India’s Lost ISLAND.(New Moore)

There are more than 1200 Islands in India and many of them are touristic attraction of India, there are some islands which has faced some tragic losses. Let’s say because of nature. Yeah!! I am talking about one particular Island which was situated in the Bay of Bengal and was a diplomatic dispute for about 40 years between India and Bangladesh. This island was first discovered in 1974 by American satellite and it had an area of about 2,500 square meter. The island was formed by the BHOLAr Cyclone in 1970, to this day this cyclone is one of the deadliest cyclone ever recorded resulting in the deaths of more than 300,000 people. After the formation of Island it was named “New Moore” by India and “South Talapatti” by Bangladesh. The Government of India claimed the island as a part of their territory, saying that the New Moore island falls within the established maritime borders. However, the government of Bangladesh also claimed that Island falls in their territory. The island was almost round in shape and rich with resources like natural gas and oil. When the ownership of the island became intense in 1981, India sent its troops and hoisted Tiranga on the island. There were many attempts to solve the matter amicably but never resulted in any kind of outcome. In 1985 because of another cyclone, the new moon island started eroding and by the end of 1990 it was vanished because of the rise of sea level in that area. The island was never higher than 2 meter above the sea level. This island comes in the area of sundarban and they often face problem of rising sea level because of the global warming. The tides in this area are so dramatic that the 2/3rd of the land disappears and reappears everyday. Many islands in this area will disappear in the future, as the rise of sea level in Bay of Bengal id much faster than what was happening in the previous years. It was rising 3mm annually till the year 2000, but since the year 2000 it is rising 5mm annually every year year. In the year 2000 India discovered huge amounts of hydrocarbon deposits in this area, which made the situation very complex for exploration of those resources in the disputed region. After that this matter was taken to Permanent Court of Arbitration(PCA) and the court has given verdict in 2014 that the island belongs to Indian Territory. Also, by the Radcliff demarcation the island was located in the Indian Territory. Despite being the island was given to India, the overall verdict was in favour of Bangladesh. Because out of 25,000 square kilometer disputed area around 19,000 square kilometer area from the Bay of Bengal was awarded to Bangladesh. Which ultimately solved the pending issue running since couple of decades about the maritime boundary between India and Bangladesh. It gave more chance of exploring the resources in this region. The area has around 100 trillion cubic feet of hydrocarbon deposits, almost double than the reserves of Krishna-Godavari Basin. Before many companies were reluctant for exploration in the region because of the dispute. After the dispute is resolved it also opened a vast sea area for millions of fishermen in both countries giving chance for more economic activities. Even though the island was lost, but it resulted in a win-win situation for both countries opening of many opportunities in the region. I hope you liked this video please give it a like if you liked it and dislike if you didn’t. SUBSCRIBE to my channel here and click the notification BELL. You can watch my previous video here. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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