it is bouncing around basically our homes day has come to an end we’re
both up had a delicious breakfast of crepes and rather than marmalade and
instant coffee here that was really good I had pneumonia tea is actually my new
favorite here so last night I had a really tough time sleeping I was really
bad just trying to get my breath and I wake up in almost a little bit of a
panic which of course meant that I woke khalaf up many times but the food here
was delicious the lady makes amazing soups the quinoa soup was just to die
for and we’re gonna miss that I’m not gonna
miss the altitude but we’re gonna miss that so a little bit about this place
again we stayed in a place that had no electricity the woman that was our mama
for a night cooked over an open flame on the stove we had 10 pounds of blankets
on us which are about like 4 kilograms which probably didn’t help by breathing
situation any no action whatsoever no Instagram Facebook Twitter snapchat none
of that and no dogs or cats there actually there’s no dogs or cats in this
island which surprises me but we have a little bit of issue with my lungs this
morning but yeah it was a great experience and I enjoyed it it’s really
tranquil and at night your ears start ringing it was so quiet we’re getting
ready to leave in our journey on lake titikaka continues maybe without
following it’s not that bad wheat are gonna be more slippery than
that but it’s not bad at all oh this stone wall someone actually built it
without any more or anything okay
I love tequila well that was a bit of a rough ride over a lot rougher than
yesterday yeah absolutely and we are going to hike from one end of the island
to the other but there’s no doing it half-assed you got to do it the whole
way because the boat gonna pick it off so us off here and picked us up on the
other side of there and the good news he said it’s not gonna be asked for office
yesterday yesterday was completely well were you I love it more than today how
about that I’m sure he said this was going to be an easy oh it’s easy he says
Moo if I see Lake 8ki ever whatever now now you still gotta go all the way up
here Hollis is way up there come on Michael I know triumphal arch see you sup that bad you
sit so we are currently in the islands main square and this is obviously a tiny
community but the main square it has a lot of characters to it just right
behind me here there’s like a the Catholic Church and next to some kind of
abandoned building but you can go all the way up to get a good view some
stores and then there’s some kind of a city hall I think behind me here then
arch and then the view of Lake Titicaca behind me and then the tiny shop that
you can get your passport stamp and I saw some coffee we got here there was a ceremony going
on behind us they had the Coast Guard they had doctors from the hospital ship
that we saw down when we docked and a few other people I’m not sure what the
ceremony was for but we understand it what they’re having a meeting of some
sort so there’s a flag-raising ceremony here and they sang what I think was a
national anthem but I’m not really sure if I find out differently I’ll put it in
the in the description below but yeah it was a nice little ceremony and then we
get to spend the rest of our half-hour here in this nice little square I think
we should go for coffee all heads a new frame my close friend at
the beginning put up the stairs take a look at the main square from the top or
more stairs not doing it willfully I don’t think the people who made this
sign have ever been to the places on this sign Berlin is in one direction and
Roma is in a completely different direction so it’s either the wind or the
people just don’t get that much siempre parada suerte para la fortuna can you
see by the way they are near an end up where the simpler suerte para la fortuna
you can see by the way yes we’re going on walk a place is flat this time oh
it’s still going downhill this time too we weren’t told how long it was gonna be
we just hold this long but along the way we saw some vegetation native flower of
Peru and passionfruit just all nice yeah nice and it’s beetle day here we go with
another fruit or another tree see ya my two spiky but if you just touch it it’s
okay but if you ran into it like this it would really hurt I can’t believe it
make shampoo out of that so it’s at this point in Hollis editing
this video two months later while we’re in Italy by the way that we realize that
we stopped filming ourselves and we have no conclusion to the video so to make up
for it we’re gonna do a voice-over we continue on with our hiking through
taquile island where we enjoy the beauty of this tranquil island and we even met
up with a flock of local sheep for lunch we stopped in a restaurant to watch a
demonstration of shampoo makings and to eat the delicious meal of quinoa soup
and ha’la’tha even tried the local trout then we continue on with our journey
through the eyelid and we finally hop back into the boat and we sailed through lake titicaca and
back on shore land in puno this evolution that we develop in the
offenders so we really enjoy our today excursion on lake titicaca yeah and we
hope you did too thanks for watching thanks for watching ruining it in the shot

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