Izu Peninsula National Geopark Guide | Go NISHIIZU! Ep 3/5

Hey~ Today we have come outside to show you some of the most beautiful spots in Nishiizu See, the Izu Peninsula is a proud member of Japan’s National Parks system and out of thirty-three other national parks across the country the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is one of the most popular areas Basically, we’ve got a ton of land and rock formations that everyone is gonna wanna see So come follow us The first stop on our list is Dougashima The beautiful rocks and small islands around this area were formed by volcanic activity from many years ago You can pay 1,200 yen for a 20-minute boat ride and see the coastal features up close including one of the Izu Peninsula’s most popular attractions the Dougashima Sea Cave Skylight If you’re someone prone to seasickness, don’t worry You can also see the skylight from above by taking a short hike up and over the nearby mountain While you’re in the area trek a little further up the main road to the Tombolo a natural land bar that reveals itself during low tide and lets you walk out to the three further islands Just make sure you get back before the tide starts to rise If you’re looking for something a little more tucked away Ajioukoen near Ohama beach is a great choice It has wide, open, green fields, a small beach and a free hot spring for your feet This park is frequented by locals on the weekends and has one of the best hikes in Nishiizu that offers great views of the coastline and on clear days Mt. Fuji After hiking the loop you can sit back and soak your feet in the foot spa at the bottom A job well done! Moving onto the Tago neighborhood we’ve got my personal favorite hike in town that takes you right along the coastline between the Tago and Futo neighborhoods It’s got beautiful panoramic ocean views, a nice sea breeze and a solid cardio workout Get to Futo Beach at the end picnic near the coast take some dramatic pictures, and then start your journey back with a little detour through the camellia grove A perfect way to spend your Saturday I’d say After that head over to Meganecho in Otago Also known as Godzilla rock this is one of the town’s most popular spots to view the sunset And if you’re up for the challenge nearby is the longest hike on our list the Mt. Ima hike that takes you between Otago and Arar On clear days this hike will give you the absolute best views of Mt Fuji Next is Koganezaki, the golden coastline Just like Dougashima and Futo undersea volcanoes created the rock formations on this coast Koganezaki stands out, however, not only for its rocks’ golden pigments but also because of Uma-Rock Can you guess which animal “uma” is in English? On clear days, the view is enhanced even further with Mt. Fuji peaking in in the background Koganezaki is also home to Nishiizu’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival every April Last on our list is the absolute most secret spot in town Did you know that Nishiizu has it’s own waterfall? Ootaki! Most easily accessible by car, bus, or bicycle Ootaki is the hidden forest waterfall of your dreams In the spring and summer time, there’s nothing more refreshing than swimming at Ootaki’s base and having a nice picnic It’s a little harder to get to than the other spots on our list but that’s what makes the experience that much more memorable Ootaki truly is Nishiizu’s best kept secret Of all the unique experiences Nishiizu offers to foreign tourists the Geo Park really is the most amazing Avid hikers, nature enthusiasts, and adventurers will absolutely love it here So come on over and go Nishiizu!

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