Henry Golding’s Journey of Self-Discovery | Surviving Borneo (2/8)

For the next 7 weeks, Henry will be away from
his home in Singapore. It will be the first time he and his fiancée
Liv Lo will be apart for so long. See you soon! Bye! How do I feel? I’m nervous. This is the start of something, pretty big. Bigger than myself. So, I hope that I do it justice. For me I think it’s just going to be really
hard to keep in touch with him especially when
you don’t know how much you’re going to be able to speak. Henry’s 7-weeks journey starts in Kuching,
the state capital of Sarawak. Thank you. From where he will travel 5 hours to his family
home in Betong. Alrighty, you guys ready? I got the executive seat. This is Duan, my cameraman who’s going to
be helping me for this shoot. So, he’s the one who has to teach me how
to use all these sorts of stuff. Okay so this is my kit. When there’s somebody else overlooking the
scene, they kind of know and can plan out exactly what they want but as a presenter
you are kind of half thinking of presenting. But now I’ve got to think of the presenting
as well as getting that shot, kind of self-filming. Little unnerving but, we’ll try and get
used to it. Alright we’ve stopped for a little bit of
respite. Going to grab some food. Even out here in the provinces, Henry still
gets recognised. Alright. Let me have a look at your tattoos. So, this is the Bunga Terung? Yes. So, I’m on my journey to earn them. Oh yeah? I need to go on my Bejalai. So right now, where are you going? Back to Betong? Back to Betong for Gawai. Have a good one. Tattooing has always been an intrinsic part
of Iban culture, marking the bearer’s life experiences and journeys undertaken. Henry’s journey across Borneo starts with
his oldest living Iban relative, who is waiting for him in the family longhouse, known as
Skuyat. Here we go. Skuyat. There’s a lot of misconceptions when you
sort of say longhouse and people think of the wooden huts but nowadays the modern longhouses
have been somewhat adapted and you’ll see what I mean. Home sweet home. Hello! How are you? It’s good to see you. How are things? Alright? This is cousin Igad. This is my Auntie, Andak Tuai. And the man at the back. Apa Tuai! Hello. How are you? Good to see you. How’s things? This is Apa Tuai. He’s the man beast, that is Apa Tuai. How are you? Apa Tuai is Henry’s uncle on his mother’s
side. Everything okay? Good to see you. He helped raise Henry as a child and today
they remain close. Over the coming days he’ll be raising Henry
once again. This time in the ways of jungle survival,
Iban style. So, I’ll be using this most of the time,
getting what I need. Selfie style. Do you know how to use one of these? You have to use this as well. Wow. Freshly sharpened. Serious business.


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