Let’s Play – Another Treasure Island – Chapter 1, Part 2 – Got Shoes?

Can that be fished out? I just don’t think there’s any Fish around here… I may be a boy but don’t worry about me!
If you find it please give it to us.
Hahaha. …M, my goggles, you know. Absoutely not!
Only Ladies allowed!
Only one boy can come in, select one with R. I invented that Chest.
Bam, you can put items in this Box, will you give it a go? First select the Item icon by pressing A and select the item you want to place in it. After that, if you find anything, enjoy putting items in the box! Yes.
You can put items in this Box. …there’s no need to worry about your items disappearing, that just won’t happen. Use Team Work! If you lift something on your own, you’ll find you can’t do it. It takes three people to do Team Work, give it a go! There’s something written on the Black Board…? What? “Riddle of the Camp”…?! One by one, press the Cursor to look at what’s pointed at. Oh yeah?
When you need to press the A button. When you encounter something strange, press the A button and there are many things to investigate! If ? comes up, press the A button. Come to think of it, there are times when there are objects and people when ? comes up… At that time, A should probably be pressed! Action is the B button. With the Sub menu screen, it’s said you can use the B Action button if there’s an item… Maybe I should try it. At times you are separated, Whistle! At a time when you are separated from your friends, you should try blowing the Whistle…! Use the Item Icon? As for the Item Icon you can use, at the Sub Menu Screen, use the B Action button if there’s something. …you knew that, right? Using ?!
(?! button on the top right) Use ?! if there’s something you can investigate in detail! I give up~.
What to do……. Although we are on Fishing duty, Jim is playing Goal Keeper. He won’t give us our “Fishing Hook”!
It’s also his turn! Aa~a, if we don’t catch any Fish, Dorothy will be angry and… I’m fine, she’s harsh but it’s completely charming.
Hehe.. …It, It’s not like I am bashful, you know. Haaaa, sigh. We’re at a loss… I will lend you the “Fish Hook” if you recover the “Soccer Shoes” Jim lost in the River with a Power Kick! You got the second Luck Rock! Oh!
It’s good you came, Team Janet! There’s too much Water in this Pot so there’s nooo lifting it. Hey, how about a hand! Okay. That’s the spirit! It seems like the three of you can balance it well together, just press A on the Team Work Panel, eh. Alright, everyone let go so Team Janet can give this Team Work a go! It’s a large Pot.
I wonder if such a large Pot can be lifted? We can do it just like they did. It was said to balance everyone around the Pot well…. Huh?
That seems a bit off… I wonder if my team is badly positioned? It’s a large Pot.
I wonder if such a large thing can be lifted? Just like them.
It’s said my team mates should be positioned well around the Pot… You should use Team Work on that Pot.
That’s to say… Press the R Button to change the leader and place your team mates one by one close to the Pot. Like us, press Team Work once you do it! If you do it with three people placed appropriately using Team Work, I expect you can lift it you know. I wonder how long it took for that Water to accumulate… To live by the Lake… Alright!
You can do it by the strength of your Team Mates! Continually keep pressing A! Alriiiiight!
We lifted the Pot! Half of the Water in the Pot came out!
Thank you, Team Janet, for assisting us.
We’ll take it from here. You got a piece of Firewood.
That’s 3! A mysterious rock.
It seems we can all lift it together if we tried… There’s no doubt this Rock can be lifted if we were on opposite sides. That seems a bit off.
One person above and below.
Certainly stick closely together and use Team Work!
There’s no other way. A sunken Luck Rock. Can’t dive in the Water so it can’t be taken.
To be able to dive in the Water… Why is there a Door in such a place? Certainly there is a way to open it…? Got a Luck Rock, that’s three! Got some Firewood.
That’s 4! It’s a no trespassing mark. – Danger! There’s a Pitfall ahead –
That’s what is written. Aaah, so exhausted. Team Janet, using Team Work? To make something to eat from this big Pot, a lot of Firewood is definitely needed. What kind of food would be made I wonder?
I’m excited. I wonder if it’s Lunch yeet. I’m hungry, it’s like I will die, you know. Team Janet, thanks for the assistance earlier, really. Okay, until some kind of food is made, I’ll sing, I’ll sing!
I feel like doing it right now. I’m hungry~ Food come together~
Everyone’s also together, yeah! I’m hungry~ Food come together~. Humming!
Hmhmhm~mm~ Hmhmhmhmhm~. You got Firewood.
That’s 5! What’s with the hat!
Don’t make me laugh.
That’s just not cool in this camp. Hmph! What’s with the great Jim being on “Fishing Duty”, why can’t he do it. Maybe he got in trouble with the Teacher. “I” don’t need to get worked up over his talent! Yo~, Team Janet~, yo~.
Seems that Jim got on your case. Now although attacking with a Power Kick, well, that Teacher plays dirty and is desperate. If played strange, I wonder how that would go. Hehehe~. Now, with that Power Kick attack, I wonder if you can challenge Jim? The rules are simple, how about it? Aim this Ball at the entrance of the Tent, shoot, if you hit the goal, maybe you’ll get something cool. How about it, wanna try? Bring it on! I’ll go. Hey, hey!
You… don’t have “Soccer Shoes”, do you!
Come back when you have them!! Team Janet, somehow, I was an idiot to rely on you.
Don’t make your Team’s name out to be a coward. You got a Luck Rock, that’s 4!

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