Hey guys if you are planning a trip to
Laos you are in the right place! Today we are talking about Vientiane and 4000 islands! Okay so today we talk about the capital of Laos – Vientiane and
the very south of the country 4000 islands. In the previous video
we talked about the Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng so if you haven’t seen it yet
make sure to check it out after this video. Vientiane the capital of Laos! You can
read that you don’t need that much time in Vientiane. Action you can skip it…
that is partly true because there are not that many things to see in Vientiane…
it’s a capitol and it’s a nice city… We did like it!
It was very well developed and we had lots of fun there – many restaurants
many cafes, this what we love during the travels and we did enjoy our time in
the city, but there is not that much to see. If you decide to visit Vientiane
make sure to check out those three places: The Victory Gate located in the
city center! It was designed in memory of the Laotanian soldiers who died during the
Second World War and the war of independence from France. Fun fact? It
was built by using funds donated by the Americans which were meant to be used
for the construction of the airport… COPE Visitor Center is a must when you are in
Vientiane. In that place you’ll learn a lot about the history of Laos! For example I
didn’t know that Laos is the most bombed country in the World! The land is still
full of unexploded bombs also known as the UXOs and they are very dangerous
especially in the rural areas! Another place you should visit is Buddha Park.
Since it’s not located in the city center you will need some time to reach.
The best way to go there is by renting a bike or going by public bus
like we did. If you decide to take a bus make your way to Talat Sao bus
terminal and take bus number 14! The price for the ticket is 8000 kip. Just to compare if you take a private tuk tuk you will pay one
hundred thousand! Buddha Park is one of the most popular
attractions on the outskirts of Vientiane. It contains over 200 Buddhist and Hindu
statues and this is definitely a place one of a kind! The area called 4000
Island is located in the south of the country. If you want to reach it from Vientiane like we did it may be a bit complicated! First you need to take a bus
from the capital to the city of Paxe. What I would suggest is to take the
sleeping bus. You may ask what is a sleeping bus. Well that was something new
for me as well when I came to Asia. Basically inside the bus you don’t have
chairs you have beds! So if you decide to take overnight ride – you can sleep
there which is not a bad actually. And if you are travelling a budget you can save
some money on the accommodation as well! From Paxe you will need to take a minivan to the harbour which is another 2 hours… and from there you will have to take a
boat to the island. As you may imagine there are quite many islands, so you have
to decide to which island you want to go! We went to Don Khon and I can strongly
recommend you this place! 4000 Islands are like the best… the best place
for us in Laos! There not the development – basically there is not that many tourist
places, not that many hotels hostels. The restaurants are all made by locals
so you can enjoy local food not like in the fancy restaurant – no… You’ll probably
sit on the ground or something – that’s really nice! Since this place is not that touristic
you won’t find many real restaurants here. Most of them are run by the locals
inside their houses… but this is even better because you can try the real
cuisine of the place and believe me most of it is a really tasty! On the streets
and the restaurants you will find many stray dogs. You don’t have to be afraid
because they are not aggressive They’re just lying there and hoping that you will feed them! We were having lots and lots of fun! We stayed there like for four
nights and I’m pretty sure we could stay one more week! One of the best things we
saw during our stay on Don Khone was Tad Somphamit waterfall! The entrance
fee is 35,000 kip per person. Some people think it’s too much… for me it was okay because I really liked the place! One of the additionally paid attractions there
is the zipline! For a price of 250,000 kip per person you can take a ride on seven
different zip lines and walk on a few funny monkey bridges! I know it’s a bit
pricey – 250 thousand kid but believe me we had so much fun! We loved like every
second of it and if I could I would do it again! So it’s up to you if you want
to spend 250,000 kip for a 40 minutes ride on a zip line but I would do it
again for sure! People in this place are fantastic –
everybody’s nice nobody tried to cheat on us! The area of 4000 Island is a
typical countryside! So you will find many animals inside the villages. It may
be a little bit surprising when you open the door of your guesthouse in the
morning and the first thing you see is a cow just in front of the doors… Just like on a typical countryside kids here have many duties after school. So you will
find many of them helping their parents in the restaurants local stores or on
the rice fields. When you are in 4,000 islands it’s a
good idea to check out the biggest waterfall in Asia. It’s called Khone Phapheng! To get there you can book a tour from a local on Don Det or Don Khone or just like we did: you can go back to mainland and hire a private driver. Make sure to bargain the price because at first they told us it’s going to be like two or three hundred thousand… I don’t remember but in the end we
paid just seventy thousand for both of us both ways! So always make sure to bargain! All right so today we talked about Vientiane and 4000 islands! As mentioned before if you don’t have that much time it’s okay to skip Vientiane. If on the other hand you have plenty of time – it’s okay to spend the day or two! In comparison the area of 4000
island it’s definitely worth visiting! We were there for four days but I could
stay another week! This place is basically a countryside so
people are very friendly and it’s not that touristic!


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