Hermitcraft 6: Episode 108 – EVIL ISLAND

Hello everyone, this is Mumbo and welcome back to our episode on the Hermitcraft server. It’s episode 108 and today it is 41 million degrees In England, I’d what was happened? Okay. Alright I was perfectly happy people were complaining that summer hadn’t arrived in England. Okay, there was loads of complains about that I was I was fine with no summer Alright, I I could have gone all year without a summer but now summers arrived and I’m hating every single second of it. I am Its so hot, is so hot Anyway, I’m here I’m here. I’m feeling good. We’re back on the Hermitcraft server. Once again, it has been it’s been I mean I Was about to say it’s been a crazy week. But to be honest with you. It’s been a crazy month It’s been a crazy couple of months, obviously I moved into the new house two months ago now, which is crazy how fast time has gone But we’ve been working on the bathroom. I’m getting new floors fitted soon. I’m getting the driveway done There’s all sorts of things going on in the house Department of things. YouTube’s going completely crazy My channel has gone through the roof minecraft has become ridiculously popular once again I mean it never wasn’t popular but it’s suddenly had like a a crazy boost and and it just everything seems to be kicking off Some of my videos are getting like a million views on release. I don’t I don’t really know what to do I don’t really know what to do. We’ve been I mean we’ve been working so hard on the hermitcraft server We were building up farms. We’ve been working on the sahara project. We finally got Sahara finished. Everything has been going well, and I feel like today I Think it’s time for a relax. I think we should just chill out. I think we should slow down a little bit We should have a nice time playing on the server Doing some interesting bits and bobs. How does that sound? Does that sound good to you guys? We’re just gonna have a nice relaxed gaming session and I’ve got the perfect plan in mind This is something that I’ve wanted to do for so long But never really had the right time to be able to do it It kind of is a bit of an awkward project as one of those things that fits into an episode But you have to be working on it. So What is that I don’t I don’t remember This is new I’m confused as to what this is. Is there a sign anywhere *the mumbo laugh* I, I was I wasn’t expecting that. ah Yeah, this could have something to do with Fedora. I fear I fear that maybe there’s a chance That me burning fedoras ice in front of Fedora. aah. I may have either angered Fedora or Stress So the egg has appeared what? *mumbo laugh 2* what *indecipherable noises* How many note blocks? what. I’m so confused As to They rigged this thing to explode and dump ice. All right, well I’m gonna pick up everything else apart from the ice. How many dead chickens are there? I mean that. This is not a good advert for Stres’s Chicken Adoption Society thing that she’s running Because look. How, how many? There’s gotta be. There’s hundreds of chickens Are these the burning carcasses of all the chickens that she’s put up for adoption. This is, this is not good There’s 128 just there and there’s more on the floor. Right? Well, I think we all know the procedure here Let’s get rid of all the ice Make sure that we pick up all the all the roasted chickens because I don’t want those chickens to have died in vain I’m not cruel Noteblocks. I’m not too fast about. okay That’s that. (Here we go again) Lovey stuff. She was just taking a little while for it to actually burn up which is interesting. oh. That was a good chunk. That was a good chunk of ice there. Have I missed no, no still nailed that one Right. Problem solved. All the ice has been successfully removed from my base. Yeah, it’s feeling a lot. Yeah, it’s feeling a lot better now. Right. Anyway, my plan for todays Hermicraft episode is, is that It’s a little bit too loud here actually. My plan for today’s hermitcraft episode is to ruin Evil Island. Evil Island is sitting here and it’s a total ghost town Okay, but it kind of doesn’t look like a ghost town It looks like an area that we just haven’t been using that much But I think if we turn it into an obvious ghost town. Like we crumble the place. We add leaves all over it We completely ruin it. It will make it a feature of the base as opposed to like a derelict Area, does that make sense? I hope that makes sense And I think it’s gonna be a really fun project to work on. I love ruining things It’s it’s kind of my forte. Actually. I heavily enjoy it so we can hopefully do a really good job on this one first things first It’s resource gathering time, which obviously means a trip to the shopping district because let’s face it, on the Hermitcraft server We don’t really do any resource gathering Except one of the few things that isn’t actually sold by any members of the Hermitcraft server at least as far as I can tell is bushes, leaves um so that means you have to go and manually get them That’s no big deal because it is one of the most satisfying things