How to Pronounce 🌊 BEACH in English Properly 😅 | Go Natural English

Hey, how’s it going have you gone to the beach this summer if you have and you want to tell people about it make sure That you are pronouncing this word Correctly if you’re telling people about how much you love Beaches, please please please be sure that you make the long e sound Beaches repeat after me Beaches now this is one of the most dangerous words to mispronounce you Definitely will get people giggling at you if you don’t say it correctly if you mispronounce this word and make a short I Then it comes out sounding like a very offensive word to describe a woman, and we don’t want that Because we love beaches and we love women so we don’t want to confuse anyone do we? so repeat after me with feeling repeat out loud or Very softly if you’re in a public place Beach Very nice now if you liked this quick tip you should definitely watch my top 10 most dangerous words to mispronounce in English by clicking right over there up there actually and If you are new here make sure to subscribe to go natural English by clicking right over there so you can get a little notification every time I upload an Awesome English learning video for you Also, if you didn’t know it I wrote a book for you called the English fluency formula. It’s an e-book. It’s digital You can download it by clicking right over there. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you again soon bye for now

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