Kim Jong-un oversees military exercises simulating invasion of S. Korean islands

No word so far from North Korea on Saturday’s
missile launch…but the regime’s state-run media has reported that Kim Jong-un oversaw
a special forces exercise simulating an invasion of South Korean border islands. It took place on Friday, the day the regime
celebrated its 57th anniversary of the Songun or ‘military-first’ ideology. The exercises included land, sea and air units
attacking a target… simulating the South Korean border islands of Baengnyeong-do and
Yeonpyeong-do . Kim is said to have been satisfied with the
drills and called on the forces to be ready to occupy Seoul and South Korea in one go. North Korea did in fact shell Yeonpyeong-do
in 2010, killing four South Koreans, which led to Seoul significantly increasing its
military presence in the area.

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