Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail | Shev

Hi there, welcome to Drinks Tube. My name’s
Shev and I’m a cocktail expert and today I’m going to be making a Long Island Iced Tea.
Let’s face it, it’s a drink that gets a bit of a bad rep. It’s a little bit cheesy,
some people think it’s a bit naff and I’m sure at one point you’ve probably had one and gone- urgh. But that’s
because you haven’t had one that’s been made properly. So today I’m going to make a version that
you’re gonna love and I’m show you how to make it quite simply. Now this is an old school
favourite, it doesn’t actually contain tea. It does contain a light rum, a light tequila, a light
gin and a vodka. Let’s get started. I’m gonna start by using Bacardi Carta Blanca, which is a light a Spanish style rum. And this is gonna work perfectly because it’s floral, it’s got molasses hints and vanilla undertones. And we’re gonna use 15ml. Next we’re gonna add Cazadores Blanco, which is a light, highland
tequila. It’s gonna compliment the floral notes of the Barcardi but also add some complexity
and some notes that Tequila would offer. Again, 15ml. And Bombay Saphirre. Now Bombay Sapphire
has got so many different botanicals, but it’s also quite light and accessible. And
it’s floral too, so 15ml. And now we’re gonna add some Grey Goose vodka, which is a smooth,
clean vodka to the mix. 15ml. Now there is so many different variations of this drink,
but like most cocktails I like to keep it simple. So you may have notice I’ve got equal
measures of all of it. So to the mix I’m gonna add an orange liquer, that’s just to add some
sweetness, but also some fruity fragrant notes. And 15ml again. And then we’re adding some
lemon juice, now lemon juice is quite key to this recipe because it’s going to bind
all the spirits together. It’s gonna add a nice brightness and cleaness as well. 25ml.
And then we’re gonna shake. Plenty of ice, cause we wanna get it nice and cold, you wanna
dilute all these spirits. Give it a shake. So check it’s really cold, it’s ready to go.
Smells amazing. And I’m just going to decant this from the ice, so it doesn’t over melt.
We’re using a slim glass, it’s tall, it’s slender, it works great in the Long
Island. And we’re gonna top it with ice. Now to this we’re gonna add some Cola, not too
much. We’re making an old school drink, why don’t we use an old school method. So I’m
gonna layer this drink. The best way to do layer is to use a spoon, if you don’t have
a bar spoon, you can use a regular teaspoon. We’re gonna tip it to the edge of where the
spirit is. And it’s simple as so. Top with ice, and then to garnish, in true ice tea
style, we’re gonna add a nice big wedge of lemon. Doesn’t that look pretty. Amazing,
it’s long, it’s refreshing, it’s complex of all the spirits, but it’s still quite light
and bright because of all the citrus. So there you have it, the Long Island Iced Tea, so
give it a try. If you wanna see another cocktail, with just as many ingredients, but equally
delicious, click up here to watch Jamie make the Singapore Sling, it’s amazing. Cheers!


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