to gather large quantities of let’s face it I would say this is more than enough I mean, there’s no way we need this, this much, but I was just, I was just getting carried away to be frankly honest with you. But with that being said we are actually going to need tons of leaf blocks for this Because I want to make it look like the leaves are kind of growing around the build So I want to have like vines that are coming through And they’re all going to be connecting up and creating like a network. How are we doing so far? Have we got off to the world’s worst start? yes. Yes, in a word, yes. But now that I’ve been working on it for a little while longer and I’ve been I’ve been concentrating I’ve been looking at images of vines on Google. That’s how seriously I’m taking this. It’s actually looking pretty good So we have, we have like a natural spillage or vines going out round here And then we also have you know this next set This is my, my newest vine on the left. And I think they are gradually improving. We also have one out the back too They kind of all interlock. I think once this one’s done This is like my test build because these ones, this is where things begin to get really really difficult and now the difficult part Starts because I would say that as good as done. You don’t want to cover the entire building Now we just aren’t working on it. Do we do this one? I feel like we do this one fast that last one is gonna be a nightmare. I’m getting better I’m getting better as I go. I almost want to cover my entire base and stuff like this. Because, it’s addictive. It’s weirdly addictive. ah that looks pretty cool. Okay We don’t actually need that much more.
:O So I reckon we do another creeper going up the back and then we need to run some vines out towards the ocean as well because we want all of this area to look like it’s all fully overgrown It’s not just the buildings. Now we have vines going up the front of this one too. That was an accident. But this oh I mean, it’s so much more difficult doing this building. It really is. I feel like I should What direction should I go in? Maybe make it go out a little bit and then in a little bit and then maybe Connect up. In fact, yeah being let’s have it connect up down on the bottom And then it splits off and maybe goes round the building that could be the way to go You may be able to tell that I am totally winging it at this point in time But I’m winging it in like the best possible way. I’m having so much fun. Just randomly placing these leafs. like I I, I don’t know why I was just so in the mood to have a relaxed minecraft session today And this is the perfect project for just relaxing chill now. I’m fully reclined in my chair I’ve had to move my microphone boom arm. So it’s closer to me because I’m half ways across the room Because I found far I’m back. I’m actually amazed. I have managed to use up all of those leaf blocks So we back out once again deforesting the Hermitcraft server. but once again not mad because crazy satisfying. How’s this coming along then? ahhhh It’s more difficult but it is looking cool It’s much more difficult though. I don’t know what it is. That was alright this one… It is tough. It is also the temperature is escalating in my room. This is craziness. I would say this one is done I really don’t want to overdo it. I don’t want to go too crazy. I’d say that’s a good amount of vinege. The front is very very covered. This side is pretty covered. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I can’t go to much more than. for sure Right. Let’s do the bits in between these blocks and then we’re done. I’m quite proud of myself on this one It’s taken a couple hours. And you know, we had we had a few tear downs. We have a few restarts and things but It has ended up coming together actually In a way that is better than I expected This looks cool and like if you look at it in the context of the base, so if we fly around like this So it. It kinda is. It’s like the overgrown area *smol mumbo laugh* You know what it reminds me of? It reminds me a little bit of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy when they built that supercomputer thing to Calculate the meaning of life and the universe and they come back to it a million years later. It reminds me of that That’s the sort of look that I was going for and and that’s the sort of look that I’ve ended up with. I don’t I don’t think I’ll no, you know, I’m not gonna be as big a head of it as to say I don’t think I could have done better than that, but I don’t think I personally could have done better than that I’m sure Scar could come along and do, do what just Insane stuff of this. But for someone like me, this is good. Anyway, it is currently one o’clock in the morning So I think I’m going to go afk overnight. What farms do you we want running? so We definitely want the witch farm running *this stare is so epic!!* Nice That is satisfying. The fact that that boots up. That is very satisfying. Um… I feel like any of the other ones if I afk overnight That’s yeah that does not gonna be wise. With that being said, I think I’ll do a single harvest of the Bamboo farm Because that doesn’t actually cause that much alert server lag. It just causes a lot of client-side lag. Okay, there’s a difference. 24 hours later. We are back on the server it is Yeah, it is hot again. Very very hot. In fact almost hotter than it was yesterday Okay, but we’re back on the server I’ve managed to get myself to shulker boxes of redstone dust, which is always very nice. And I’ve also managed to replenish some of my gunpowder supplies after they have been totally pillaged *mumbo laugh 1*
