yeah so get this oh yeah baby push it in harder harder harder And and everyone else that starts on this server, They get a really nice starting island, but they give me A single dirt block, and a dead bush. D: MY LIFE SUCKS! 🙁 ♬ Intro music playing ♬ hey what’s going on guys SSundee here! And welcome to Skyrealms! Dudes, this is our new server. As you guys know Im part of a c– I Co own a company, called Double Jump And uhh, we just released a new server its called Skyrealms. What this server is Its Skyblock. You guys know Skyblock? From like, 17 years ago, right? (Weird, funny laughter) I haven’t really been involved in the making of this server too much I kinda keep that to the developers But this is all about Skyblock survival, and they’ve added in A SkyWars side and they’re gonna be working on a bunch of other stuff So, uh dudes, here’s the deal, I haven’t played vanilla Minecraft In, so freaking long (laughter) I am gonna suck so bad So uh yes if you guys want me to continue this series i’m thinking about maybe bringing Crainer and uh possibly Jordan in on this series not sure just yet… But if you guys wanna see a series on this of course show me some love hit the like button down below I haven’t played vanilla in so freaking long but (chuckles/wheezes) le..lets do this so. They have a shop, they have a uh ah like traders over here they have a warzone back there which we might be checking that out in a little bit. But the first thing you wanna do when you get on this server.. you wanna start your sky realm right here by typing in (/claim) and this should do it. Ok hold on a ugh.. basic sky realm available. Alright once i click this it all begins>:) (laughs/wheezles) le.. lets do this here we go. Uh searching for available Skyrealm servers, sending claim request to skyrealm server, please wait while request is complete finish skyrealms, do slash home, OK slash home Wait 5 seconds before command /home has warmed up oo .. OK here we go Bye friend OK here we go. and we are here this is my starting home look at this and im pretty sure like I have this border? I think what they told me is I could extend this border with like achievements Im not sure I’ll have to look more into this but look at this I haven’t played vanilla in so long and this is my starting island right here it is mine I will call this home you will forever be my home (weird laugh) so here we go we start here with our chest with our basic sky block/skyrealm starting materials right here and you know what we got to do first Oh there’s an apple! ok okay ok, we got, we got one. We are halfway there! Okay, we have half of the tree left. Okay. (Leaves breaking) Come on, just give me an apple. (Ssundee Laughing) Th ,thought I’d you’d never see the day that i get excited about apples. You know what they say an apple a day keeps the… I don’t freakin know? Oh another apple! Yeess! Oh, wait did it, collected one of two apples. What do you, what do you mean! I, I just I, why did it… Why didn’t you give me the achievement! I, i got them both! Yea, I only have one of two! (SSundee sighing) Welp, back to the apple grind. Lehehe, oh good lord. Oh another apple! Okay it just dropped from the leaves, let’s see. There we go! We got four hundred dollars. And we received an, we have three iron ingots. And a common, encrypted common book. Right click this item while in your hand to decrypt and receive a common enchanted book. Okay i gotta right click this. Your item has been decrypted. Uh, blast protection three type armor. Okay! So that is how you get enchanted items apparently. You have to use books. Witch the way to get books… Wait, wait, i do not want your handouts! Throw it in fire! Get it out of my face! I do not want your handouts! (Laughs) So the way to get enchantments is from books, and the way to get books is from achievements. That is really cool, I like that system! That is awesome, okay! Dudes, we are figuring this out! Slash c h a, we have four more achievements. Alright we have four more achievements. Before I continue, on the uh, the achievement side of things, i want to go check something out. Before i continue on the challenges, of course I want to make sure you guys want to see’em, i want to make sure that you guys want me to make a series of this So, let me know and uh yes So, okay. So what I want to do is I want to make some more, oh I have another chest here yea let’s throw this chest down right here. Let’s throw all of our stuff in our chest. I don’t want to lose anything. Uh, of course we want to bring food with us. Okay okay so let’s head back I I don’t want your demon stuff get this crap out of here! Potato


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