– Damn it’s nice – What a beauty
– So gorgeous – Really really nice – Haha
– Hoooh! – Amazing
– Aaarh! – What’s a duckface? – You want a kiss or what?
– Yeah hit me – Oh yeah
– Haha Well hello and welcome This time we’ve been invited to West Ranga by Zpey We’re currently located in the Lodge
We are well fed and ready for a whole day of fishing Right behind me is the Homepool And the last 30 years This has been the most salmon generating pool on whole Iceland That pretty much sums up how good that stuff is This year they’ve had a pretty bad season here As a result of that the fishing is very very tough So pretty excited to see if we can manage to catch some fish Torben and I recieved some Zpey flyrods And we are pretty anxious to see how we’ll manage Since we are used to fish with spin on these trips And we’re competing with all the hardcore flyguys here at Zpey We’re used to just hammer away with the spinning rod and get some good action that way But now we are equal to the other guys
Pretty thrilling stuff This whole place here is something else We’re used to pretty primitive stuff when fishing The food we eat and the places we sleep But this is absolutely luxurious The Lodge it self is awesome Here at West Range you’ll find the pinnacle of Salmon fishing It’s very luxurious and a very big experience for me to be here Torben and I will jsut have to pak and bring our lunch The staff here is jsut so nice
They bring stuff so we can make our own lunchbox So we can fish the whole day away And then we’ll just need to be back for dinner at 19:00 o’clock So let’s hit the river all day We’ll cross the river down here and fish the Homepool from the opposite site As I said, the fishing is pretty difficult this year so.. Fingers crossed! See you on the other side We’re going fishing now But I just wanted to shoe you guys our room Where the magic happens And I wanted to show you how close the waders-room is, which is epic Just down the hallway – I think i can see Hekla erupting just now – And exiting the waders room – Our buddy Art is on the other bank – You can barely see him – And he’s fighting a fish – The Mad Russian – Haha, the Mad Russian – And the spa is jsut down here – It’s pretty epic – Yeah it’s so awesome
– And volcanoes all around – We’ve got Vatnajókull over there
– Yes – Vatnajókull is this one.. – No wait, it’s that one – And Hekla up there to the left – I’d sit like this everyday
– Yeah – Haha
– Everybody would? – God damn people sit like this! – Well, we’re at.. – The Hotel is on the other side of the river – And now we’re sitting on the other bank at the homepool – And we’re about to start our fly fishing – And since we’re the spinning team
here at Zpey – We’re out of our league since it’s fly only – But luckily we’ve been blessed with 10-11m/s wind so this should be good – With our technique – We actually agreed in the beginning of this season – That we were gonna practice together since we knew we were going to Ranga – And Torben said that he had plenty of time to practice but none of us really did so.. – Nope
– So we haven’t really tested our gear before the trip – But Zpey put some rods in our hands now – And well.. It should do the trick – Let’s hope we’ll manage – We’ve tied some flies back home – Or I did andTorben got a little help – Yeah, I’ve bought myself some nice flies – From Frederik, they are very nice – And Torben is going for – A pink Sunray – I think it will do wonders on these late autumn fish – Pink is a very effective
color back home this time of year – So maybe it will work here too – And its weighted with..
– Yeah – Regular tubing?
– Yes – It will work wonders – And I’ve got..
– We can’t possibly fuck this up – I’ll just switch hands – I tied this little red cousin – I have no clue if it’ll work
but i like red.. – Yeah okay
– So.. – We’re just gonna work our way through the pool – And pray for the wind not to kill us – And that the pool holds some fish – Sick! – I’m fishing my fly actively
– Haha – Haha – Yeah, I like it that way – There’s weed on there again, I’m tapping out!
– Hahah – Damn this sucks man
– Haha – I’m predicting that we’ll be sitting in the hotel drinking win in an hour from now [An hour later]
– God damn! – The spinning team is coming in hot
– Yeah, nice – I have now clue how to land fish in this – Nope.. – I’ll probably need your help – The current is nuts here
– Yeah – Haha, damn this is epic – It’s good for us – It’s a god damn brute this one – That proves that you don’t need to make long casts to get fish – Apparently not – Damn, it’s just drilling down and going deep – Pretty brutal place here eh? – Shouldn’t I go downstream? – Yeah to that dead drift down here
– Yeah – You’ll have to do that – Damn, this is thrilling stuff mate – This is the obvious spot in the backcurrent in here – It won’t get better than this spot – If you get it in here there’s a deeper, slow section – Yeah just a little more in there – No, not that shit! – Can you untangle it Andreas? – Damn right – Can you break that twig? – Well done – It’s in my way – Here we go again
– Yes – Got it!
– God damn right Andreas! – Let’s go!
– Thank you so much! – Yeah, no problem – God damn it’s a good fish
it’s pitch black – This is so great! – Congrats man!
– Thank you – Hah! – Holy shit this is the stuff
– Damn, nice one – Fuck yeah man!!! – Fucking awesome – You little pig!
