Kim, Xi reaffirm commitment toward denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

In their summit this week, the leaders of
North Korea and China reportedly affirmed that they are committed to the denuclearization
of the Korean Peninsula. Official reports from both sides confirm an
agreement to that effect. Our Park Hee-jun has the details. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Chinese
President Xi Jinping,… have agreed on the need to resolve issues on the Korean Peninsula
in a diplomatic manner. According to China Central Television on Thursday,…
the two leaders, during their talks this week, reaffirmed their commitment toward the denuclearization
of the Korean Peninsula. Chairman Kim said he will continue his denuclearization
commitments and his efforts to implement the agreements made at his first summit with President
Donald Trump in Singapore. He vowed to achieve a result that can be welcomed
by the international community during his second meeting with Trump. Meanwhile, President Xi expressed support
for the improvement in inter-Korean relations,… and the second North Korea-U.S. summit. Xi also emphasized that China will play a
constructive role in the process towards denuclearization and peace on the Korean Peninsula. He also called on relevant countries to positively
respond to North Korea’s “reasonable concerns” to achieve the anticipated resolution on the
Korean Peninsula. It was the fourth time the two leaders have
had summit talks in the past year. And apparently, there may be a fifth summit
in the works. The North’s state media Korean Central News
Agency reported that Kim extended an invitation to Xi to visit North Korea at a convenient
date. And Xi is said to have accepted Kim’s invitation. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.




  • Jj Chen

    We will be talking about Korean Denuclearization way into the year 2200

  • bharani kumar

    Please think twise or thrise money you people spending on arms and ammunation with that you may provide very good life for your own people forget communism (failed false theory world wide )and capitalism think about your own people please provide food .sheltet clothing for yor own people

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