Monthly news #2 – Plastic experiments, Maldives & Story Hopper

Hey welcome to our second monthly news updates for those not familiar with the format It’s going to be super rough quick and unpolished but we’re trying to find a way to keep you guys updated without losing too much time on shooting video and editing so if you’re looking for a pretty video skip this one and watch something else. alright this month started off doing a lot of experiments and try out with plastic as a material trying to push the boundaries and see what else is possible using different techniques or more handcraft trying to make more valuable stuff with it and Mathijs joined us to do a big research on plastic hello Mathijs Hi Could you tell us a bit about what you’re doing. yeah, I’m doing research about color blending and also translucency, so for instance I try to make hard lines with two colors and this one but it’s a pretty hard to make a straight nice line with the small flakes, about translucency I made those plots those are made from three boxes and it sounds to me like glass, you can also see through quite nice, those are made mainly from the DVD or video boxes those are big fans lucent with less the CD box this is made from shampoo bottles and also milk bottles and this is not translucent at all and for fun I also melted a lot of toys together, yeah it gives this nice party block with some nice details like I had the toy still visible The Playmobil guy, yeah I think a cheap one This it’s about it. alright thank you very much then I will see you next time That is good So, this whole research and everything we learn we share open source online in our forums and it’s being updated regularly so check it out if you’re interested it it might be a good inspiration if your work with plastic to see what else is possible with it now we also wanted a place where we can store all our best experiments so the stuff we think of all things we try out it’s really valuable and worth exploring more, so we made our own precious plastic museum it’s basically basically a corner in the workspace painted white with some nice shelf but we can highlight our most important experiments but it’s a good way for us to see value in that and try to focus on the important details and in order to keep you guys updated digitally, we also started a instagram account called @realpreciousplastic trying to show the beauty of plastic so meanwhile we’re doing a lot of experiments here in the workspace and I went together with Parley to the Maldives, to see if we can do something about the plastic problem in the oceans there and I don’t want to talk about it too much because I shot some footage and the Maldives looked pretty good so it’s probably better to have a look at that lesson one working with plastic always bring your own bottle hello do you like it with gin? No, no gin thank you It’s insane how much stuff there is around so we’re currently doing a beach cleanup here’s all the stuff we collected is now being sorted out, is as always a lot of this So, here is all the stuff we have sort it out a lot of bottles and we’re looking to see if we can implement pressure plastic on one of these islands so that’s actually a pilot over the painted and an idea is if we can make it work there we can easily scale it to all these other little islands as well, because basically they all have plastic pollution floating in and their beaches but they don’t really know what to do with it, besides looking at ways how to recycle plastic from the ocean we also had a lot of brainstorm session and chats and workshops on how to make sure plastic doesn’t enter the ocean in first place, because there were many people from around the world sharing their knowledge which means we also had alo of talks and skypes just to share all the information we have together and come up with a solution and I really like to skype with this Santa Claus looking guy it’s actually one of the founders of Greenpeace and now running sea Shepherds the boat that goes before boats that are illegally fishing on whaes and stuff like super inspiring guy doing a lot of incredible stuff and write that evening whales slaughter a documentary how to change the world it’s basically how green peas got started it’s interesting to see which brings me to the next point I started the topic in our foreign sharing all my top documentaries I’ve watched over the years i would highly recommend watching them as well and if you have a good tip for me please leave a reply and i’ll have a look at it and back from the Maldives I started working on new story helper videos but this ones are a bit different they’re pretty tough big and complex addressing more global systemic problems, they’re pretty pretty difficult to make and the first one is called the dark side of data now, I never asked you guys to share a story video but once these are ready and out I would really appreciate it and the videos really need to be shared, so stay tuned for that now these are all the things we’ve done this month but also a lot of stuff happened in our online community so here we have, community news so first so, first off, we have these coasters made in thailand by Bope shop hi everyone and ??????? forcing my telling, this is my studio He is selling them as a souvenir tourist but he’s been pretty good in mastering the skill of coloring the plastic so here’s all the super nice spacey gradients and blends in here and they feel really sturdy it’s almost like a piece of marble, it’s nice thanks for sending us We got news in the USA who made a hand powered version of our shredder with a huge hopper, looks interesting Limpy in Curaçao made a nice video about their whole project trying to create awareness and educate people around them so they can start recycling plastic more on the little island where they are, have a look at this post in the forums below to understand their project a bit more and then there’s a project called “DiRK” from Belgium it’s an experimental workshop where they shred all products and turn it into something new on the spot but they made this nice compact version of our shredder with a bucket underneath that shred super tiny amounts, but I like the fact that if you shred something even a small amount of flakes is valuable you can turn it into something new and they also made a nice video about it which you can watch in the link below and then we get a message in our online community from Annie 0555 a member of the community that was visiting India and super remote areas and then he randomly stumbled upon our injection machine he just saw it somewhere and he recognized it we asked around to build it and it was a few girls from a school there that built the machine, so he was like why don’t you share back a picture or something like that but they were kind of shy and they weren’t sure the machine was good enough so he did a post in our community on behalf of them and I think that’s still what really amazes me that even though we not always got a picture back it’s good to know that even in the most remote areas of the world people start recycling plastic so don’t be shy to share your pictures, but either way thank you for sending that post to us ani 0555 so that’s it for this month’s update thanks for watching I hope to see you again next month and thanks again for everyone that is supporting on patreon it is really without you guys we wouldn’t be able to do all of this so, thank you very much and we’ll see you next month

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