if you could see, there is a Shinto shrine, and the imperial right up here, it’s a dead giveaway that it’s from Japan. And finally, last person to send me some kind of international currency was Oskar from Norway, he sent an old ten kronor Norweigan banknote. It was used between 1972 and 1984, on one side of the banknote you can see the image of Fridtjof Nansen, did I pronounce it right? The guy who won the Noble peaceprize and was the first man to reach the North Pole. And also, check this out, dude, he put a wax seal on his envelope and on his letter. I’ve never gotten anything with a wax seal, this is the coolest letter I’ve ever gotten. Thank you so much, Oskar. Nicole S, who lives in Laos, sent this really cool medallion, and it’s actually made out of the discarted pieces of mine fields that were taken out of the ground from Laos. I like this, it’s a really cool medallion. Now, this is really cool, I got a postcard. Ahmed from Western Sahara, he currently lives in Fez, Morocco, but he grew up and was, I guess, born and raised, in, ah, Western Sahara. On his envelope, I don’t know if you can see it here right at the top, he actually wrote in Berber. Ah man, Western Sahara, that was on my honorable mentions list, uuuh, now I have to consider it. Now, let’s get to the packages. This one was sent from Yoni in Israel, I believe Jerusalem. Yeah, Jerusalem. Aaah *laughs* Aaah, yes! These are like, Hebrew cheese puffs. *cracks up* I’m gonna try them right now. Oh, it’s not cheese! What flavour is this? Oh, it’s like peanut-flavored! Woah, that’s- that’s intre- I like this. Wow, it’s good. Peanut-flavored puffs. From Israel. Allright, this one’s from Libertas, think I pronounced that right, Libertas, from Lithuania. Ooh, I love the Baltic! Tip (?) What do we got here? Wow, there’s a lot of things in here I think. *Cracks up again* More snacks! Look at that, all these snacks. Lithuanian chocolate, with crispy flakes! Veri beri. A chocolate bar in the shape of Lithuania. A little rubber bracelet that says Lithuania in Lithuanian. Check it out. Lithuania! Of course, a Lithuanian flag. Aaah, you guys can’t really see it, my camera doesn’t focus when I get too close, but this is a one euro cent, but with the Lithuania, ah, emblem, and it’s like in a little encased frame in the shape of Lithuania. Aaah, and this is the best thing he sent: home-made Lithuanian cookies! Okay, I’m gonna try my first Choc I- Choc In Choc On. Good stuff. Now, I really, really, really don’t wanna break this apart, beacuse it’s gonna look so beautiful. I just wanna see what it looks like. Aaah, I don’t know if you guys can see, but it’s like a shape of Lithuania, in chocolate. Aaah, I wanna eat this so bad. But it’s too beautiful… But it’s chocolate… Therefore, the rules of chocolate apply! Chocolate is meant to be eaten. Oooh, it’s dark chocolate, I looove dark chocolate. You Lithuanians know how to make chocolate really good. Man, you guys are gonna get me fat! Seriously though, thank you guys so much for all these packages. I love reviewing the stuff that you guys send me, it’s night-time, it’s ri-, it’s kind of dark right now, that’s why it’s really dark. I’m excited to go to Greenland, I will keep you guys posted. I’m still wearing you stuff, Libertas and Nicole. Hope you guys are doing well, and I hope you stay tuned with all the Greenlandic adventure stuff that’s gonna happen, and new episodes are coming up soon. Oooh shoot, I missed one! Um, this guy, uuuh, he wrote his name in cyrillic, let’s see if I can read it. Am- Ameran? Ameran? That’s your name? Ameran? Ameran from Bulgaria. Oooh, what do we got here? What is- oh, shoot. Oh! There’s a coin! Awe, he sent a little Bulgarian coin. What is this? Aaah! A rose-soap! ‘Cuz remember how I said there was a lot of roses? Bulagria was the number one producer of rose-oil in the world. Oh, wow, it smells really good. A postcard with Bulgaria and all the cool, notable spots. Old, Bulgarian currency, And of course, he sent a little, Bulgarian flag. Thank you so much. Okay, I guess that’s officially the end of the video. Allright. Have a good one guys, stay cool, stay tuned.

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