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In the most watched video of this channel, which is about How to travel Cheap to the Maldives, The questions I receive the most in the comments is: But how do I get a cheap ticket to get there? Stay right there, because in this video I will give you a Tip on How to SAVE a lot of money when buying Flight Tickets To the Maldives or other exotic destinations. Flight Tickets Hellooo you guys!
Long time no see, right? It has been dificult to conciliate work and passion, but I will get there! Before starting this video, I want to THANK the Fan Number 1 of this channel One of the people that motivates me to be always posting, his name is Robério Menezes Every time I don’t post for too long, he drops a message, saying “We are missing your videos” I find it super cute!
Thank you, Robério! Big Kiss! But now, let’s go to the travel tips! I will get on my laptop, and I will show you in the website, how we do to find Air ticket a bit cheaper for this destination which are not so popular! So guys, whenever you are trying to travel to a destination that NOT so popular, such as Paris, where people go all the time and the tickets look too expensive One of the solutions that you have to save money, is buying two separate tickets Instead of buying one single ticket, containing all flight, let’s say from Rio to Maldives or São Paulo to Maldives You shall try to separate that into 2 different return tickets Using on the way an airport that is a busy one, offering lots of routes Like this, most likely you will find cheaper tickets to fly the first half and the second half, and summing up it will become a more friendly total price. But to do this, you need some Key Info! One of them is bearing in mind that nothing in life can be that easy 🙂 If you wanna save, you gotta understand that
ECONOMY and TIME are enemies! Which means, that if you wanna spend LESS MONEY, you are probably gonna spend MORE TIME So you need this flexibility. The second thing, is that when you buy two separate tickets, You are buying from two different airlines You must keep a minimum safety margin between the two flights And this minimum time interval varies according to the travel insurance you have, if you do have one. Because if something happens and your first flight is delayed, making you miss the second flight You might not have insurance coverage if these tickets are not at least X hours apart The number of hours will depend on the insurance that you are hiring You gotta read the small lines to find out what are your conditions Some insurance require 3 hours, others 4 hours, For other it will depend on which airport you are the the size of it… In General, to play safe, consider at least 6 hours between these flights. The third point, is that eventually you might end up arriving and leaving from different airports So pay attention during the purchase to make sure you are connecting in the same airport And if not, that you are aware of it so that you can plan to change airports in between. Ok? So now let’s look at two examples of how you can save making this trick And let’s also see how you can find out which are the airports that would be more suitable for each route. The example we will use will be the one of the Maldives So, let’s start it! I opened here the Skyscanner website, which the one I most use for finding tickets I use other as well, but this normally brings me the best prices So for example, let’s search here from São Paulo, one of the main cities inBrazil To the Maldives, for which the airport is Malé I will use these fictitious dates of 4 months from now Which will about from 6 April to 20 April 2019 Let’s see what will be the best price we get…. They always show the most expensive first and then the cheaper ones Quite expensive, huh?
