Life Saver Long Island Ice Tea – Tipsy Bartender

(upbeat dance music) – [Skyy] Soraya, tell ’em
what we’re making please! – [Soraya] The Life Saver Long Island. – [Skyy] You don’t sound
excited, one more time. – The Life Saver Long Island! – I didn’t tell you go crazy like you’re off your
meds, Jesus Christ, okay. – But you’re crazy. – We’re making this drink
with this lovely girl, okay? Who’s real exotic. Half Lebanese, half Italian, half. – Colombian, Lebanese, Brizilian.
– Russian. Yeah, she’s got a lot
of stuff going on there. You just come back from Greece? – Yes, and I brought you a bottle of ouzo. – Do you have it with you? – No. – Okay, well then you didn’t really bring me a bottle.
– Mission failed. – Okay, question, okay, so you’ve been to Santorini, you’ve been to Mykonos, which one’s prettier? – Santrini’s prettier,
MykonoSoraya is better. It’s funner, it’s more young. – Okay. What’s young, like under 50? What’s young? – No young is like 21 through 50 and then Mykonos is older.
– So you, okay, but if yore looking for chicks, which one? – No. – No, what? – I didn’t see, they’re
like couples and cute stuff, I didn’t see anything. – Okay, but you didn’t walk anywhere where you walked down and do, goddamn, these girls are fine! Where was that at?
– No, I’m a girl, I don’t do that. – Okay, well don’t go to Greece, alright! Let’s make this drink. Guys, we finally have
T-shirts in the house only on sale for two weeks. Limited edition, grab yours now, So, let’s go here, vodka, rum, gin, tequila. Okay, two in each hand. – Okay, hold on, you’re setting me up for failure already. – Yeah, don’t let these spill. Don’t break my bottles. Okay, pour equally. Pour! – I can’t pour, Skyy! – You better man the hell up, pour! – I can’t pour! – It’s a man’s world, okay! It’s a man’s world! Represent the rate of go, stop! You’re kind of overboard a little bit but. – I mean, it’s never strong enough. – You represented women very well, okay? – Damn, I really fucked up, huh? I mean. – No, no, it’s fine,
you can talk naturally. It sucked what you did, but I’ll go with that, okay? Let’s make this a little bit of blue. Alright? – I think you need a lot
of blue since I fucked up. – Yeah, some blue. Grab that Sprite. Top that off. Keep going, we’re going all the way ’cause you need Sprite, that’s the only mixer in there, so okay? – Oh, I need a lot of Sprite then. – Yeah. – You wanna shake it? – No. – Why? – Because. – Okay, just testing. – Carbonated, come on. – Stir that up. Don’t spill it everywhere, okay. – You just spilled it. – I live here, woman! – Come on. You’re always picking on me. – So now we’re garnishing with ice and these gummy lifesavers, okay? So drop in one or two. – Oh, sorry.
– Go ahead. – One or two?
– Hold on, hold on! We gotta get ’em right. We gotta place ’em correctly. – [Soraya] Oh, okay. – Rest it down on the side there. Okay. Lemoncello, pour! Easy, now, easy. No, no, keep going, keep going. I’m saying easy.
– You said easy! – Yeah, I know, keep going. – Make up your mind.
– Alright, stop! Triple sec. Just a little hit, okay. Little bit more. When I say a little, I
don’t mean little little. Gently pour, hold on, pour it on my spoon. Go. I don’t trust you. Keep it on the spoon woman. Keep it on the spoon. – Come on. – Don’t spill it everywhere! – Faster! – Oh. – [Skyy] Harder! – [Soraya] What? – Faster!
– Make up your mind! (laughing) – Keep going, I didn’t tell you to stop! – Oh. This job is so difficult. – Okay, there we go, excellent. Excellent.
– Excellent, my friends, excellent. – Okay, so now we take a little gummy. Aren’t you trying to watch your physique? Didn’t you tell me you was getting fat and you want to stay away from gummies? – No, I love gummies. – Okay. – I’m a jerk, though. – Just checking. (mumbles) Okay, how’s that? Do you want to present this drink? And you can go, and there you have it, The Life Saver Long Island. You ready?
– Okay. You go first. – No, you do it. – And.
– And there you have it! – Fuck. – The Life Saver Long Island ’cause she took too long, okay? – [Soraya] And there you have it! – [Skyy] Well it’s already done now. – The Life Saver Long Island. – We’re already moved on, okay? – No, we haven’t moved on. Look, it’s the Life Saver Long Island. – Okay. Ready? – Yes. – Go ahead, taste that,
tell us what you think. Alright? – Oh, it’s so fucking strong. (chuckling) – Ain’t that strong. – Oh, it’s so good. – Oh, don’t lie! (laughs) Is it strong? – It’s a little strong. – Okay. – I need a gummy in my life. – And she’s a little sissy, okay. – I need like five. – You know what this is called, right? This is called a Long Island, okay? – I know. – Yeah, okay. Anyway, so if you’re not
a sissy like so and so, please do try this drink, alright? Stay tipsy. (laughs) – I don’t have to take this. – And we got T-shirts coming soon. Later! Oh, and that’s Soraya, you go check out if you want. Alright, later.

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