Mamma kommer förlora VLOGG

Hey, hey! Today we will participate in a run.
Well, I won’t because my neck is hurting. But the kids and Joanna, who is filming, will. I will win over you, mommy. I actually used to be very fast back in the day, but today
I’ll run with you because you’ve never run a longer race. – It’s over 3 km. (1.9 miles)
– That’s right. And summer is here, it’s very hot outside.
The heat alone will make it tough. But it will be fun! – Yes.
– Yes. Before we leave we want to answer Question of the Day which some attentive viewers have asked. – It’s about our comment sections.
– Yes. Comments have been removed
on all our older videos, by YouTube. – Hundreds, sometimes thousands of comments.
– Mm. Some older videos have gotten a lot of comments
through the years, and now some have like 3 or 4 left. We think it’s super sad and some viewers have noticed
and think that we are the ones deleting the comments. We haven’t. We love our comments
and the engagement around our channel. We love to connect with you guys,
we would never delete comments. It has to do with YouTube. We are trying to get answers
as to why this is happening, but we haven’t gotten any. – No.
– We are both annoyed and sad about this. Comments work on our previous video. We hope you can comment on this video as well,
because we want to stay in contact with you. And feel free to leave a comment
if you watch one of our old vlogs. – Ready to run?
– Yes! – Let’s go.
– Yes. This is a race and I will win! Mom will lose! So… we are team The Swedish Family,
and you are supposed to have this up here. – I want it up here.
– Then you can’t see our team name. – I don’t want a team name.
– You don’t, okay. We will put this over it. – What do you call this?
– I don’t know, a number bib? – A number bib.
– A number bib. Plain and simple. Wouldn’t it be fun if we had a The Swedish Family race
where everyone could come and run, just because it’s fun. The winner gets a
The Swedish Family shirt. Or a The Swedish Family trophy. – We have to do warm-up first, you know that, right?
– No! Oh yes, you have to do that
so that you don’t get any injuries. I love that Harry was
in the front during warm-up. – Are you excited to run?
– Yes. – Got lots of energy?
– Yes. – Mom, I want to hold your hand when we run.
– Yes, you can hold my hand at the beginning. How strong are you, Harry? Ready, set, go! “Diploma, Tynningöloppet,
awarded to Alma André”. You ran 3.4 km (2.11 miles).
We will look up the finish time on the website. You both did great! We did a mix of walking and running. – I didn’t run very far.
– Yes, you did. You did great! – How far?
– 3.4 km (2.11 miles). Oh. – They sprayed water on me.
– Yes. A few people we ran past cheered us on
and sprayed us with a water hose. It felt really nice. – They also offered us water.
– Harry and I didn’t get any water to drink. – There were glasses of water on their garbage bin.
– There were? We didn’t see that, what a miss. – What would you like to do now?
– Eat ice cream and go to the lake. – I’m sure you do.
– Let’s go to the lake. – Is it warm?
– Yes, quite. We have received a package. We are collaborating with BestSecret. We have bought
new clothes for the whole family. Let’s unbox. – Yay!
– Come here. – Hey hey, what’s up?
– I’m just sunbathing. – Want to open a package?
– Yes! – Do you know what BestSecret is?
– No. Best… Friend? “Hemligheten”. (in Swedish)
It’s a secret fashion paradise online. It’s a site where you can buy clothes,
but you have to be a member. To become a member you have to be invited
by another member or a partner – us. There is a link to BestSecret in the video description.
It’s free to be a member. Oh! – You found yours right away.
– Is this for me? Yes. Come and look. – BestSecret has over 3000 known brands.
– Oh! It’s this year’s collection, and last year’s.
Everything is up to 80% off. Oh yeah! That is a lot! Oh wow, we bought so much.
It’s because it doesn’t cost that much. – What’s this?
– That’s a good question. What’s in here? – Socks for daddy Axel.
– Yay! – Alma, you have been wanting a nice dress.
– Yes. Look at this one. Axel and I chose everything,
the kids didn’t get to choose for themselves. – Do you want to look at this one, Harry?
– Yes. – How nice? Shorts and a T-shirt.
– Oh, two. Are both of them for me? Do you know what I was thinking? – Football!
– Sure! But that’s not what I was thinking. We have all this space here,
which we will do something with at another time. Today we can use it as a… Catwalk! – What’s catwalk?
– It’s when you wear your new clothes and walk like this. You walk and then you go like… – You will be wearing it.
– Yes. – Let’s do it now.
– I will change behind the house! – What did you think of our catwalk?
– Please give the video a thumbs up if it was fun. Don’t forget the invite to BestSecret,
the link is down below. It’s completely free to become a member
and they have so much nice clothes for good prices. We are on our way
to eat dinner at a restaurant. – A boat!
– Yes, a restaurant boat. – It’s coming to our island.
– Yes. They serve crêpes and galettes. – Oh! Someone is coming.
– Yes, several people. They’re probably riding to the boat. Thank you. We are bringing something to drink
and our chairs to sit on. The small boat doesn’t have chairs for everyone,
so we had to bring our own. – Oh, that’s so cool!
– Oh, God… I just want to knock and like… – Do you want one?
– Yes! – A mega bite.
– It went well. A mega bite for mega hungry kids. – Do you like it, Harry?
– Yes. What a lovely evening,
and what a fun day. – The kids passed out. It has been an eventful day.
– Yes, very eventful. – I didn’t lose the race. I got the same time as Harry.
– Oh, right. That’s kind of funny. – Running was fun.
– Yes. Don’t forget about the link to BestSecret
if you feel like buying new clothes. Please leave comments
on this vlog – if it’s possible. – Please leave a thumbs up or down.
– Extra important. – Take care until next time – even more important.
– Yes. – Goodbye!
– See you, bye!


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