Henry Golding’s Journey of Self-Discovery | Surviving Borneo (4/8)

We’re heading out further, deeper into the
jungle to look for some food to forage. One really amazing thing about being in the
jungle with another Iban, when you let out a call. Oi! They will reply with you telling you where
they are so you never really get lost. Just as long as you don’t venture too far. It’s insane out here. Apa Tuai is just shaking it off. It’s just another day. He must be really tired. He did most of the work and I feel a little
bit lazy really. Not lazy but incapable. Hot? Steamed in its own shell. Delicious? Yeah. Wow so hot. That’s amazing. It’s like chargrilled bitter asparagus. That was well worth the hike. So hot. It’s always that kind of awkwardness. There’s nothing to do at the camp and we
both can’t talk to each other properly so it’s really frustrating. Do you feel proud to be Iban? Proud. Very proud. Are you? How do you feel? Yeah. I’ve asked him a few times, you know what
does he love about the jungle so much, trying to get a little bit more to find a deeper
meaning is quite tough to pull out of Uncle Bruin. Very deep. Very deep? So much better. And so, night falls upon the first day of
Henry’s Bejalai. This is the start of my journey and what a
way to begin it with somebody I truly love. Just can’t wait to experience all the other
tribes, the Kelabit and especially the Penan. How’s that? Can see in the dark. Right well. I’ve just woken up. It’s three in the morning and Apa Tuai is not here. Uncle Bruin has gone off somewhere which is
a little strange.

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