It’s A Beautiful LOL Doll Beach Wedding!! LOL BRIDE GG CUSTOM Series 3 Special Guest ARIANA GRANDE

I I just love it here at the beach. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do in life, I think, coming to the beach. What would you say your favorite thing to do in life is, Splash? Well, being a little beach baby myself I definitely love coming to the beach too. I’d have to say swimming… swimming’s my favorite thing to do and jumping in the waves and stuff. Your hairs always reminded me of a beautiful wave. Thanks. That’s a huge compliment actually. That’s exactly the look I was going for. So other than going swimming, what’s your favorite thing to do at the beach? Name two things? Oh that’s easy! One, I love going to the ice cream truck and two, I love building sandcastles. And how about you? What are two things you like to do when you’re at the beach? Oh, we’re definitely twins cuz I love building sandcastles at the beach too. but I also love having a picnic at the beach and one of my favorite things to do is to collect pretty seashells and pretty stones and stuff. Oh, I forgot about that one I love collecting seashells too. I know right? Collecting seashells is so much fun! I’ve got another thing that I love to do at the beach too. You do…what’s that? Get married! I’m getting married at the beach today Splash and I wondered if you’d be my maid of honor. Are you kidding me? I’d love to be your maid of honor. What’s my dress gonna look like? Oh Splash you’re gonna love it, it’s pink lace with sequins. Oh, that sounds so beautiful! Yeah, and Treasure a little Treasure are gonna be in the wedding too. Treasures a bridesmaid and little Treasure is gonna be my flower girl Oh, she’ll make the cutest little flower girl. When are you getting your brides dress on? As soon as GG gets here. Did I hear someone say my name? says GG GG!! Hi, GG! Hi Splash Queen! Oh boy GG, I’m so excited to see you today. Are you ready to do my wedding gown now? I sure am, come on up. says GG I’ve been waiting for this all day. You must be so excited about today I know I am you are my first-ever bride and I knew the moment I met you I knew I was gonna be turning you into a bride and not a unicorn. says GG I love you so much and I think you’re so beautiful, that I knew I did want to make you into something special. says GG Oh wow, what a big compliment. Thanks GG. You’re welcome, honey. says GG So, how are you gonna make my wedding gown? Am I gonna have a veil and a bouquet? (GG talking) 👉Oh, of course every bride needs a veil and a bouquet and as for the wedding gown let’s show everybody at home what we’re gonna be using to create your beautiful gown. (GG talking) 👉The first thing we’re gonna do, is be using a beautiful wedding gown that I bought for a Barbie and the wedding gown also came with a veil and it’s just got a little elastic here that we’re gonna wrap around her head and it’s a beautiful matching veil. So you can use a Barbie dress and veil for your LOL doll. and all I’m doing is cutting one row of the lace off the bottom of the gown. and this is what it looks like when you cut one little row off. Now, remember, you can make a gown just by using a piece of lace. You can just buy a ribbon just one long piece of lace, and that’ll do it. I want it to be Mm, I’d say about 14 inches long. We’re gonna cut it at the end so it might be actually shorter but 14 inches long is gonna make a nice full wedding gown Plus it’s gonna have a long train at the back of her wedding gown and you can see it’s got the white satin lining so that’s good to kind of make it so that it’s not see-through all the way down the dress and It’ll just make it light and airy, which is perfect for a beach wedding gown. and if your piece isn’t lined like mine with that white silk lining… You could just use a little piece of white felt or white fabric or even just a little piece of white ribbon. Just to wrap around her little body so that you don’t see through your piece of lace that you use you’ll see in a second kind of what I mean but we’re going to move on to the first step, which is actually not the lace. (GG talking) 👉So for the first step We’re gonna be using some white pipe cleaners, and I’m also gonna remove these glasses and I’m gonna also remove the bottom half of her swimsuit. So let’s do that in private. There we go and I always paint on little underwear on my L.O.L. dolls and we won’t even see those. What’s the pipe cleaners for GG? (GG talking) 👉Great question! We are gonna take one pipe cleaner first of all, and we’re just gonna fold it in half by putting the two ends togethe.r Like this and I’m actually gonna put it under her arms and I’m just gonna twist it once… nice and tight… there we go, like that. So it’s nice and tight. And we’re using the pipe cleaner to make her gown stick out nice and full So I’m gonna first start by taking this one and just bringing it down the front And I’m kind of just curving it a little bit so that the gowns gonna stick out. And now we’re just gonna bring this down in the front… Like that and where it hits the ground that’s where we’re gonna trim this