Mornington Peninsula real estate market

G’day I’m luke from pilot real estate people always ask me, how’s the real estate market in Mornington. Well I can tell you it’s really moving. I set an area record in Mornington’s Dava location with this house sale It sold for nine hundred and twenty thousand in only two days without any advertising and it’s all because we’re committed to creating Win-win outcomes for our valued clients and local builders a bustling cafe scene at flock and a great Thai restaurant complement this location Units are also in high demand in the area as low maintenance living becomes increasingly important to homeowners This unit in Mornington recently sold for the full asking price of six hundred and fifty thousand dollars in seven days Businesses are also recognizing the growth and they’re investing in the area I sold this new commercial office warehouse to for 1.258 million dollars with no advertising. Right now in Mornington we have more buyers than properties for sale, so when you’re ready to make a move contact me and visit

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