Mother and Baby Orangutan Release [4K] | Borneo Wildlife Warriors | S02E06 | SZtv

fine Isner Amazon best [Music] the baby’s going away but what’s up [Music] over the last two months it’s been business as usual for the wildlife rescue unit rescuing rehabilitating and releasing Borneo’s wildlife in need [Music] today the time has come for our rescued mother and baby orangutans to be released back into the jungles of Borneo but first the pair must receive a very thorough medical check-up to make sure they’re healthy enough to be released along with the body examination blood tests teeth checks and measurements taken the mother must receive her ID a unique number is tattooed on her thigh so that if she is ever seen again they’ll know exactly who she is with mum all done and now safely in her transport cage it was time for the baby to get his checkup and own ID just pretty daunting thought when you’ve got three spaceman coming at you with a needle [Music] I think someone’s been eating too many bananas look at this [Applause] [Music] all right little fellow you’re gonna be back in the jungle soon with both mother and baby passing their health checkup with flying colors they’re now one step closer to their return to the forest sometimes when the animal wake up from sedation it’s a very stressful process so we were we had to separate the baby because we were scared she actually hurt the baby not that intentionally but due to the dropped influence and also the stress that she might accidentally hurt the baby so it’s 4:45 p.m. we are waiting for the car to come in to load them up it’s going to take about 4 or 5 hours to reach the release site so hope everything goes smoothly [Music] [Music] setting off before sunrise we loaded up our precious cargo and heading deep into the wilds of boyer we’re taking this pair to the remote sir Gamma Forest Reserve far away from people and any palm oil plantations [Music] this large expanse of forest with lots of fruiting trees will be the perfect new home for our mother orangutans and her baby arriving at the release site it was time for the two orangutans to head back into the trees okay so we have placed the young male where we want him to be so hopefully when we release him he’s going to go straight up the tree and then followed by the mother [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] with the baby safely in the canopy now all that’s left is for the mother to get up there with him the boy a summer sometimes in the stress of a release the mother can run away and even leave the baby behind [Music] that’s the baby [Music] with both mother and baby back in the treetops would they reunite [Music] today baby’s mother [Music] yes she’s back home [Music] yep I’m very happy the mother reunited with the baby it’s the best release you canyou can ask for so much more calm so much more comfortable up there they feel much safer away from us no stress not because of humans and hopefully humans stay away from them rightfully yep they were here first it feels a bit like a never-ending battle here we capture an animal we were relocated and whilst this is another happy story the battle will continue over the past few months as a ranger in the wildlife rescue unit I’ve learned what it takes to make it on the frontline of conservation it’s been without doubt one of the toughest challenges of my life I set out on this journey to try and make a difference and whilst it hasn’t always gone to plan but seen with my own eyes the dedication the strength and the passion of this enemy team the wildlife rescue it’s still unclear to me whether I’d be more effective as a journalist rather than a ranger however one thing’s for sure I will continue to battle for the protection of wildlife worldwide in whatever way I hear [Music] [Music]


  • slippydoge

    Is this the last episode?

  • Lenette Beauty Reviews

    a big round applause for all the efforts and hard works put into rescue, rehab and release of these magnificient creatures. They definitely deserve a second chance at their natural habitat.You guys did a great job. I hope Malaysian Government will sponsor more centres like Sepilok and Lokkawi. We are part of nature, so we must do our part to preserve the nature!

  • lee hoong

    As Sabahan, I am proud of the contribution by WRU!!

  • P T

    I have to agree with my friend below, great work. These animals NEED all the help WE can give. I would love nothing more than to be with a release crew and see them go back where they belong. NOT IN A CAGE…

  • Bunny The Bear

    Awesome video!!!

  • Roosye Helmiyah

    Masyaa Allah ternyata yg lebih peduli lebih sayang akan kekayaan alam Indonesia orang asing ya?
    Mereka menyadari di negaranya tdk memiliki anugrah yg dimiliki seperti kita.Kita org Indonesia malah tdk mensyukuri ni'mat Allah.Kita tdk punya kesadaran hrs menjaga dan memelihara sesama makhluk hidup.Miris yaaa….terlalu banyak kekurangan kita.
    Harusnya kita belajar dari mereka…..

  • Vivian Ho

    Happy ending!😄🙏

  • Tessi Harris

    Thank you….great job…😇😇😇😇

  • Hus Rad

    frontline of conservation includes ending capitalism


    Wow that tang just got tatted up lol she's going back to cut in the woods flagging. And she's flagging to the left.

  • Mai 3

    Damn lol they gave them tattoo's 😂 but I love how peaceful they are now away from the bad peoples. Thanks for your big hearts for saving them! God bless you all 💕💖

  • Rocky Chaudhry

    Many thanks everyone for all your hard work.

  • Veronica Sariñana

    2:12 it's a boy

  • Muthu Krishnan

    good job thumbs up

  • Colin Duckworth

    I know they doing a good deed n for the best…but must be like being kidnapped by aliens to these poor sods….

  • Genesis Kravitz

    When I found out Nutella uses palm oil, I was broken. But I'll sacrifice deliciousness for the good of the living.

  • donkey 2

    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    The shortest explanation of karma that I know is: 'you get what you give'. In other words; whatever you do intentionally to others, a similar thing will happen to yourself in the future. Causing suffering to others will cause suffering to ourselves, causing happiness to others will result in happiness for

  • Connie

    thanks for what you are doing and thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Luna Lovegood *

    I dont like the number tattoo thing. It feels like you want to collect animals.

