Henry Golding – The Man and His Mission | Surviving Borneo (1/8)

Henry Golding is preparing for a rather unusual
journey. So, I’m going to be bringing my little camera
as backup for if things go wrong. Are you ready? He and his fiancée Liv Lo are currently one
of Asia’s rising celebrity couples. I do feel as though I might fall off at any
point. Later in the year, they’ll take their vows
and tie the knot. But before Henry can marry, there’s a journey
he must undertake. Few people know Henry is a descendent from
a tribe in Borneo. A tribe once feared for their head-hunting
skills. A tribe known as the Iban. Henry’s tattoos symbolise a journey every
Iban must take – a rites of passage from boy to man, by acquiring new knowledge and journeying
into the unknown. Except, it’s a journey Henry has never taken. Until now. Before he marries his fiancée, Henry will
venture back to his ancestral homeland of Borneo, in a very personal journey taken voluntarily. That’s crazy. That blew my mind. Filmed over two months. As Henry decides to reclaim his identity as
both a man and an Iban. It’s insane out here. By understanding how his tribal forefathers
survived Borneo. It’s amazing to think how generations ago,
my forefathers would have been doing the same. Only after taking this journey, will Henry
inherit the meaning of his tattoos. And be granted the Iban right to embark on
the biggest journey of them all – his marriage. It’s come to this. It starts, by Surviving Borneo.

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