(suspenseful music) – I’ve gotta arm-crawl to be sneaky. – There’s a lifeguard there. (water splashing) – [Man] Got you! – This just turned into the
most epic game of hide and seek. Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys and Games. Let’s have some fun! Hey guys, welcome back and today we’re at Aqua Nick and we’re gonna go swimming but if they’re closed maybe we could sneak in. – Let’s go try. – Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s check the door.
– Go get it. – Aww, it’s locked. Oh no. – I think there’s a security
gate behind the sign. – [Kyle] Yeah, we should go check it. Let’s do that. Do you see anyone, Gage? – No.
– No. I don’t see anyone. – [Kyle] I don’t either. Let’s see. Whoa. (Gasp) They left it unlocked, okay. Unlocked it’s staff only. – Shh we gotta be really quiet. – Shh. – Go over there go go. (hushed whispers) – Come here. – Oh no! There’s way too many lifeguards! We have to find a different entrance! – C’mon guy we got to
go back out the gate. – Okay, okay! – Go, go, go, go! (upbeat music) – Guys, there are way
too many people here! – I hope we can sneak into the park. – Yeah! – It’s going to be so cool! – Yeah, you gotta smash that like button to give us good luck! This is going to be so fun. – I think there might be
an entrance over there! Let’s go check it out! – Yeah, right. – Come on. – (gasps) Oh guys look! (mumbles) Let’s see if it opens. (excited whispers) – Guys, were officially in the water park! Now we just need to
pass all the lifeguards and get into the pool. – Look we’re right behind
the Nickelodeon sign! – Whoah, it’s made out
of grass that’s so cool! – Guys, I don’t see anyone! I think were clear to go! (suspenseful music) – [Gage] Guys I have a really
good idea to sneak into the middle of the waterpark. – What is it? – [Gage] I’m going to go do it, okay? – [Luke] Go, Go, Go! – I’ll be back in a minute! (suspenseful music) (sighs) Okay! There’s no one there! That’s Spongebob right there. I got to crawl to be sneaky! I don’t see anyone. Yes I made it to the middle of the park! Yes, perfect! It’s time to enact my plan. I’m gonna hop in these inner tubes and put some one my head so the
lifeguards can’t see me! Man, this is a good plan. I don’t think anyone’s going to catch me but hopefully Luke and Kyle make it over. (upbeat music) All right, now I just
gotta kinda crouch down so no one can see me. Guys, I think there someone
working in the umbrellas! There is! I’m gonna stay hidden and really quiet. You gotta like this video to
give Luke and Kyle good luck. I don’t know if their
going to make it over. – Okay I don’t know if Gage made it over but I’m going to try to go. Okay wish me good luck! (heavy breathing) Oh my gosh! There’s a lifeguard there! All right go, go, go! Okay I’m good! I don’t think anyone sees me! Okay guys, the bridge is right there! I gotta make a run and go over it! Let’s do it. There’s Spongebob, go! I gotta hide you guys! Go, go, okay you guys I’m good, I’m at my hiding spot! Hopefully Kyle’s okay. – [Kyle] Guys I think
Gage and Luke made it to the island in the middle. Now I have to go find them. Wait I have to find them this just turned into the most epic game of hide and seek. Okay guys let’s go! (suspenseful music and grunting) Shh! Okay guys I’m going to
sneak into the lazy river and then I’m going to go
out and try to find them. Okay guys I’m going into the lazy river! It’s so cold! I gotta go up past here,
look at the blue water, it’s so nice! I gotta find Gage and Luke. I don’t see anyone. (screaming) Oh, I found you! I got you! I found you! – Someone found my hiding spot! – Luke let’s go find Gage! I’m going to go look
on this huge kids park! Let’s do this! Ahhh! It’s so cold! Water’s super cold! He’s not in there! Where is he? Let’s go up there! He might be hiding in one of the slides! Ahh! I’m so wet! (screaming) Come on guys! Water’s going to dump! Do you know where where Gage is (mumbles)? – [Luke] (mumbles) Let’s go find him! You wanna grab a tube? – [Kyle] Yeah! – [Luke] All right lets grab a tube! – [Kyle] Here I’ll grab this
bottom one you grab up there! (excited screaming)
(laughing) – (laughs) Yeah! – Okay guys, let’s own this waterpark! – [Luke & Gage] Yeah! (upbeat fast paced music) – [Luke] Okay you guys
let’s go on a water slide! (splashing water) (happy music) Ah, look at this! Oh you got to be careful! Vote up in that poll! Which water slide I should go down? Water slide dark or light? I’m going down the light! Here we go you guys! And three, two, one, go! (screaming and upbeat music) Ah, that was so cool! – Okay guys let’s go on
the slide with the tunnel! Woo! (relaxing music) (ding) (screaming) – [Luke] So fun! – [Gage] (mumbles) – [Luke] You guys check this out! These are awesome! We have a super soaker and look at these ready when I pull this (water splashes). – [Gage] Ready? (laughing) Hah got you! – Guys that’s all of the really tall water slides but this
is probably one of the coolest things ever! Look it is Boots! From Dora the Explorer you guys! That’s so cool They have all of these
little trinkets where you can control how much water
it has, which is super cool. (screaming) Here I go! (splashing and screaming) – Oh I’m so wet, that was crazy! – Thanks to Nickelodeon
resort at Punta Cana. It was so fun here! – That was it for this video! Like this video! (mumbles) Just for you and we’ll
see you guys next time! – [All] Bye! – [Luke] Let’s go swim! (upbeat music)

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