– Haha – Haaha – This is unbelievable – That’s the stuff – And with volcanoes in the horizon – It’s the same as we got yesterday
– Oh.. – Really?
– It’s not that bad actually – I think we just served it too hot yesterday
– Hmm – You ready?
– Yes – Haha
– Arh that’s good – Cheers – You just wanted to drink all by yourself=
– Hah – Wait, I just need to harden up my nipples.. There we go!
– Hahah – All set! I’m sitting in my room We’ve just been at the spa which was breathtaking All this luxurious stuff here at the lodge..
I just can’t believe it We even have soft beds and our own bathroom We even get new bed sheets everyday It’s ludicrous And now we are hitting the restaurant To get some fiiiiiine ass dinner And to celebrate the salmon that was caught today
This is like a fairy tale… It’s crazy It’s something else I’ll tell you that – So tomorrow he’ll do like this – I’ve got one – I didn’t get it
– Hahah Well, evening number 2 Now it’s time To propose a toast for the lucky fishermen who got a fish today – Cheers! – And congratulations! – I hope..
– That was fast – That they’ll be able to deliver
– Yeah – Thank you! – That looks delicious – It really does – It’s delicious – Now that was a man who developed danish sports-fishing – That’s damn delicious – A little glass of wine at homepool – Cheers! – Today is the day – Hopefully! Well now we’ve come to a pool Where East Ranga and West Ranga meets close to the ocean And we’re hoping to find some fish here We’ve been at it for two whole days now It’s the third and last day up here And the fishing is just so tough
Torben got one fish and i lost a tiny one But it’s just so damn tough conditions Theres been a very small salmon run this year – Last year in Ranga…
– YEAH!!! – You’ve got one? – Haha! Got dammit!! – Good flex! – You filming yes?
– I’m filming you very nice – I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t care if I lost this one – I totally feel you dyde – Yeah it’s a chromer
– Oh i really need it! – Yeah, hah!
– That would just totally make my trip complete – Yeah then you’ve also have a chromer from Ranga – It’s pretty hard to get it in – I can’t really get a good angle on it – Nope.. – You want it in here?
– Yeah we have to – Yeah – Oh it’s gorgeous! – Will you take it for me?
– Yeah sure mate – I’ll take this rock here – Then you have a fine little pool to land it in – Got it!
– So important Andreas, thanks!! – Oooh! – It’s soo pretty!! – It’s god damn fine this one
– Perfect fish – So very very beautiful – Hahah! – Epic!
– Aaaarh! – I’m so grateful
– Haha, this is perfect mate – Aaaaaaaarh! – Well done Andreas, thank you thank you! – Oh, it’s also in great shape! – Is it best if I get the rod and you take the fish? – Yeah
– Let’s do it – I’ll let the fly stay in for safety
– Yeah – Up on the flats and then just run for it? – Yeah
– Probably the best option? – Yeah let’s go quickly
– Yeah – Let’s do it – On all the beats there are boxes like
this and they still need about 10 cockfish – The farmers for
the hatchery – And if you have a nice big female, they still need that – For the stripping of the eggs
– Yes – Okay – Pretty cool that we get to try that box
– Yeah – That’s awesome
– It’s pretty funny actually – Let’s go! – Arh it’s so awesome Andreas
– Yeah it’s sick – Damn the water is cold
– Yeah – Pretty crazy – But that’s just good for the fish so
– Yeah that’s right – Super! – It’s hooked really well – It’s out – Sweet! – Pretty special feeling eh?
– Yeah it’s pretty funny trying this – Yeah it’s something special – Pretty cool that you can give something back to the river – Then it just stands there
– Sure does – That’s crazy – Well, all the way along Range there’s boxes like this – And when we got here the manager told us – To put a good female or cock fish in here if we got any – The hatchery will use these fish for breeding – For West Ranga – So now we’ve given a little back which feels great – Such a great feeling
– Arh! – Damn that was amazing
– Yeah it was cool. Congrats man! – Thanks
– Haha! As i tried to explain before, the salmon run in Ranga this year has been horrible 1.600 fish has been caught until now this season, And it’s basically closing week Last season 9.000 fish was caught So this year is really tough But now it seems as though we’ve finally found some fish right down here And we’ve been covering so much water so it feels pretty great To actually get rewarded for searching so much water And it’s chrome fish right here along the bank in the deep section so we’ll have to see if there’s more A Sunray Shadow Which is.. What all Icelandic salmon eat They migrate into the ocean where they hunt and get fat From preying upon Sunray Shadows And that is why it works so great That’s basically the
only fly that really works well up here And the only thing that they
are using for fishing since it works like a charm So let’s give it a shot – Yeah I think it’s a salmon – Sick Andreas
– Yeeeah! – Very important fish, haha – Arh, it’s not totally chrome bit its also not pitch black – No it’s not – It was awesome, the fly was all the way on my own side – So sweet dude – And i felt a strong pull – And I worked the fly back and forth three times and it bloody took it – What did I tell you about the Sunrays
– Uh! – Damn that’s sick man
– This is so awesome – Now the question is where to land it? – You think you’ll manage on your own? – Yes…. – I’d appreciate your help actually
– Hahaha – Oh it’s nice! – Pretty chrome eh?
