Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club 🏖️ Official Trailer | MTV

– Are you ready to see my new show coming only to MTV? I’ve got a sneak peak just for you. ♪ I’m just a little bossy ♪ I’m Lindsay Lohan. I live my life in the public eye. I’ve been working for
28 years in Hollywood and I’ve come so far in my life. I know the ups and downs
of being in the spotlight. (cameras clicking) People judge me every second. It’s so easy to just keep
going, going, going, going but sometimes you have to stop. Guys please. So I disappeared. Now, I wanna do things differently. I wanna be my own boss. So I opened Lohan Beach Club in Mykonos. Are you ready? To work for me, you have
to be the best of the best. – I’m so nervous to see
how Lindsay is as a boss. – I’m gonna watch everything they do. – If they don’t come here to
work, that’s it, they’re gone. – [Lindsay] Panos is
not my right hand man, he’s my left hand man, I’m the right hand. – Everybody is replaceable. – I am terrified. – They came here to work. – [Girl] Everybody’s stressed out. – May’s crying, Jonitta is wasted, co-workers are hooking up. It’s a recipe for disaster. – Ohh. – I didn’t bust my ass for
this (bleep) to happen. – [Narrator] Tuesdays. – This is the Lindsay
that I want people to see. – [Narrator] Just got. Red hot. – Just like everyone watches
me, I’m watching them. Camera’s flipped now. ♪ If I want it I get it now ♪ Boss bitch.
(clicks tongue) – [Narrator] Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. New series premiers Tuesday
January 8th at at eight on MTV.

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