“thats it” this is Tigerfish YES! THIS IS TIGERFISH! YES! WE ARE RICH!! Okay guys, back again with us at JAJAGO so today we’re going to catch SNAKEHEAD dish we have our crew, i’m John, Julius, and Santo now we’re at tropical forest in west kalimantan (borneo) and locals said it has lot of SNAKEHEAD here one of best predator of Borneo we will prove it here stay optimista my friend, we can do it! are you sure this is safe? yep you focus on draining the water drain it, drain it okay, we’ve arrived first, we will try to cast some fish we walked about 2km and this place is so beautiful we will try to fish using live bait, the frog what a bad beginning.. oh my god is this snake head season? why we dont catch any fish? (the old man scratch his head..) so many babyfish lot of snakehead babyfish this is snakehead babyfish right? yep, thats right we released it? take some to breed at our pond its too dark this is snakehead babyfish its quite much, isnt it? okay, we tried to cast some fish there because of the rain, the water flooded and scatter the fishes you wanna know something great? we found lot of snakehead babyfish and the old man said, he caught 6 snakehead 16lbs fishing? / yup, here what bait was he using? / dont know, i dont ask that’s snakehead babyfish right? / yes so peaceful right / yes, very calming frustated.. our brother is busy to catch that babyfish mission changed: Find the snakehead babyfish how is it bro? i caught small carp we dont need that buddy its Betok babyfish where is it? WAIT, IT’S NOT that’s just ordinary fish bro.. NOPE, THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT you filmed about this tigerfish months ago right? THIS IS THE TIGHERFISH!/ no way.. seriously? caught it THIS IS TIGERFISH WE ARE RICH DUDE / really? how could the tigherfish can be here? maybe that’s just ordinary fish this is TIGERFISH, look here.. no ordinary fish is like this / wait wait wait eh, that’s right.. it’s a TIGERFISH I’VE TOLD YOU.. maybe there’ll be some more where’s the small one? / already inside you got some more? eh bro, you dont said our location right? nope nope so, we’ll continue fishing or not? no, i want to catch some more its 20k for each fish dude! so what will happen to our fishing rod? later, we catch some tigerfish first later on, when we back home if this is really true, today is realy our BEST DAY EVER what’s going on bro? i caught one tigerfish or not? where’s it? so where is all the snakehead babyfish? where? tigerfish right? how many have you caught? 3-4 it got stripe ? / yes yes come to the shore first seriously, we’re really rich this is predator fish right? is this the tigerfish season? okay, the wind is terrible we will call it a day it wont be good idea if one of JAJAGO’s crew struck by lightning i talked to the locals this tiger fish is actually exist but locals are not calling it tigerfish no, they named it differently but those are really the tigerfish we caught 6 tigerfish but we gave it to mr. Aris, one of predator fish breeder because he’s more experienced to breed this fish the last price on the market is still very high take it accordingly, so our grandchildren can see tigerfish in the nature


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