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The motive of today’s training is to be prepared and handle situation during fire. One should be capable of handling the fire and safeguard the lives and property. Now look how this fire can be extinguish by extinguisher. Open the lid this way, press the button like this and the foam shall come out and the fire will settle off. Ok, let me try it. What are you doing? there is no fire here. Oh, sorry, slip off my control, very sorry sir. Now I will tell you how to extinguish fire by taking pipe from water tanker. We know this method, we have done this before many times with the help of the water tanker. Ok show me. Put me down. Why are you both after me? Close the nob of the water pipe. On the nob of the water pipe, help! Somebody make these two run from here. And save me. Motu Patlu get aside, don’t trouble the leader. Look at me, the safety net is supposed to be hold like the team below is holding. Who wants to practice holding the net? We all. Ok, hold it tight and look at me how I jump? One minute. Why are you behind my life? Why did you drop the net? I wanted to ask you weather the net is strong? If it wasn’t strong would I risk my life and jump. Go away from here, I can’t afford to have you both here. Either you go away or the training is closed. Motu my friend, my Brother, you move aside and watch the training from far or else the training will be stopped. Whatever happened, was not good, I still want to learn. Let’s watch the training by hiding inside the tank. Look here the ladder can be increased to reach the the top floor or any height to save people during fire. I can’t see, what he is showing? Help!! Hey, what is happening? Who is there inside the tank? Help! Something again went wrong. Put him down. If you love your life then run. Hey, team leader is hanging upside down. John will be don. Everyone wants to become fire fighters, I will light the fire in the jungle. Everyone will be busy to extinguish the fire and we shall the loot the town safely. Wow boss! What an idea. Motu Patlu join me fast, jungle is caught with fire. Let’s go and try to stop or else it will spread to out town too. Chingam sir wait! I told you to sit on the bike, why are you sitting on the ground? Come on sit on the bike. Hey, jungle we are coming, we will extinguish the fire. Chingam sir! Hello! Stop in the name of law. Oh my god! This is my dialogue. Don’t waste my time sitting on the ground again and again. Now all are busy in extinguishing fire, now let’s do our work. On the water, fast. Ok. Sir don’t worry, we have come to help you. Till now I wasn’t worried, now I have to. Sir the pipe is in your hand but you are not pouring water, why? By pouring water from front it would not help, we can’t pour water in entire jungle. We need to pour the water from the top to extinguish the fire. I will wrap the pipe till then you all think an idea to pour the water from top. What are you doing? Stop. Sir, I have wrapped the pipes. I know it, why don’t you both spare me? Oh sorry, very sorry sir. If I have done any mistake, forgive me but please leave me alone and spare me. Empty stomach I can’t think anything, you all think how to stop the fire? Idea! Let’s go and stop the fire from the top. These two will surely send me to heaven. Stop screaming and crying, pour the water in the jungle. Get me off, this is not flying tanker. Patlu, the water is less, the water is available below the tanker, we need to turn the tanker. Mummy! Please, don’t turn the tanker. Oh my lord! In my 20 years of experience, I haven’t seen something like this. Nothing goes easily with Motu Patlu. Oh my god! Please don’t scream, or else I will slip. Hey Patlu, stop it in the name of law, swear you on the motherland. Hey, finally we controlled fire, now turn then tank. Look down Patlu, John with so many bags, seems like the entire town is robbed, let’s go and say hello. John!! Sorry, I will share the money in half with you. Sorry I wish to surrender myself to police. The name is Chingam, and it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Motu Patlu, I can’t believe that you have actually stopped the fire. Your style is different but one needs to be daring. You both are rewarded with fire fighter certificate and the government shall give you cash prize. Thank you Sir.


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