again And we also have a gazillion sticks We can actually use those sticks To power the super smelters if we really wanted to and then obviously we’ve got all the glowstone dust We have more glowstone dust that we’ll ever need. We have more sugar that I think we’ll ever need. More spider eyes and also more glass bottles anyway I thought I’d pop on over to the Sahara area because I know that Grian has been hard at work Gathering up a whole bunch of well. He’s been basically getting ready to stock up Sahara and I mean it looks like we’ve got prismarine We’ve got redstone torches, iron block. That’s quite impressive. Lots of iron blocks. Wow tons and tons of repeaters, comparators, observers loads and loads of droppers, golden carrots, hoppers That’s a lot of hoppers! Now he did mention that he had used up a lot of the wood from my tree farm. Which is obviously absolutely fine. We are all working together to use our resources to stock up Sahara, but we have actually That is… That’s a pretty good selection. Oh and bone blocks as well Nice. I’m also absolutely loving all of the holes That seem to just be gradually appearing in the Sahara warehouse where we all just try our best to fly in, in the most efficient way. Although. I don’t know if I ah. I don’t *mumbo laugh 1*
v3 appreciate this graph. The worst part is It’s probably quite accurate. Yeah, it’s probably accurate Eight thousand and forty diamonds… I Reckon that’s accurate. Do you reckon that’s actually how many diamonds they’ve made Thought probably how many diamonds I’ve actually spent in scars shop so it can’t be too far wrong and actually I’ve been reading through your comments about what we should do with this area here and the games that we should play a lot of people have been saying that the rock-paper-scissors game that I’ve featured in my most recent redstone video is definitely Definitely something that should go in here and I kind of agree that what that would fit in quite nicely a basketball hoop some puzzles Yeah, there’s quite the selection but I guess you know if you have any brighter ideas please let me know down the comments section because this definitely needs a little bit of entertainment as Sahara isn’t the fastest system in the world It’s the coolest system in the world, but it’s definitely not the fastest. Anyway, briefly back over at the base now We need to pick up some resource because I’ve just thought of something although we have Sahara I still technically have all of my other shops in the shopping district And I haven’t looked at them in months. To be honest with you. I’ve looked at them in months So we need to do something about that. This is the first shop and I kind of totally forgot about it. I wonder someone really paid with a pufferfish Yeah, some people actually paid with a pufferfish. I totally suspect Grian on that one Anyway, that is a shop number one all boarded up. I think that’s the effective way of doing it. Has anyone brought any slimmmmmmmmmme No No, they haven’t well despite the slight lack of business that we are suffering from on the slime block shop uh Regardless it has been closed up and I’m advising all the customers or None of them to shop at Sahara and then of course we have got the film shop This is something that I am going to close. Should I cover it in shop at Sahara stuff? Yeah, why not? I mean, I guess we could sell filming sets In Shulker boxes, like we could have a build-your-own film set shulker box where you get Shulker boxes get green blocks So you can do a green screen you can have cameras, tripods in there We can make it super expensive as well because camera equipment is ridiculously expensive I mean have you ever looked at the rental prices for some high-end camera equipment I occasionally do like some nice anamorphic lenses I’m like, yeah, that’d be good to have a reshoot It’s like a thousand pounds a day who has a thousand pounds a day for some glass I’m only speaking that high pitch because I’m incredibly jealous Okay, I would love to shoot on some high-end anamorphic lenses. Just so beautiful Anyway, moving swiftly on from camera talk before I get too carried away We’re now back over in the industrial area. And I’ve just built up this all room right here This little room is like my planning and scheming room I try my best to put some paper down on the table But you can’t actually place item frames on top of scaffolding which is a tiny bit disappointing, but this is my desk Okay This is where this