LYOS.TV | Chapter 10 | Exploring Borneo

Adding Years can Depress you… Or can Inspire you… Amazing! I think this is the cave… the biggest one I have been to Well, after the Basement of Swallows It´s very hard… very hard to beat that one And see this Here are like reddish tones and in the Basement are like greens Well, I was when by now… I already presented my project, right? Already with the laptop… repaired After the last year had treated me so bad Now… everything looked better I presented it… I was going to climb Kinabalu that was already open And the climb incredible, right? Kenedy took us, Sargit took us They explained us the legend, more or less And so the first day was 4 hours climbing, right? 4 hours to the shelter And… we started climbing at 2 in the morning 2:30, to be at sunrise at the top and… wow, the climb incredible, the first The first hours of the dawn you can not see anything but the return, are some views It is also one of the most impressive mountains that I have been It´s like a tsunami… or an ocean full of waves would have petrified there Incredible place also and well… so… coming down, I don´t know what, and now… it was my turn to cross to Borneo on the Indonesian part Kalimantan… so this part I already said it in a video that I sent you before Well… this is… Labuan Cermin Indonesia… and… just here arrives the 3.7 version of the animal It´s a magical place Over there like… 10 minutes by boat there is a lagoon… with fresh water above and salt water under There are some colors… some contrasts The clear water And it turned out that when one of the boatmen took me there Well I took out a watch from the bottom of… of the lake… so I gave it to him Uf! The rumor ran fast with the boatmen that somewhere there was a mexican who finds treasures from… the lake over there Then when I went to one of the restaurants I came across with the sustainable development guy And he said: Hey, that How are you snorkeling there? That you took out a watch And I said to him: Hey, there´s some trash there You know, complaining, right? And also he was the one of sustainable development He said: Hey, so help me Stay… to live in my house and help me to take out trash Help me to make the rules Help me to practice my english It´s a wonder… Oh look! Is the… Crazy Lady! She will be in charge to make me my birthday cake -How are you? She doesn´t speak any english The communication is a little difficult -See you later in the party -Yeah -Thank you -Yeah, you welcome Then I went to Derawan… I was snorkeling with turtles We saw a nest Turtles were born right there We release them in the night Then we went to another island and snorkeled with jellyfish And here I live This is … Shanti The carnala Shanti -How are you? -Fine… I’m hungry -Hungry? Me too And Well, what can I tell you? Can not Can not leave this place Just see this… what a place Everything is perfect… everything is fine I hope to send you something interesting of the party here in a while -Happy Birthday… to you -Hi! -Shanti -Carnal, Happy Birthday -Thank you so much -I wish you all the best Get married -It’s my birthday, not your birthday That video… was the one that inspired all this All these videos that I’m sending you now, right? Tell them a little what happens here And well, I think I already mentioned everything there but… in Derawan, I met Birgil… and Nauras… two germans And… Carlota… and Rakhee… right? A spanish and an english It was with them that I went to the turtles That we did stuff of the… of the islands Also there I did not mention Vhera A friend of Yudhis who took me to another island with her friends Nobody spoke english And then now! Now I had to say goodbye to Yudhis and Shanti who treated me amazing those days in their house And then I was going to Samarinda And the funny thing was that… the Crazy Lady our neighbor that… with a lot of affection She went… went to my birthday and brought all her children And now I was friend with everyone, right? And… it turns out that they lived in Samarinda Then they told me: Wuey when you go to Samarinda, you call us Me: Really? Yes Wuey, call us… ok Then I went… There was Dam… Kiky There was Taufick… Irul There was Linda There was… Hery And it turns out that Hery who is the best friend of… my Mafia family… now They had a room… empty, unused So they gave me the room I stayed there And I had my bed, bathroom, everything, right? I say goodbye to the cave, look at that Wow! Incredible… to have my… Mafia family and… I read that a sun eclipse was coming there to… Borneo And now I really had to say goodbye, right? The eclipse was coming Then I said goodbye to the Mafia family I told them that I would see them again and I went to the south I went first to Bontang about 3, 4 days Incredible the town of Bontang It’s like… almost floating over the water, over the sea And I climbed a tower of a mosque Simply to observe the town I recorded everyone I do not know, I was like 2 hours spying And… some views… it´s so curious You’re like in another dimension, you’re there but you are witnessing everything what happens everywhere Who is fishing, who is taking a bath Who is… scolding the son, who is I don´t know, many things happen… at the same time And that nobody realizes… incredible Then I went to Balikpapan There in the south I met Daril that he was also taking me to the beaches Balikpapan also cool… muslim beaches interesting to see… how culturally everyone has their style, right? And… I was going to Tanah Grogot to see the eclipse And there I met Cordie… I met Katsu Aleksandra… and then together we went to an abandoned football stadium Imagine 200 Indonesians, in the football stadium Us… videos… food It was very nice… it was very nice that And then, we had to separate and now I had to go south… to Loksado There… well there is not much to do more than the river… make a bamboo rafting Very unique thing You feel like… like Indiana Jones or something And then I did my own thing Just that it was… with nothing Pure body… hitting me -I repeat… do not do it… do not Then… the locals told me: Wuey, do not be silly… come We are going to lend you a tubing A tire and now… I did with the kids there That’s very different… that’s worth it From Loksado, then all Balikpapan All Balikpapan? All… Kalimantan it was only me There was no other tourist And… nobody speaks English The buses, everything… the hotels Everything becomes a problem… but you meet so many people that… it’s also worth it has something… and I don´t remember the names I don´t remember the… all the places I saw Always with people approaching Always with… seeing how they lived Taking photos -Have a good day -See you kids Then now I went to Santubong To do a climb to one of the mountains more vertical than I’ve been Also… and the impressive shape was like I don´t know… like a finger, something like that And… you will see the climb, so You see you have to use rope which is completely vertical And from there I flew again to Kuala Lumpur And now I met Martin, an argentine Kola, an australian and Nab, a… girl from New Caledonia And now the 4 of us made a great group Also walking around Kuala Lumpur and more Finally Cokas was coming… to say goodbye He said goodbye to Asia He was… 6 months traveling or something in total And so, we had to say goodbye You know… right? Son, everything will be fine, sha la la la We’ll see each other soon And he returned It was my turn… to go to Sumatra now… right? Again in Indonesia but a new island But it is a story that will be told in another time Lots of hugs and kisses Bye bye

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