(PRICES ARE IN BRAZILIAN REAIS IN THIS EXAMPLE) I traveled there, from India, so it was much cheaper…
From Brazil….. uhlala But it is worth, you guys! And with this trick, you can combine Maldives with other destinations… So…. the best price we are getting here, is this one:
R$ 7.433 But it is a rather long flight, cause the return takes 45 hours! This other options of 25 hours, is already 600 Reais more expensive So let’s check what better deal we can find… One of the ways we have to find out which airport we can use to connect, Is using this same website, and filling the Origin as Malé Airport, which is actually your destination To: EVERYWHERE This is one of the cool functionalities of this site Because when you fill EVERYWHERE, it will show you in price order what are the cheapest destination you can fly from this origin at this time So I will use this same april date, just to have an idea. So it is showing us Malasya, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong… Philippines surprise me a little bit. But Malaysia and Thailand are some of the most busy airports in Asia as as Hong Kong… So let’s start by this one So I opened two windows side by side and here we are gonna do the 2 searches From São Paulo to Hong Kong Same Dates So we get here the cheapest option of R$ 3.335 Which is already quite cheaper to get near by And int he second window we put the second half of the trip From Hong Kong to Malé So, if take for instance this cheapest ticket, it leaves on 6th, but just arrives on 8th This is the trade I told about regarding cost X time And the return leaves on 29th and gets there 22nd So in the second search we have to find a ticker leaving on the 8th and returning on the 19th Ok… So we could for instance match these secont ticket here… First flight arrives on 8th, at 11:35 and second flight leaves 21:00 from the same date So you have plenty of time to collect your luggage from one airlines and check in in the next one And perhaps you can even get to see a bit of Hong Kong First flight lands at 11 AM and the next leaves 20 PM, so again there is enough time to even walk around HK So let’s compare the prices!! 1st ticket: R$ 3.335 + 2nd Ticket: R$ 1.483
Total=R$ 4.818 Reais Remember how much was the very 1st ticket we saw? 1 return ticket=R$ 7.433
2 return tickets=R$ 4.818
Saving of: R$ 2.615 But… seems a bit sacrificing, because it will take a long time to get there… Anyhow this just a example, this Hong Kong ticket doesn’t look very attractive to me But of course, you are gonna try other combination till you find the best option for you Now… From the airports we have seen, Thailand is a very popular airport for Brazilians. So, something tells me, we can find better deals going thru Thailand But to avoid that this video gets too long, I will fast forward my research so we go directly to the results So, check this out you guys. One of the results I got here is this one 1st ticket: R$ 4.177 + 2nd ticket: R$ 1.596
Total=R$ 5.773 Which means, 1 return ticket=R$ 7.433
2 return tickets=R$ 5.773
Saving of R$ 1.660 In this case, happened what I told about before. 1 Flight arrives in airport BKK and the other leaves from DMK So…. 2 different airports…
You gotta plan to go from one to another The only down side of this, is that if you wanna to walk around the city you are gonna be carrying luggage But it is always possible to find solutions for such things. Just make sure you are aware. But, I am not yet convinced that this is the best price we can get. So the second thing we can do, is to play with the dates. Cause in the 1st examples we chose a Saturday, which is an expensive day to fly So let’s try with weekdays? I will fast forward again and return with the results aham! Now I am happy!
I played around with the dates a bit I put the first departure on a Monday, and second on a wednesday, and arriving on Wednesday itself Cause we found a DIRECT Flight from Bangkok to Malé! Perfect! And for return, departure on a Wednesday, continuing on a Thursday Both ways will allow a day and an overnight in Bangkok, which is a lot of fun… And, the best of all is the Price! R$ 3.059 + R$ 1.1.32=R$ 4.191 So comparing….
1 return ticket=R$ 7.433
2 return ticket combined=R$ 4.191
Savings of: R$ 3.242!!! This option is less than half of the 1st price we saw! So this was just another example so you can see how much we can save this way This is just one of the way you split your ticket to find a better fare And another site that will be useful on these cases, is this one: Flight Connections there you can see all existing routes from anywhere to anywhere, direct or indirect So if we put here from Bangkok DMK airport to Maldives MLE airport, as we already know there are direct flights It shows which companies do this route, the days of the weeks they have flights, and the flight time, for each of these days So this can guide you to make better searches on SkyScanner This works not only for destinations far away, but also for closer ones For instance, if I go from Brussels, where I live to Tromso, which is Northern Norway, Chances are the that buying a return ticket Brussels – Oslo and other Oslo – Tromso, will be cheaper Since the route Brussels – Tromso is not that popular And once you are aware of which airports are the good one to split your ticket on You can also keep an eye the promotions for these airports! Then, there are several sites for flight promotions, that I can also share with you in another video If you wanna know more about it, tell me here in the comments If you wanna know more about how to use other functionalities of the Skyscanner, also tell me in the comments… If you likes this tip, smash that LIKE button! If you didn’t, then hit the Deslike as well, because I want your honest feedback So this is it you guys!
That’s today tip. I hope you enjoyed And I hope this brings you closer to making this dream come true, being for the Maldives or anywhere else! Big Kiss!

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