Krig, fest och näsblod VLOGG

Hey, hey! You know that it’s a summer morning. It’s 11:30 AM and these two are eating breakfast. -Guess how long they slept?
-Yes, guess. I’ll tell. Until 11 AM. What? It’s true! What?! It’s true. What!! It’s because we’re up late in the evenings, we’re morning tired and we love to sleep. And because we want loads of energy. That’s true! Finish your yoghurt and sandwich. We got something you can pick and eat. Floss gang. In bathing suits. It’s too warm to wear clothes. This is our little garden. If you’ve followed our channel for long you know that Axel put seeds early spring. And now we have sugar snaps, tomatoes, look at this tiny tomato. Basil, chives and over here… Carrots. Oh, I picked this. Pull it up. Taste it. Ok, shouldn’t I rinse it? Yes. Look how nice our kitchen is now. Really nice. I like the handles, so does our viewers because we asked them in a vlog. Nice. Can I have some? Nice. It’s really nice. Do you know what happens today? No. It’s the last day at the summer cafe. It’s a big thing, we’ve been to Wilmer and Hedvig’s cafe every day. It’s a dream cafe. It’s a great place, you can play, eat homemade cookies and meet new friends. Kids and adults. It’s the last day they’re open and they have an ending party. We will head to the lake for a swim first. -Are you hoping to meet anyone here today?
-Yes, our big friends. -Are they fun?
-Yes. This is; Ivar, Elin, Vira and Stina. What are you up to now? We’re really bad at, we tried It a while back and we haven’t really uploaded anything since. Alma is getting some tips now so we might give it another go. We’re called: If you want to check out our account. I will post a link in the description box. I will link all their accounts if you want to see the videos they’re making now. Axel is back in the cabin, building. But he will meet us up later on. Who’s water gun is that? Ivar’s. -Will you go to war?
-Yes. Ivar, bring the other guns too. We’re on our way to the party. Wait for me. Of course. That’s Harry. Look at Astrid, the doll over there. -Is this Astrid?
-Yes. Alma, look how elegant she is. Hey! We have cookies for free today. Really? We’re already here, you only use it to get our attention. This chocolate pastry has got a caramel inside. And this one has got chocolate pieces and caramel inside. It sounds so nice, we’ll have one of each. Add the telephone number and the amount, 60 SEK. Good. Oh, so tasty. Have some.. Alma loves it. This is fantastic Wilmer. Oh, so nice and crusty. The kids are about to play games. That’s the best thing with this cafe. Yes, it’s not many cafes in the city that has a lawn. Eh, no. Dance stop! Ok, we’ll to a test run. Good, you know this. What’s happened? Harry has a nose bleed. Oh Harry, how are you? Good. You look injured. It’s been an intense summer for our kids so far. -How’s my family?
-Good, good. I’m happy you feel better. I think we’re all a bit tired. Yes, we’re a tired family. It’s very hot outside, we’ve done a lot today. Swimming, party.. oh and hugs. I’ve been building on the house. Yes, lots has happened with the construction work. We will show it in another vlog. I want to hug Alma. Go ahead. Good night hugs. Let’s answer Question of the Day. Andraes is wondering if we’re considering moving here, to the cabin, when the extension is done? No. We’d love to live in a house but not on an island in Stockholm archipelago. It would be lonely during winter but fantastic during summer. We’re here in the summer anyway. Yes, and the summer cafe is open. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up or down. Philosophize, comment, philosophize again and post many questions. See you soon! Bye! Bye!


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