LGR – The Sims 4 Island Living Review

[jazzy Sims-like music plays] Greetings and welcome to the
177th Sims 4 pack review on LGR! This time it’s Island Paradise,
er, Island Living! Dang it, I do that every time. If I misspeak somewhere down the line don’t
worry about it. Anyway yeah, it’s Island Living, a pack
presumably offering an island on which to live. And as someone who has himself lived on an island and in fact has dual citizenship, I’ve always been fond of these tropical destination packs. An island home away from home
just feels like home, what can I say? Personal bias aside though, the question remains
as to whether or not this Island Living game pack is worth the $20 asking price! -Uh actually no.
…Wait, what? -It’s a $40 expansion
It’s a $40 expansion not a $20 game pack? -Yeah.
Ah. -You suck.
Right. That alters expectations a bit! Seems we’ve got the seventh Sims 4 expansion
pack on our hands here, so let’s cannonball into the crystal clear blue waters of content
beginning with the island itself: Sulani. It’s actually an archipelago with vaguely
Polynesian characteristics, split up into three smaller neighborhoods. With a bay area settlement to the south, sunny
oceanside beaches to the west, and a sparsely-inhabited volcanic isle to the north. And if you’ve got seasons installed, the
weather differs from every other world in-game, with warmer summers and milder winters, along with monsoons that result in short but intense downpours. And the occasional volcanic eruption plopping
a buncha things around that may be a bit hazardous. And while you can’t freely roam between
each neighborhood without a loading screen, each one is large enough and contains such
wide swaths of open water that exploration feels more open-ended than most of the other
maps. Plus the lighting and shaders used in Sulani
lend the whole place an orange tropical glow that I absolutely approve of, giving the world
a kind of serene vibe that you just don’t get anywhere else. So it looks great and stuff, but uh. Now what? Well, what actually entails is rather open-ended. Compared to prior destination packs like Jungle
Adventure and Strangerville, Island Living is notably lacking in concrete goals for the
player. Some may argue this is a missed opportunity,
others will appreciate the requirement to make your own fun, but either way I find it’s
worth noting. As an example, you’ll see tidbits of Sulani
culture, customs, and folklore by attending barbecues, talking to locals, and communing
with island spirits. But there’s no straightforward way of learning
about the world’s history, like you could with the Selvadoradian culture skill in Jungle
Adventure, or even the otherworldly conspiracy storyline in Strangerville. Instead it’s all down to you to explore,
appropriate, and interpret for yourself the items offered by Sulani. Personally I appreciate this, but it’s a
departure from recent trends that feels arguably incomplete when you consider the fascinating
culture that could be tapped into here. That of course includes new clothing, hair,
and other Create A Sim items. And again, it’s all following a sim-ified
theme of South Pacific islander aesthetics. Mostly all in the categories of clothing tops
and bottoms, and not as much as I’d hope from new tattoos. I mean there are a few new ones, but c’mon, this could be a defining category in a pack like this. You also get some new traits and aspirations,
with Child of the Ocean, Child of the Islands, and Beach Life all providing options to tailor
your sims’ wants and desires around living on the Island Living island. Living. Island Living. There’s also a new life state, Mermaid,
continuing in the flipper-steps of Sims 3’s Island Paradise. In Island Living though, one becomes a mermaid
by ingesting Mermadic Kelp, or straight up by designing one through Create A Sim. Once you’ve mer-made your decision to become a mer-person, life continues largely as usual on land. It’s not till your sim touches a body of
water that they grow a tail. This of course allows for exceptional swimming
speed, the ability to free dive without a breathing device, the option to talk to fish
and dolphins and a raft of other water-related interactions. They can even sing siren lullabies to alter
the moods of other sims, or change the current weather with Seasons installed. But beyond that? Yeah there’s not too much to do as a mermaid,
man. Or a mer-man, for that matter. Unlike other Sims 4 life alterations like
being a vampire or a celebrity, there are no levels to being a mermaid, no skill tree
for unlocking new powers or perks, and no options to research or improve the mermaid
lifestyle. The biggest difference in your day to day
routine is that you have a hydration need in place of hygiene, which simply requires
mermaid sims come in contact with water every so often, either by drinking or submerging. That’s it. So beyond the mermadic mediocrity, what else
is there? Well how ‘bout taking on one of the new
odd jobs, part-time jobs, or career paths? Beyond the one-off odd jobs you can now accept,
becoming a lifeguard, a fisherman, or a diver are all options in Island Living, though each
of them are unfortunately pretty basic rabbit hole occupations. The lifeguard, for instance, is completely
hands-off here, a bit of a bummer compared to the same more active job in The Sims 3. Instead, here you simply send your sim outta
sight during work hours to go and perform CPR and slow motion beach running scenes off-camera
in parts unknown. Playing a fisherman is about what you’d
expect, taking the existing fishing mechanics and expanding on them with more fish and bait
types, new higher-level fishing skills, and the ability to set water traps to catch critters
while you’re away. And diving can only be described as deeply
disappointing, in regards to both the part-time job and the side activity in general. Free dives, snorkeling, and scuba diving can
only occur at designated buoys around the map, and while there are multiple pieces of
equipment to spice things up, the actual process is utterly boring to watch. Sims just plop underwater and disappear for
multiple sim-hours at a time, with little more than a bubble animation and the occasional
pop-up message keeping you company. There is nothing of note to see underwater
at all, not even if you enable first-person mode. And though sims can take underwater photos,
the resulting images are nothing but a handful of predetermined low-res pics depicting colorful
sights that you can never actually see in-game. Compared to the gorgeous underwater diving
