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Welcome to Quang Vinh passport after long time. Today I’m so excited to have a chance to be front of camera and present the new journey you, the beloved viewers. Coming back means bringing something more evenful and attractive for Quang Vinh Passport I will give a special name of this episode. It is called “Samsung – An Extremely Wide Day” I suppose this is both the challenge of me as well as Quang Vinh Passport’s viewers, those who love traveling. It seems like when we desire the discovery and traveling when we travel we should give more challenge , take experiences and learn to know more about ourselves Next, follow me to go inside to know more about the meaning of “An extremely wide day” When entering the resort, Mr. Friday immediately gives me a bag to put the shoes in. To protect environment, we must go barefoot instead of walking on shoes. Everyone ought to follow this rule except no-one It contributes to the friendly environment.
I love it I’ve now already inside the resort.
All was made by wood. It is sunny in Maldives which is the reason of the pellucid water So we can see clearly white sand at the seabed. It is so pure Here is the view of the resort I am going to my stay – Villa 16 Oh, it is ahead This villa’s called “Water Retreat With Slide” There is a slide on 2nd floor to slide down to the sea This is why I booked the villa here When we’re in Maldives, I suggest you book Under Water Villa which closes to the sea, just a few steps we’re able to touch water. That makes me fall in love with this place I’m in my room Firstly, this is living room With the view of enormous water. Oh, have a look here Sitting on this sofa, we can see clearly the bottom of sea Because this location is on the sea surface. We also see fish are underneath the sea. Move to the office Here is kitchen By design, we can guess this is style of Scandinavian Everything is in white, brightness, cleanliness and briefness as well oh, Wine for gift Bedroom is here OMG, it is so great The best thing I like in this bedroom is that Opening the door will see immediately the pool and with some more steps, jump out the sea then Ok, have a look.
Do you fall in love with this? Now we are in bathroom There is a bed in bathroom, too I’m not really clear about how to use this bed for. Just wonder taking shower then lying here or what else? Here also has a glass on floor surface to see the underneath Just some steps over will touch water as well. One more thing I like most is That is the fitting room We feel free to arrange our clothes Because of the large space, it can contain a lot of things Dressing table is put here Now I would like to give you a surprise Comon, comon Just a while.
Big surprise ever Can you hear …? How incredible it is! We can look at the sky full of stars when we lay on bed at night At first, I’ve talked about a challenge today And now we will analyze what is it use samsung 360 gear to capture widest pictures of Maldives Hmm, I’m thinking about the device in my backpack One of my favorite items Samsung G360 Yes, this one I mean. With this one, I believe I can go over easily with the challenge for taking photos with a wide view Wide view means spacious space. G360 is best choice to meet this requirement. This device is convenient for those who travel It is compact and high quality 4K video and live stream as well The material is stable, not slippery With this device, I’m sure to say you don’t want to keep these pictures for your own We also desire to share all these beautiful shoots for the world, right? Ok, now we’re facing to face with sea. Give me a minitue to change clothes for swimming then Does it fit me? Oh no, this outfit for having dinner Ok. I got it now I just bought these new colorful glasses I’m going to 2nd floor to look the slide first So great. I’m ready Hi my beloved At last, I’m done with the challenge today “An extremely wide day in Maldives” It’s not really hard, because of Samsung G360 Which helps me get over my challenge today To all my viewers, I would like to create a mini game. you should notice clearly for this episode of Quang Vinh Passport And try to find a gift hidden in one of G360 photos If you can find quickest where a gift is, I will give you a special present pick up from Maldives. Hope you will join and enjoy


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