off. And I’ve pushed them together to make sure they’re the same length. Okay, so that should do it. Now I’m just gonna trim off this extra And we just want to do that again. So take another pipe cleaner and fold it in half but this time this one is gonna go to the back. So we’ll wrap it around her waist, under her arms and we’re gonna take it and just give it a twist, nice and tight. And now you just want to curve your pipe cleaner so it kind of comes out like a wedding gown or a ball gown would… nice and full. And I think about there should do it. So we’ll trim that off. And to do the other side you can just put them together and trim it off Where the other one is. So they’re the same length and then we’ll just curve that out so that the wedding gowns gonna come out and we’ll do that up here. And now I’m just gonna repeat that same step and I’m gonna put one on this side and one on the other side. And when we’re done adding them to the sides and all the way around… this is what it looks like. Kind of like a little spider legs. lol ewww I don’t like spiders GG. says Vacay Babay (GG talking) 👉Yeah me neither but don’t worry, it’s just part of your beautiful gown. So now we’re just gonna add the lace and this is about the halfway point on my lace here and I’m just gonna pick a pretty spot of the lace part and I’m gonna tuck it underneath her arms and wrap it around the back. and now that the lace is wrapped around her, I’m gonna take another pipe cleaner and I’m just gonna put it over top of the lace kind of where her little waist would be and under her arms again, and this is gonna be tied at the back, but we have to turn her around. and when we wrap it around the back we just want to make sure that all the lace is caught underneath there so we can tie it together tightly like that and I’m just before I trim it off. I’m gonna turn her around and actually, this is a good time to look underneath and we can just make sure all of our pieces of pipe cleaner are curved out.. kind of in the shape of a spider, like that. Now, let’s see! Set her back down And I’m just gonna play around with the fabric a little bit. I think that’s looking really cute from the front so far. Now we’re gonna go back to the back again and make sure that’s tight in place and now I can trim off the extra. Now that we’ve got our pipe cleaner nice and tight at her waist, her gown would go to about the ground right here. So the back part of this is gonna be her train and I’m gonna just remove this silky part for her train so it’s just lace. So I’m just gonna carefully pull that out. It’s just attached by some thread. There, that should do it! I want to stop there because this is where her wedding gown would be so now I’m just gonna trim off that piece of silk and if you were to make yours using just a plain piece of lace, you wouldn’t have to do this step. There we go and now I’m just gonna do it to the other side and that’s what we’re left with once I remove that satin part. So you can see, we just have the long piece of lace and I’m just gonna fold it over a little bit and I’m gonna make it her train so it comes to about here. So I’m gonna cut off the excess and that’s what we’re left with. Now right here where the satin splits apart. I’m just gonna put a tiny bit of glue from my glue gun. So if you’re not old enough to use a glue gun, please get somebody that is old enough to help you with this part. Now we’re just gonna push them together… Pinch it. There we go and that makes the back of her gown stay together and you can simply just fold your train over like that and you don’t even have to do anything to it. If you wanted you could put a little tiny dab of glue just to hold it in place so it always stays but I think it’s fine just like that. So let’s take a look at what she looks like from the front. Oh my goodness, you already look gorgeous and we still have to add your veil. So let’s do that next. And it looks beautiful just like that, but we’re gonna make it even prettier. I have got some beautiful little rhinestone stickers in pearls and you can see there’s even flowers here and I thought that because she’s a beach bride the flowers would look really pretty on her hair band or her headband I guess I should say. So we are gonna just peel off a row of these and stick them right over top of the elastic. So I thought it would be pretty if a flower was right in the middle of her forehead. And we’ll just wrap this around on both sides Trim it off! and oh my goodness, that is gorgeous! We definitely have to give you some beautiful earrings! Vacay Babay says, ohh I love earrings! (GG talking) 👉 So now I’ve got these pretty little rhinestone stickers. I’m just gonna trim off one like this! and give her her earrings. and another one. Oh that looks extra beautiful! Really, really pretty! Now we’ll cover up that ugly pipe cleaner with some beautiful rhinestone stickers. So you can see I added the rhinestone stickers every time it’s scallops like this and on the same part of the pattern right there I added a rhinestone sticker to the same little spot and I did that all the way around and if I put her over here and bring her train over, you can see how long her train is. Isn’t that gorgeous? I love her veil from the side and her little headband part of her veil and I’ll show you underneath the veil what her train looks like. So there’s all the pretty rhinestone stickers there and I love her veil from the back as well, with this here. So beautiful! OH