is where I work out what projects I’m going to do over here And I thought it would be good to get myself some form to-do list in this zone Because we have got I mean look how much space we have in this place Okay, we dug out this gigantic perimeter and now that we’ve started putting things inside it we have to fill it Okay, we can’t leave it half empty So we need to decide what farms we’re actually going to putting on the inside of this thing Thunder one is definitely a concrete maker Hardened concrete, you know? It’s a pain in the backside to get normally you have to hold down the right click button doing the whole offhand stuff But now a Minecraft 1.14 we can use TNT for it. We 100% need to get one of those because I have used Thousands upon thousands of concrete blocks in my time an iron farm would definitely be cool. If I Could get it to fit in this area here I saw the ill mango released an iron farm the other day that produced some Ridiculous quantity of iron in a really really small space. So if we could do something like that 100% an iron farm could go in the perimeter Just the only thing is we can’t build it too high up because obviously the witch farm is here if we start building up high Then yeah, that’s that’s kind of going to make this entire perimeter pointless, isn’t it? a villager breeder a Minecraft 1.14 100% we definitely need ourselves one of those another thing that I’m kind of Not sure on how to make properly because the designs keep changing due to all of the new updates But it’s definitely something that I want to get involved in actually I mentioned this in a recent Hermitcraft episode But Iskall recently did a really good video on his villager breeding setup and they seem pretty smart So as long as the game doesn’t totally change and break things probably go for something like that I do want to mess around with zero tech sugarcane farms on a larger scale I think that would probably be wise and also in a similar vein actually zero tick Cactus farm There’s got to be other stuff that we can do. I mean there’s so much zero tick things in Minecraft Now one thing that I would like to do at some point is some form of animal farms But to be honest with you building them in the perimeter somewhere. I spend a lot of time bad news for the server So I think I’ll build those elsewhere. But obviously now we can fully automate wool farms making use of dispensers and sheers That would probably be a handy thing to have because I would love to be able to do my redstone Circuits in survival minecraft on brightly-colored wool that would just be really really satisfying to me now I’m going to try my best to add to this to-do list as much as possible But I’m also going to take things off obviously as I make my way through and please Please put your suggestions for things that I can build down in the comment section I will be taking inspiration from that comment section and I’ll be putting it up on the wall. So That we can crack on with those projects and if anyone suggests this okay I will set set fire to them. No, that’s that’s a bit strong, isn’t it? I’m not gonna set fire to anyone but I’ll be upset I’ll Probably won’t even be upset. Just just we already have one gigantic ice farm that nobody cares about on the server What’s the point in having to so there we go, that is my plans for the future all fully outlined Hopefully they all sound good and I’ve got to be honest. I’ve really enjoyed today’s episode Sometimes it’s nice to just have a slightly more relaxed episode where you’re not doing crazy industrial things working on huge progress Projects and just putting tons and tons of hours in it occasionally You just want to hop on place some leaves down close up some shops do some AFKing and do some planning It’s good for the brain and it’s good fun And I really I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this slightly more chatty episode before I go. I just want to say a Absolutely Enormous, thank you for the amount of support that you guys have been showing on my channel lately. It’s been mind blowing it really has It’s been mind-blowing Yeah, I don’t know what to say. I’m you’re just I’ve been reading through your comments I’ve been trying my best to put as much time and effort into every single one of the videos I have been I’ve been working so hard on a lot of the redstone content and I want to say thank you To everyone who has noticed all of that hard work and shown their support down on the comments section of those videos Because I have been yeah, I’ve just been working nonstop on trying to create the best content possible And I’m so glad to see that that hard work hasn’t been in vain and it is being enjoyed by yeah, by large quantities of people and I’m receiving lots of messages from people who it seems to brighten their day. I don’t know. I’m rambling. It’s getting really late It’s still boiling hot. I’m losing my marbles. I hope you enjoyed I’ll catch you in the next video. See ya First subtitles btw hope you enjoyed!!!


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