HONEYMOON in CANCUN RIU Palace Peninsula 2019 ❤️

Hey MTV and welcome to my crib. That’s how I know you old
know you all of course I watch on TV cribs but I’m not referencing it starting
this for this is bad hot tub Jacuzzi thing going on failure Fillion that you
think you get a nice a walking shower rain washed out all the goods they the
bathroom you gotta be big decked out real nice in
pink box super so she likes to but my favorite
part of this place bro alcohol is on tap I’m here for it I’m
here for it this is gonna be great I can’t just go I’ll call whenever I
want and they got stuff to mix it way into
the fridge they know they know the vibes all right back to the pen yeah table
with some treats chocolate on strawberries oh goodness I
can you know this would be worth cookers okay well another egg how it turned out are you happy about what’s hard about
look at how the hell figure out they don’t you can’t she’s awake how you to you today we’re in Cancun that’s how I thought that’s exactly are
you talking I’m in Cancun we’re at the beach with him and
we’ll be doing today doing everything there image just ease
maybe not I would just we might go jet skiing he wants to I
don’t know if I want to anyway I guess what I’m thinking later
be gentle right I am doing
on the beach and it’s super nice lay down each imagine this one play volleyball
I was playing what he got we talk to me by myself at the moment but unburnt no no my child
emma cormier my chess game it was okay we’re doing a pirate thing
later Oh you fool later that same evening so hey guys I’m in my bathroom because
it’s like the best lighting in here excuse my janky appearance I just wanted
to hop on and say that we didn’t record anything like the last two days of our
trip and that’s just because we want no honeymoon or anything fun and enjoying
ourselves and I didn’t just want to make it like a whole you know like I had to
record thing so I got what I got and I actually like how the video came
together I hope you guys enjoy it as well and nothing gone a really long time
but I really want to get back into this whole YouTube thing so if you guys have
any videos you would like to see then please let me know maybe I’ll do a Q&A
or something so we’ll leave me questions and subscribe before you leave because I
would really really appreciate it I’ll be back more regularly life is
getting back to normal and it’ll be easier for me like sit down and actually
get things done my camera is dying so I’m going to go I love you guys and I
can’t wait to see you my next video you


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