Henry Golding’s Naming Ceremony | Surviving Borneo (5/8)

Come on. You look good. So now is the time for my naming ceremony. A little bit nervous actually. Not sure really what to expect. Hello. This is all for me? Headman Scott Apoi welcomes Henry to a ceremony
rarely performed today and not least for a member of a former warring
tribe. I just want to turn around and watch everybody
dance. Neither Henry, or the producers of this program
saw this event coming. So now, this evening, we meet one Kelabit-British-Iban
warrior. Ibans are good fighters, even the Europeans
were chased away. Tonight, we are glad enough to announce a
name for our young man. His name is, Gerawat. Now stand up Gerawat. And congratulations on your new name. I feel so honoured. Now, we call upon Gerawat to perform the dance. Oh, now? Do I get my? Oh, I got to go get the outfit on. The pressure’s on. I better dance okay otherwise I’m going
to make a real fool of myself. Okay, thank you so much. Wow. What an amazing evening. That was really, pretty unexpected. It was just something that the Kelabit people
of Bario really kind of gave from their heart and it really kind of surprised me actually. I definitely didn’t expect the naming ceremony
or anything like that. As much as I can say thank you, I don’t
think it expresses as much as I feel it. So, thank you.


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