– Gorgeous fish – Yeeeees, its a chromer! – Absolutely chrome
– Haha, amazing! – This is just perfect Torben – No way! – It’s totally chrome – Thanks man, haha! – Damn right!
– That’s so perfect – This just means the world to me man
– Arh it’s.. – It’s such an important fish
– So very important! – Ready?
– Yes – I can barely lift it
– Sure – You can’t
– Arh! – Giant chromer – Damn right Andreas
– So god damn important – Epic! – Damn I’m actually so proud – You should be – Should we release it?
– Yeah – It’s really nice and chrome
– Yeah perfect chromer – You know, it’s October and all?
– Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than this – You are absolutely right – Well done! – Ready?
– Yeah – I’ll just put it’s head towards the current – That’s the stuff – Priceless
– Hah! – Get back! – Sick
– Well done man! – And shit from my nose all over the place, damn that was good! – Arh just so god damn important this one fish
– And with East Range in the horizon – And Vatnajókull
– Yeah this scenery – Couldn’t have been any more beautiful
– Nope – This is just another league
– Volcanoes in the background and.. – Congrats mate
– Thanks man! – I’ll come and give you a squeeze – Arh!
– Always good with hugs – Arh, thanks for helping me!
– No problem – Now I’m sitting here with Torben – Now that we’ve caught some fish – And as you can see over here – There! – Is where East Ranga runs in And theres loads of glaciers up there – And we have Hekla over here – And this glacier here is actually – What’s it called, Heya-fjója-kull? – Haha, very nice accent
– Well yes – Perfect!
– Haha – But it.. – It’s over there and it’s pretty breathtaking – And..
– Do you have Icelandic roots? – Yeah I do – Funny that you should mention it, my Uncle is..
– Yeah totally – Damn it sure sounds like it with that accent
– Haha – Arh it’s fantastic
– It’s nice – Yeah it really is
– It’s just beautiful here – Amazing how beautiful it is up here – And awesome when everything comes together
– Sure is – It’s been a good day
– Yes – A couple of good days
– God damn right – Now we’ll just head back to the Lodge to hit the spa and get some big beers – Yes, salmon fishing is tough
– Yeah, haha – That’s perfect
– Yes, I’ll look like you in the end – So what you’re saying is, that I’m more balled than you? … – A little? – Hahah! Now we arrived back at the lodge after some good days of fishing And I managed to get my first salmon on the fly – Which was pretty huge
– It was magnificent – Yes
– We are really happy for you – And I actually told a story during dinner – Which was pretty..
– It was very emotional – It actually was
– It really was – Where I told how much this fish meant to me and how many years.. – I spend as a kid hunting this salmon on my fly rod – So this was huge
– It was something special – And thanks for sharing
– But of course – And some of the guys laughed since it was pretty cringy – So..
– Yes but that’s how it is – It is
– That’s how we roll And now we’ll hit the spa to celebrate And we have a liter of rum to drink since we cant bring home on the plane – And we need to skinny dip in the River? – And we need to skinny dip in the River! – We simply have to – Before this trip comes to an end, we just want to thank Johannes – For opening the Lodge for us with open arms
– Yes – It has been such an adventure to try the West Ranga River – We’re not used to visit places like this – We’ve caught 11 fish on three days – And I guess you could say that it’s pretty decent – But compared to what they usually catch here.. – It’s been a bloody tricky week with 25% catch rate compared to last year – But West Ranga is the place you want to go if you want to catch good numbers – Yeah absolutely
– It just is – The reason for coming here is..
– Damn what a place – Partly to avoid living very primitively which you do in many places when fishing for salmon – You just feel like a king living here – You actually do
– Amazing – And you catch fish every day – Yes
– If you go here on a standard week – Everybody catches fish
– Normally everybody does – But we made it here on the worst week in history.. – It is what it is..
– That’s life – We are getting pretty good at hitting horrible weeks
– That’s how we roll – It’s been our year in that sense.. That’s life
– Yeah, haha – If anybody out there would like ti try some fishing up here at West Ranga – Then I’ll put up the contact information on the Manager Johannes – Then you can just get in
touch with him – And then he’ll take good care of you – Now we just need to celebrate..
– Now we party – And celebrate the salmon from today
– We’ll celebrate your salmon! – Yes! – Big time!
– Your first salmon on the fly – And this whole trip I’ve been wanting a skinny-drunk dip in the river – And people have been super boring about it
but tonight! – We’re ready for it
– It will happen! – Jakutzaaaaah!
– Haha [Bartender]
– Hello! – Eeeeeey! – Very nice! – Cheers! – Art you should push up your chest – Yeah you look like..
– Yeah like that! – And then Per drinks – Then you look like a bodyguard – Very nice
– David Hasselhoff


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