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Chingam sir with your lucky hands please light up the fire in our tandoor. And inaugurate Motu Patlu restaurant. Yes Chingam sir takes this matchbox. Oh my god! This is not lighting up. One minute sir. Oh my god! Sorry! Sir. Oh my god! It’s my fault only, why did I come here? I will not leave you both today. Won’t leave, aah! Till no one arrives I will taste the food. No! Absolutely not. Oh, why are you getting so angry? Give me one tandoori chicken quickly. Yes sir. Hey, where are you going? Hey, catch it! Now where will you go? You are my hunt. Come my son please come, swear on my patients, I will cook you in such a way. That you will remember forever. Hey, I want tandoori chicken not a live chicken. Come, you are welcome to Motu Patlu’s restaurant. Here you will get the food of your choice. Tell me what you want to eat? Alumutter, mutter malai, alumethi, alugobhi, mutter paneer, paneer korma. Chicken tandoori, mutton dopyaaza, daalfry, daal makhani, roomali roti, naan .saada chawal. Alumethi, alugobhi, mutter paneer, zeera chawal, veg biryaani. Ok, now will you speak the whole day or you will take my order also? Quickly get me roomali roti and mutter paneer. Just a minute madam. Oh brother, where are you going? I want to eat it here I don’t want home delivery. Someone please stop him. Motu help! John will be the don! Now it will be fun. They will earn in the day we will steal it at night. Whenever we feel hungry, we will eat here for free. Wow boss what a nice poem you made. You fool leave the poetry, sit in the restaurant. Hey fatso waiter comes here. Hey whom did you call fatso? Speak properly, otherwise I will break your face. Look there. Don’t forget that customer is like god, behave yourself well with me, come and clean the table. Quickly get me chicken tikka masala and naan, hurry I don’t have the whole day. I will give him such chicken masala that he will never forget it in his whole life. John sir john sir you know Motu, he is getting angry. If you eat the food quickly and go then this food is free of cost. If its free, I will eat it quickly. Give me tandoori roti and daal fry quickly, and clean up this table. Right away sir, hey Motu give sir a glass of water and clean up. Ok boss. What are you doing? Why did you slap me? Oh my lord! I told you to clean the table not the customer. You are. Sorry! Sir, it’s my fault sir please sit down. I have 20 years of experience of making Chapati. Oh my lord! Mummy! Help! Oh my brother, quickly get me daal tadaka and some chapati. Just a minute dear bro, I will serve you special dal. I will spray his hand towel with perfume, he will be happy. Take this sir. Hey, why have you blackened my face? I will not leave you. You sit here only, if you try to get up I will hit you. No sir I will not get up, thank you. Oh my lord! Please do not make me sit on frying pan. Ok brother as you say, you look like a decent person. Thank you very much. Mummy! Oh, the fight should be even, take this you thin fellow, takes this rod and hit me. Thank you sir. One minute, we will do everything ourselves. Ok then, now I am leaving I enjoyed myself here with you guys. If I want to do some time pass then will come back. Let’s start. Hey! Our restaurant.

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