KrabbCHALLEGE och annat kul på Vrångö

Hey, hey!
We are on Vrångö. It’s an island in Gothenburg’s
southern archipelago. In our previous vlog we visited
the northern archipelago. Then we took a boat to the southern archipelago
to see what it’s like here. – It’s actually quite different.
– Firstly, we are on a beach! – We found a crab!
– You did? – Yes, a baby crab.
– We have to see this. That’s what it looks like. – It doesn’t look alive.
– It’s dead. We know that. We know that it’s dead. Let me see. Stop it! Ouch, ouch, ouch! – Anyway, we’re on a beach. Alma are you ready to swim?
– Yes. – She had a small fall.
– Small? It was big! Let’s show them your back. Bruises, scratches, scrapes,
big plasters all over the back. This happened earlier today,
and here it looks like a cat has scratched you. – How does it feel?
– It hurts, it hurts a lot. She walked up a steep hill
that had a railing which she didn’t see. She hit her forehead on it, lost her balance
and somersaulted down the slope – a rocky slope. Okay, maybe I can explain it a little better. I went down there
to get a beautiful stone. I wore a hat, and I headed back up
with the beautiful stone. I looked down,
and there was a steel… …iron railing, and I was like… Then I did a backward somersault into the water! – Yes.
– I explained it much better than you. Yes, she explained it much better
than I did, that’s true. It was very scary, and there were lots of tears
and plasters and stuff, but now it’s good. The plasters might fall off now,
because we are going to swim! Come on, Harry. Take my hand. Hey, hey. You have to take one dip in the water.
Let me know when you are ready and I will do it fast. – Ready.
– Ready. – Get out, get out!
– Yes, let’s get out of the water. – You’re so good.
– Well done, friend. – Almis, you too.
– No. – It’s a hot day.
– No, it’s not. It’s refreshing to say the least.
The air is 26°C (79°F), so it’s good to cool off. However, I won’t force Alma
with all her scrapes and scratches. There is also a lovely wind today! – Do you know what this is, Harry?
– No. What do you think it is? – Is it people who have died?
– Yes, it’s a cemetery. Oh. – Do you know how old it is?
– No. – Any guesses?
– One hundred thousand? It has been there since the 1500s. That’s a very long time! 500 years. – What just happened?
– He passed out. He pretends that he is passed out. Oh no, maybe we have to bury him.
I’m turning left towards the cemetery. – Harry’s alive!
– What? Oh, how lucky! – No, he actually is… He’s not with us.
– He died. I’m opening the gate now.
No one ever comes out from here. – Fooled!
– Oh, God. I was just teasing. Harry says that he is “teasing”
instead of “joking”, or “tricking”. He says “teasing” instead. Welcome to our little cottage. Up here is a loft. Here is our small living room,
a kitchenette and the toilet. Now we will shower and get ready
to go eat dinner. – Here is our tiny maypole.
– Yes. It was like the music
started playing to the maypole. Hey you. – Mommy, can I please have some orange juice?
– Yes. Good morning. Alma put together this
beautiful breakfast spread. I mean, how lovely is this? Freshly brewed coffee. – No, I’m just joking.
– You and your coffee! – Look…
– Orange juice is better. Coffee is just coffee grounds. Oh? But look at this.
The harbor looks as smooth as glass. – Now we will do the crab challenge.
– What’s that? You fish for crabs,
and the one who catches the most wins. Look, we got so many mussels
from the boys over there! Oh! We will compete with them,
and they are bringing us more. – Look at this one, but it’s very dirty.
– Throw it back in. – No, we will break it and use it to fish.
– We will break it with the brick, and then… – What? Will you use those as bait?
– Yes! What did you think? It’s their food. – Stomp on it.
– Stomping is just annoying. – Ew.
– I know. Now we have so much bait,
and these tiny fishing rods with clothespins. Alma has prepared one over there.
Well, it was actually Alma’s friend Sofia who did it. Hey, hey! – You two are a team, right?
– Mm. And… Well, it will be the girls against the boys.
Harry and daddy Axel are a team, and I will film. Here is one bucket each.
The one who catches most crabs in 20 minutes wins. What? 20 minutes? Mom, stop it.
No one will catch a crab in 20 minutes. – Oh yes!
– Harry, we will wipe the floor with them, I promise. – Yes, we will win.
– Mm. The idea is that the crab will hold onto this with its claw,
and then you can just bring it up. May the best team win! Haha, I crushed it! Over there!
I see a crab over there. – Have you already started?
– Oh no! I dropped the mussel. Splash. Here, here. Pin it somehow. A crab is eating our food. Let’s see if we can catch it. – Let’s not scare it.
– You can pull it up now. It’s letting go. – Now, catch it with the bucket. Catch it!
– Yes! Daddy caught a crab! We got a crab, Alma! Dear contestants, the match is over. – No!
– Yes! – It’s time to count the crabs.
– Yes! One, two, three. We got three. We got two. Harry, high five! Yes! We won! Look. This is what a winner looks like. We will now pour our catch
back into the water. Goodbye, crabs. Bye bye, crabs.
It was nice having you. Good job everybody! – A nice thing about this island is that there are no cars.
– That’s true. There are a few golf carts, but other than that
there are only bicycles and flatbed mopeds. And that’s what it’s like across the entire
southern archipelago, as I understood it. – Oh, the wind just picked up.
– Yes, we are walking towards the sea. Now I can blow-dry
my salt watery hairstyle. My hair has a life of its own
after these days in the archipelago. – That’s lovely, isn’t it?
– Yes. It’s on me. We are heading back home to Stockholm.
What do you think of the Gothenburg archipelago? – Super good!
– Great! – Yes, very lovely.
– Mega lovely. The sea was the loveliest part.
These days kind of revolved around the sea. It’s a different sea than the Baltic Sea
on our side of the country. – And I met some really great friends.
– Yes, you found a whole bunch of them on Vrångö. We have a Question of the Day.
Ida Vilbertsson Molin asks: “Don’t you get tired
of traveling all the time?” “Don’t you get homesick
and want to be at home for a while?” Yes, I want to be at home. – Yes, we have traveled very much this year.
– Mm. – But we love to travel.
– It is fun. – Yes. We will be staying at our cabin all of July.
– Yes. – It will be so nice.
– Super cozy. I didn’t get homesick during this trip,
but I did when we were traveling for 4 months. – There’s also a difference between abroad and Sweden.
– Yes. Do you get homesick when you are traveling?
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