MIYAKOJIMA, OKINAWA // 宮古島 (Beaches in Japan)

hello from Miyakojima! This is an island
in Okinawa around 40-minute plane ride from the main island Torii and I will be
here for the next three days and as you can see we are in for a treat Miyakojima is the fourth largest island in the okinawa prefecture famous for its
beautiful clear ocean in this video I’ll be showing you some of the most amazing
beaches as well as the many activities you can do there after lunch at a local
restaurant specializing in Miyakojima style soba we headed to our first speech
of the trip Yoshino Beach is located on the east coast of Miyako Jima and is a
popular place to go snorkeling the coral here grows close to the shoreline
and the water is transparent giving you a clear view of the coral and fish some other features popular the
snorkeling includes Aragusuku which is adjacent to Yoshino beach and
Nakanoshima beach where tropical fish can be seen right off the shore we’re squeezing in a quick a quick stop
at a scenic lookout spot thing called Higashi Hennazaki. there’s a
lighthouse and well we’re still walking so let’s see what else we can see Higashi Hennzaki is a cape on the
easternmost part of Miyako Jima it is considered one of Japan’s top scenic
spots and it’s a popular place to see the Sun Rise
aside from ocean views there is also a walking trail from the car park to the
lighthouse it was getting late where we went so we
didn’t do this but you can also go up the lighthouse for 200 yen for an even
better view a last stop of the day was dinner at Uomiya to try some Miyako beef and coconut crab we ordered the osusume
calls for 3500 yen each and the highlight of the set coconut
crab mm-hmm on day 2 Torii and I woke up bright and early excited for our first
scuba diving experience however due to unforeseen circumstances we didn’t
actually end up going but it’s definitely something we want to try next
time on Miyako Jima you can also go swimming with sea turtles I recommend
going to Shigira Beach for this where you have a high chance of seeing them
and the sand is also very easy to walk on next we headed to Toriike Pond. Here you
will find two ponds that are actually interconnected underwater and links to
the ocean it’s mysterious atmosphere has inspired many stories including one
legend involving the rescue of a mermaid captured by humans whatever the story
this unique location where fresh and saltwater meets is a popular spot for
divers and photographers it is also a nice place to go for a walk along the
surrounding trails sometimes when I go on short trips like on the weekend or
even if it’s a week I have trouble switching off but this
time I’ve really been able to just relax and enjoy my three-day weekend I think
because the beaches of Miyako Jima are so beautiful, the ocean and the
water is really really clear and there’s also a lot less crowds compared to the
last time we came to Okinawa when we went to the main island
aside from swimming and beaches we also recommend you try other things like
mangrove kayaking or even just leaving time to explore the island unplanned
Torii and I had a lot of fun driving around and discovering things on our own
like this amazing spot near the airport secluded little beaches as well is
trying to find all the Mamoru-kun police statues which are located all over
Miyako Jima to encourage safe driving and now the highlight of our trip Yonahamaehama beach which was hands-down our favourite beach on Miyako Jima just
as the name is long Yonahamaehama beach stretches across seven kilometers
the sandy is soft and fine and the water is insanely beautiful with so many
different activities available this place felt like Party Central
and Torii and I absolutely loved it here Oh sh** there’s water droplets… on the camera yesterday when we were at the beach I
was putting on sunscreen and I’m like hey Torii you need to you know put sunscreen on
your arms and stuff and he’s like yeah yeah yeah yeah but now look he’s paid
the price it’s burnt all his arms and his face. Lesson learnt? It was worth it


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