Maldives Vlogs 17/18 – Day 2 – exploring the reef and enjoying the rain

>>Goodmorning everyone and welcome to a new day in the Maldives on the Ari island no, wait I mean on the Ari atoll I’m dressed as an overweight sporty spice because we are doing a yoga class soon and Dani is giving me the “hurry up” glance so I’m hurrying up I’m back, with my lucky hairstyle the space buns I changed into some more beach appropriate attire the weather is not perfect, but it’s really hot so that’s ok, the ocean is right behind me so I think it’s time to hit the beach, relax and see how the day goes you bet I’m going to the beach, oh yes Here is a clue it’s time to dive in! ok, let’s go! amazing Can you hear it? it’s raining so peaceful! so, the first snorkelling session is done and the amazing thing is that I don’t know if you can tell from the clips, but the reef is like 100 meteres from our bed which means 3,4 meters from the beach, amazing amazing, it’s paradise What a shitty weather! ok, we had lunch and now we’re trying to get back to our villa and this is the situation This is basically paradise, in spite of the rain it’s the sunset and the bats are gliding on the beach, but I will pretend they are not here anyway it’s the sunset and Daniele woke up the sun is setting, well it has already set to be honest and we decided to go on a walk in the hope we won’t be attacked by the huge bats I don’t know about you, but I think this has been a great first day in spite of the rain, or maybe even thanks to the rain look how calm is the ocean now yes it is What are you? you’re a cute little animal with your house on the back now he’s going to tell me to get off leave me alone with the flash light I want to go away it’s time to head out again tonight I put some effort in even if I’m still wearing my flip flops but I put some make up on if I look up is because I have the view finder there and now we’ll have a drink and then dinner. Is it good? Yep! my plate is half chinese and half indian even if I already ate a lot of it I had some sweet and sour chicken, cantonese rice and curry veggies, nice mix uh? What did you get? noodles with coconut milk, prawns, mushrooms and egg also fresh coriander was it good? it’s a bit spicy and delicious We ate, we drank, what a lovely day Hi and now we’re back in our villa Look at this smile I’m ready to sign off and end this first full day I see you there do you want to sign off with me? let’s sign off together goodnight everyone and we’ll see you tomorrow for a new day here in paradise see you tomorrow, ciao!

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