Henry Golding’s Final Challenge | Surviving Borneo (8/8)

Alrighty, just landed back in Singapore and
hopefully Liv’s here to meet me. It’s been a long journey. Who are they for? They’re for you. Congratulations. Missed you. You can see the look when we were young. Like children. How did Henry and you first meet? We met in Singapore. We were at a party. On New Year’s Day, so 1, 1, 11. But yeah, that was five to six years ago. And we get married, very soon. Everybody’s here. It’s come to this. A little stark difference to the jungles of
Borneo but this is it. I think Liv understood that I came out the
other end a better man. I’m so proud to be Iban and being a part
of a patchwork of such cultures that come from Borneo. I think she’s proud to be a part of that
also and be able to call that a part of her. She will be welcomed into the lot too. Welcome friends and family to the celebration
of Liv’s and Henry’s love and unity. Liv, I promise to love you till our last breath’s
together. To shield you from the hardships of life. To battle through the torrents and the adversities
we both come across. May only be Starling’s caught up in the
perfect storm, but.. It’s been a long.. It’s been a long couple of months. How are you? Selfie style. You know how to use one of these? Nice. That is so awesome. Beautiful he said. His name is Gerawat. Stand up Gerawat! For me to survive Borneo, it was owning up
to the fact that I’m completely and utterly at your mercy. See you later, alright? Help me. If you’re afraid to say that, then you would
never survive a day there. It is my honour to present Mr and Mrs Henry


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