I just thought of something. I need to add some of those rhinestone stickers to the back of the veil since it matches the dress. I’ll have to do that and we’ll take a look at that at the very end because now this beautiful little bride princess needs a wedding bouquet. Now to make her bouquet, I found a hair elastic that had all these pretty little white flowers on it. And so what I thought we could do is maybe take…. let’s see … one… two there’s another one… three… maybe four… we’ll take four flowers and we’re gonna bunch them all together like this and I’m going to basically tie them in a knot right here. And after I’ve tied it nice and tight, I’m gonna trim off this and now you can see if I pull on the elastic like this, I should be able to slide her hand in and let go where the knot is and she now has a cute little bouquet and it only took two seconds to make. Now I just happened to get lucky and find a hair tie that had white flowers like that….with pretty little crystals on the inside. So there we go! Aww beautiful!! Well now that she’s got her bouquet she’s completely done. Let’s take a look at her from the side holding it and I also added the rhinestones to the back of her veil, just like I told you I would. So she is completely done and ready to get married. Vacay Babay says, I’m so excited! Do I get to head down to the arbor now? (GG talking) 👉You sure do! VB says, Wish me luck GG. (GG talking) 👉 Good luck, honey! VB says, Thank you! (GG talking) 👉You’re welcome Treasure talking…..Isn’t this exciting Splash? I’ve never been to an outdoor wedding before let alone be a bridesmaid in one Yeah, same, this is my first wedding to ever be in. I love the dresses that she picked out for us! Oh, I know I freaked out when I seen them and I love that we got to put a flower in our hair. It really suits our hairstyle. Yeah, definitely. You look beautiful Treasure! Aww, thank you Splash, so do you and how about my lil sis? Doesn’t she make the cutest little flower girl? Yes, totally! She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. What’s up with the basket and seashells? Oh, she’s been collecting seashells all day. It’s her wedding gift and she’s pretty excited about it. Aren’t you baby girl? Mmmwah… I love you, baby girl! Goo goo gaa gaa! Goo goo gaa gaa! (giggles) She’s just too cute for words! Did you see one of the guests is Ariana Grande? No! Are you kitten me right meow? (giggles) I love that. I haven’t heard that in a while… and did you see? She’s with Katy Perry!!! I had no idea she had so many celebrities for friends. Can I have your attention everyone The weddings about to begin. Oh boy, it is? I’m feeling a little bit nervous! I’ve got butterflies in my stomach like you wouldn’t believe. Oh, don’t worry Noah Once you see your bride, you’ll feel completely fine. Here she comes now Look at her gown, that is like the prettiest wedding gown I’ve ever seen She’s the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen! Look at her veil! My bride is the most beautiful girl on the planet! Oh my darling, thank you! You’re looking pretty handsome yourself. Let’s begin. We’ll start with you please Noah. I Noah, take you Vacay Babay to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward. For better or for worse… for richer for poorer in sickness and in health To love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part. And I Vacay Bababy, take you Noah, to be my husband. To have and to hold from this day forward. for better or for worse for richer or for poorer in sickness and in health to love and to cherish From this day forward until death do us part and Noah. Would you like to give her her ring? With this ring I give you my heart. I promise from this day forward you shall not walk alone. May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home. Oh Noah, that was beautiful. Thank you. I love you so much. I love you too, my darling By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride. (sniff sniff) Oh, that was just beautiful! Are you crying Treasure? Yes. I always cry at weddings. Okay, everyone. I’m gonna toss my bouquet and whoever catches it will be the next bride to get married. (GG talking) 👉 And who do you think’s gonna catch the bouquet? Write it in the comment section. Will it be Katy Perry? Ariel? Ariana grande? Treasure? or Splash Queen? Write your guess in the comment section and if you want to see another bride custom like this one then don’t forget to like this video. Okay girls. Are you ready? We’re ready One two three It’s me, it’s me guys, I caught the bouquet I’m gonna be the next bride. Congratulations, Ariana, you’re gonna make a beautiful bride. Well everyone. Let’s celebrate and have cake.

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