Hawaii Rooted: Home Grown Cuisine

Sheldon: The first thing that my
auntie always says is, “Go eat,” and then, “What’s your name again?” If you look at the recipes here
in Hawaii that we’re doing, it’s recipes that are based off of tradition 100-plus years
ago, but in its own style. Basically, mimicking, like, rice,
right? Try taste that. Man 2: Try taste, yeah. Sheldon: This new wave of local
cuisine is that we’re celebrating our culture. Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Hawaiian,
Portuguese, and we’re not shying away from it. Marungay… Man 2: Brings back memories, huh? Sheldon: And then there’s guys like Brandon at Kaunamano Farms who’s utilizing what we
have around us to make the best single piece of pork just for the enjoyment of something
that’s delicious, and I love that. Brandon: Here, pigs. Everything starts with the farm. Everything. If you ever tried to look up what
is the best climate for pork, it’s Hilo. Making sure they’re outside and in the grass and eating grass, and eating macadamia nuts
and eating bananas and ulu and, you know, all that kinda stuff makes
their diet perfect for them, which makes for perfect pork. True chefs get most excited about quality pork because everybody loves pork. Sheldon: You can just tell that these guys were super happy and lived a good life. Sharing and generosity was, like,
instilled in us as a small kid, you know? When somebody invites me to a potluck,
I feel it’s an honor and I wanna bring the best dish that I can prepare for that moment. Welcome. Go grind, make plate. Being innovative on stuff like this, that’s the kind of things, like, I wanna be able
to serve in the restaurant. Brandon: We’re really scratching the surface. Sheldon: Right. And I think a lot of chefs are
going back through those roots and being proud about what we have here in Hawaii. Brandon: What I put in is what I get out, so I put in love. So I’m gonna get back love, and
love tastes delicious, you know what I mean? Just love is ono. Sheldon: Any moment, if I’m cooking, it’s my whole heart or nothing. Brandon: Wow. That’s really good. Sheldon: When you put delicious and delicious together, you get super-delicious, so when
you put best ingredients with rooted recipes, you get something that’s so unique and then
we all benefit from it in our opu.


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