  • EvilMonkeysSuck 88

    These things are NOT VERY smart at all. Plus the freakin'amount of work and effort and resources needed to teach just ONE OF THEM TO survive on their own and make their own nest is just RIDICULOUS.

  • EvilMonkeysSuck 88

    Support Nutella

  • Rosario Pineda

    Gracias por rescatar animales y devolverlos a su hábitat, GRANDIOSO

  • Wahyu Suryaningpraja

    Just hundreds of them, why not millions?

  • Ashley & Family

    So glad continued sometimes watch a video and can’t find the next part 💕 🥰

  • Alyssa Canales

    “They were here first” ugh the chills!

  • Koalaty Friends

    Why couldn’t you make the tattoos smaller than that

  • Vince A

    You edited out the scenes where this dude was to scared to help the little girl keep the baby from getting away!! He totally whimped out and she had to wrestle the little guy alone, while he held the leaves back for the camera to get a better view!! Pathetic!! Great job by everyone else though!!!

  • Lula AMH

    I love Sepilok. Ever since I was young I knew about Sepilok. The work they do is incredible. I only wish that Orangutans had more forest to call home.

  • Brenda Manning

    Thank You Everyone!, Great work!

  • Lohith Reddy

    Thank you for saving all those critically endangered species, keep going :).

  • Rochelle Eskue

    We just pulled an alien abduction. That's exactly what you'd call it too.

  • ghost sniper 13


  • Aisyawal Khansa

    'They were here first' love how true that is ;))

  • Wesly Soares

    They shouldve been released straight fron the plantation

  • Deborah

    These damn humans have to run everything what a shame it is !!!

  • Flip HCR2

    save everything

  • ThreePhaseHigh

    Great video money well spent much better than pissing get away on climate change bullshit.

  • Johan Oncacor

    oyes better help childrens un the civil war

  • RoRo G

    They were here first leave them alone and let them live

  • Janitor Jones

    Hi everyone, I hope you can show some support for these amazing folks at WRU Sabah Wildlife Department! They are a small organization with little funding, They received MYR1.5M this year (2019), thats about USD 300k but as you can see from the videos; between medicines, equipment, staff, food, operations, security and upkeep to cover the vast uninhabited forest, they definitely would benefit greatly from your support! and so would the animals!

    Im not gonna paste any links, but please check them out at their official website (google the name)! thank you so so much!

  • Feruze Nishanova


  • Arimas Memphis

    Why don't they just relocate them all to Florida since the Indonesians don't appreciate them there?

  • Bridgett Tubbs

    A beautiful new home. Hope they do well for a very very long time. Mothers always know who their babies are. Just beautiful story.

  • jase n jo jase n jo

    Dramatic music much haha

  • Lilynotty Md

    Thank you for all your efforts wildlife rescue personals. Job well done. May God bless you all

  • Elle Shiz

    Bet you they probably tell the other orangutans about their weird abduction by the aliens…

    Edit: since I've posted this 5 seconds ago I've scrolled through the comments and I'm not alone in this

  • Haneefah Moore

    Why make me 😢. This was so beautiful & emotional to watch. Excellent Work Team💙

  • Bach Tran

    I love all animals.. Thank you Soooooo much ❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Lauri Gardner-Rhodes

    What a beautiful ending!!

  • Mega Hedgehog

    They're gonna have an amazing abduction story.
    "So there we were, just minding our own business, when suddenly I saw these weird creatures coming out of some fantastic kind of transport machine! They chased us, shot at us, I remember nothing else… until I woke up in the strangest place, under incredibly bright lights, strange shapes and materials I've never seen before and can't describe, there's nothing like it in the jungle… and I'd been shaved, tattooed, inspected all over inside and out… and the creatures! They were sort of like us but hairless, all white, with no facial features except weird eyes and they walked funny. Babbling on in some bizarre alien language. Then I blacked out again, we found ourselves back in the jungle but miles from where we started! It was terrifying, man. And I'm certain I've now got some kind of alien probe in me and that they're watching me…"

    "Gah, put a sock in it, Sylvia, you've been at the fermented mangoes again. Nobody believes your alien abduction story."

    "I'm telling you, man! I can prove it! Check out these tattooes…."

  • Brenda Joyce White

    Thank you for all you do.

  • Gabor Kecskes

    Thank you!

  • Jeremy Saturno

    2:13 little orang wang

  • Mary Zaletel

    Yes!! Great job!! Thank you all❤❤❤

  • Amethyst

    I have this mental image of the mother looking at the numbers on her thigh and thinking, “Da fuq…”

  • jinxgirl5

    So glad the release went well!

  • Afreen Alam

    Happy tears ❤️😭

  • Azrinaaz

    How to apply for this kind of job? 🙂

  • Lynn Martin

    That was great to watch.Thank You 💚

  • Dottie Frashure

    Great story, great job and like the Orangutan warrior said, "they were there FIRST!"

  • Lie Kiok Ling

    慈悲的人士 感恩 愿菩萨保佑你们 辛苦了 感动 好喜欢红毛猩猩 。。


    It’s a good thing but they shouldn’t tattoo them

  • Krichek F

    Serious question. Why tattoo a number? Why not just an RFID? Seems unnecessary procedure with attendant risks, while an RFID is 2 seconds and done. It is proven technology with hundreds of millions of cats and dogs, I just don't get it.

  • Crystal Rice

    They tattooed a damn baby!? Couldn’t give him a Little safe hair henna to recognize or something til he’s older!?

  • Gillian Brookwell

    Its a pity others don't have the same determination as you do. Congratulations, you do a great job.

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