we’ve had in the past, this was easily the biggest letdown of the pack for me. Even if we couldn’t interact directly underwater,
I’d still loved to have seen some depiction of subsurface scenery, but oh well. At least the conservationist career is more
involved, in terms of player interaction and effects on Sulani Isle at large. There are two core paths to pursue: Environmental
Manager and Marine Biologist, each revolving around the idea of improving the environment
by way of cleaning up trash, eliminating invasive species, and generally butting heads with
the less eco-conscious sims around town. It’s one of those careers where in addition
to heading off to some unseen workplace, you’re also provided daily assignments to complete
while you play at your own pace. Taking this to another level is the fact that
the more you clean up the island, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the greater
the island’s health improves, as indicated by these ecology update pop ups. I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty rewarding
to actually see your sim’s career actions make a direct impact on the world, and it’s
something I’d really like to see bleed over into other influential careers. Like, if you’re a garbage sim politician
then the whole neighborhood turns into Biff Tannen’s Hill Valley or something. I dunno, surprise me Sims team! Finally, we get to what is perhaps my favorite
aspect of the pack: off-the-grid living, which isn’t even specifically part of Island Living. This is a lot trait that was introduced in
the most recent free patch, and basically what this does is cut the power and water
to your sim’s home lot. And it works well for the premade off-the-grid
lots, with blank beaches and old shipwrecks, all lacking outside resource connections and
providing ample survivalist roleplay opportunities. Now all you need is a bunch of washed-up shipping
boxes filled with ice skates, VHS tapes, and Wilson sports equipment. [SimRalph reacting to excess fire] And you might wonder why I like this so much
since it’s taking things away from the game instead of adding them. But yeah, that’s exactly why I enjoy it! Removing stuff like microwaves, TVs, ovens,
computers, stereos, bathtubs, sinks, and anything else that requires either power or plumbing
means that you really have to rethink your entire simming strategy. And man, at this point, anything that shakes
up the Sims 4 status quo and forces me to get creative, I greet with open arms. Though I’ve found that off-the-grid objects
are… inconsistent, at best. Like, you can’t use sinks because you have
no running water, okay, but why are these toilets still working? And there’s a gas stovetop which is fine,
but why can’t I use the wood burning oven to bake things? And then there’s the confusing laundry situation,
which honestly seems like an oversight. Yes you can use the wash tub from Laundry
Stuff, but you can only use it once. After you’ve washed a set of clothes, the
water is dirty, and since you don’t have any running water you cannot replace your
nasty water. But oh wait, there’s a sink from the same
pack that *does* have running water, kind of, so can you use that?
Nope! What about that amazing waterfall around the corner, the one you can use as a freshwater shower? Nada, you cannot refill water there either. And why aren’t there any options for collecting
rainwater, or using solar panels or anything? I mean, “off-the-grid” doesn’t have
to mean “forced luddite territory” with zero water or power of any kind right. Again, I appreciate the challenge this provides,
but I also think it could use some tweaks and more consistency with its own rules. Something the community has already started addressing with off-the-grid balancing mods, go figure. But yeah, even with the odd omissions and
oversights, I’ve had more fun than anticipated just living my sim life on a virtual island
free of most modern amenities. And there’s something about the new architecture on offer that really inspired me to build again too. Like thatched roofing, open-air walls and
windows, transparent flooring panels, and stilt foundations that allow for building
of homes out into open water somewhat. Granted, it’s not as liberating as the building
of houseboats from The Sims 3 Island Paradise, but it’s still plenty of fun to have a nice
beachside home with one side fit for lounge chairs and sunbathing towels, ready to get
you all sunburned, and the other side equipped for floats and watercraft. And among the nearly 200 build mode items,
there are the required allotment of chairs, with three ottomans and six chairy chairs. Two of those happen to be lounge chairs, something
which has only now been added to The Sims 4, with an additional one coming with the
newest patch. How thoughtful. And yeah, that’s about it for The Sims 4
Island Living expansion! Once again it costs $40, and well, that’s
about twenty more than makes sense in my opinion. It’s a beautiful-looking world, without
question, but contrary to its oceanic theme the gameplay can be bizarrely shallow. Mermaids are a quick distraction at best,
scuba diving is downright dull, and there’s no mystery to unravel or serious culture to
immerse yourself into, despite hints to that once being the case, almost as if more was
planned but eventually got scrapped. It’s labeled a full expansion and not a
game pack after all, and as the seventh expansion there are expectations in place by now that
simply aren’t fulfilled to the fullest. Sure there’s a slew of neat side activities
like canoeing, building sand castles, befriending dolphins, dancing around bonfires, and collecting
new fruits, seashells, and hidden treasures. But it doesn’t quite add up to twice the
cost of a Sims 4 game pack, many of which I’d recommend over this expansion. The most engaging new stuff all comes in the
free patch anyway. Off-the-grid lots, stilt foundations, enhanced
fishing, lounge chairs, and part time jobs, not to mention the 350 new color swatches,
pride month items, and trait randomizing. Those are all fantastic additions! And every one of them are free, no Island
Living required. So yeah, while I’d recommend the world of
Sulani itself simply due to the spot-on tropical goodness, I’d also say it’s worth waiting
for a discount of some kind before diving in. [synthwave outro music] Hi there, you’re still here! Why not check out some other videos I’ve
made, from Sims things to old computer things to me just rambling on about who knows what
every week here on LGR. Regardless though, thank you for watching!


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